Voigtlander announced a new Nokton 1,2/35mm lens

Few days ago I wrote about the rumored Voigtlander's 35mm f/1.1 lens. Today this lens was announced, but the aperture is still f/1.2 like the old model instead of the rumored f/1.1. Here are the details:

Specifications Nokton 1,2 / 35 mm
Focal length 35 mm
Light intensity 1:1,2
Minimum aperture 22
Lens construction 10 elements in 7 groups
Angle 63 °
Number of diaphragm blades 12
Close Focus 0.5 m
Maximum diameter 60.8 mm
Length 62,0 mm
Weight 471 g
Connection VM-and M-bayonet
Filter thread 52 mm
Solar panel Lens Hood LH-3 (optional)
Rangefinder coupling VM
Price (MSRP) 1,399.00
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  • Carlos R B

    OT…i know that the X1 firmware will be update soon…do you have any info about the improvements? thanks…

    • the main improvement should be the AF speed, not sure what else will be included in the update

  • Impressive, on paper. Let’s hope there’s no focus shift. The f/1.2 aperture, hopefully is a true f/1.2 (the last version seemed to not quite be, according to reports). I am excited about the 12 blade aperture, which should make for some seriously nice bokeh, as long as the glass performs up to snuff. 471 g seems a touch lighter than before, which is nice, as is the f stop range of f/1.2-f/22 (most fast lenses don’t close down this much).

    All in all, if voigtlander produces as promised, this looks to be a nice lens to pair with that new Nokton 75 mm f/1.8. Good days to be a RF photographer, I must say!

  • I like the weight reduction, the slightly smaller diameter and especially the the 1.6cm length reduction and the 20cm closer minimum focusing distance. Looking at the lens elements/groups, nothing seems to have changed at least in terms of numbers. So hopefully they’re using better production processes instead of just putting all the glass in a new housing.

    Aswin: Didn’t the previous version also have 12 blades? At any rate I don’t think I’ll be stopping the lens down much to need a very circular aperture.

  • Verners

    With the 35 summilux out of stock what seems to be forever, looks like Voigtlander has a hit here. If its no worse than the old one, i will take this Voigtlander instead of waiting for the summilux.
    The huge size of the older one was a turnoff for me, so the 16mm off length is a truly welcome feature (as long as its not worse optically compared to the older version), and knowing Voigtlander, its gonna be a bargain compared to the new Summilux.

  • Carlo Di Giusto

    In my opinion, they just upgrade their production process: the new one is exactly the same as the previous one: same size (without hood) of the old one, almost the same weight, 12 blades, same optical scheme. The main difference is about the housing (same finish and material as the most recent Voigtländer lenses) and the minimum focusing distance, from 50 cm to 70 without rangefinder coupling.

  • fiatlux

    I’ve been hesitating for a long time getting this lens, mostly because of its weight and size. Since it had been discontinued, prices tended to increase and I was wondering whether I should buy one before the prices were above what I wanted to spend.

    The new one does not seem to change much, but at least this is going to stabilise the prices on the used market. I’ll wait before reviews of the new lens appear and decide whether the new (or old) one is for me.

  • Dan Chip

    So will this focus down to 50cm on an M9? Not sure if it will. Anyone?

    • It should focus fine down to the minimum focus distance. My 35mm (1.4) Nokton and 25mm Biogon both do. The difference is you lose rangefinder coupling < .7m on a Leica (I think it may still be coupled on other model cameras like the Voigtlander).

      • I meant the 40mm 1.4 Nokton. My 35mm is the old style 1.2 in chrome (which close focuses to .7m)

  • The biggest change in the lens is the glass no longer contains lead. It was the primary reason for the lens being updated. The over size adjustment was due to the glass.

    • That’s strange. If that’s true, how were they allowed to sell the 35mm Nokton for the last five years. The EU law restricting imports of lead glass went into effect in 2006.

      My thinking is they probably wanted to update the chassis to resemble their new designs (my 40mm Nokton and 50mm Nokton look very different than the 35mm 1.2 Nokton. Similar updates were due for the 15mm and 12mm and 35mm 1.4 Nokton, which were probably done first because they could offer more: new formula, new M mount with rangefinder coupling) and maybe tweak some of the glass manufacture.

  • Seakayaker

    FWIW ~ I have purchased the 75/1.8 and use it on a M8. I also purchased the u4/3 25/0.95 when it came out in September. Both of these lens are quality lens and produce wonderful photographs. If the same quality and attention to detail go into the 35/1.2 it will be a wonderful addition. Voigtlander appears to be stepping up to the plate and delivering quality lens.



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