Detailed renderings of the Leica Mirrorless APS-C camera concept

I received the full size renderings for the Leica Mirrorless APS-C camera concept. The name is now changed to MC (for M-Compact).

Image gallery after the break:

As I mentioned already, this is just a concept created by a designer and is not related in any way to Leica Camera AG.

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  • Nobody Special

    Guess I’m first.

    I like the design, clean, simple, practical, minimalist. A leather(ette) covering would be nice. With the sensor size, it would be affordable (maybe) but one would expect it to be more than the X1. A very well done concept.

    It’s interesting how the auto industry loves to show prototype/concepts to throngs of people for free feed-back. Why doesn’t the camera industry do the same? There are so mant designs out there now, it’s not like there is much to hide on the outside at least.

  • thats a small looking Noctilux, or very large camera…only time will tell anyway so no real point speculating too much

    • ughuuru

      This Noctilux is calculated for APSC. 385g vs. 700g. Closest distance 0.6m vs.

  • Actually glad it’s simple and without the silliest gimmick ever made -exposure compensation dial.

  • Mi Gusta!

  • Eugene

    Just go m4/3!

  • Diego

    I like it. clean desing. maybe i would work in a more clasical grip.
    and i would like to have the hot shoe flash aligned (or centered, sorry for my english) to the lens, so we can use it whit a optical viewfinder.
    and other thing i wold like to see in a compact camera like this, is having a small lcd screen showing the light meter, to avoid looking the screen for see it…

  • I like it too. Sadly, the price tag of such a camera would be astronomical.

  • duda

    Looks nice, but the important parts are missing… viewfinder or external viewfinder interface – display only is not enough. The whole operation would be by touchscreen. Show us some ideas on camera controls.
    APS-C (35/50 equivalent) makes sense as Leica already has a camera built around this format. The sensor would also be bigger than 4/3 so a much better R/M solution for the time being. A full frame Canon would still be less expensive than this Leica and offer even more sensor space.
    Let’s assume that Leica is a couple steps ahead of this drawing – having a real concept.

    • ughuuru

      Why do so many people LOVE the NEX-5? No viewfinder! Touch screen is not a must. Operation on this Leica will be “old style” on the backside right besides the movable screen. Just not shown on the images.

      • Igorek7

        There are also people who prefer Panasonic (touch-screen) interface of GH2 and GF2. The similarity of this concept to the awkward NEX’s style makes it for me much less appealing. Considering the strong position in the mirrorless ILC market of Panasonic, I would be surprised if Leica would change its current partner.

  • faketune

    again, why should a german firm use a C for compact?
    in german u write “kompakt”

    • M!!


    • ughuuru

      The letter “k” doesn´t sound really good in german.

  • M!!

    @ the designer, i think you are on this msg board, my question for you:
    HOW DO YOU FOCUS WITH THIS? live view manual focus??
    or confirmation via live view Focus Mask?

  • ughuuru

    I think Leica should use Sony sensors and Sony live view technology. 2 types of lenses could be used: 1) Fully manual focus and aperture and 2) AF
    I know – definitely a horror vision for Leica hardcore fans – but this is a Sony NEX-5 in a beautiful 🙂 pure full aluminium Leica dress! My personal draem because I use the NEX-5 with the Noctilux 0.95/50. Very inspiring combination.
    But 700g for the lens is not so amusing.

    • Eric Pepin

      you use a lens that expensive on a nex5 ? why not buy the M9 and get better performance all around ?

  • broxibear

    Taking a good looking camera and adding a Leica logo instantly transforms it, and sticking a Sony one to the concept above instantly makes it ugly ?.
    Branding is a powerful thing…

  • JZ

    If you love the Sony, why do you design the same as a Leica?

    A Leica NEEDS a viewfinder. There are tons of cameras on the
    market without.

    • ughuuru

      I think it should be allowed to love both – Leica AND Sony 🙂 . My opinion is that Leica makes possibly the best lenses on earth (I own many of them). And the strong heritage, image and unique philosophy are fascinating! Sony is not as elitary and has a lower prestige – but they are very strong in advanced technologies and pioneering consumer products. My Nex-5 (mass product) with the Leica lenses is much more versatile than my M9: Live view controlling depth of field – also macro, tele, movable monitor etc. etc.
      But, OF COURSE, Leica’s M camera built quality feels much much better than

    • ughuuru

      Even Leica sells cameras without viewfinder.

      • bob y.

        NEX 5 already has a viewfinder out. You attach it thru the flash receptacle.

  • peter drijver

    It’s a Braun-like design-offspring of the School of Ulm. Not a Solms instrument. Make it a good looking Sony or Rollei plz

  • Looks puristic and good. However, I agree, it looks like Sony. Why doing that. It has been already done!

  • behli

    Wunderbar tolle Idee, typisch Leica: Schnökellos und auf’s Wesentliche beschränkt – gut so! Aber ich hoffe inständig auf zwei Korrektur:
    1. Man kann R-Optiken verwenden und zwar Leica-like, z. B. Schnittbild o. ä.
    2. Einen zweiten Aufsteckschuh, ich wiederhole: Einen zweiten Aufsteckschuh!!!!!! Das darf doch technisch kein Problem sein: einen für den Blitz und einen für den optionalen Sucher.

    • ughuuru

      Eine echte Überraschung, der deutsche Text! Danke für Ihr Lob und die Verbesserungsvorschläge. Es ist schon spannend zu beobachten, welch unterschiedliche Reaktionen Computer-Bilder mit einem Leica-Konzept hervorrufen.
      Ihren Hinweis auf die R-Objektive, Schnittbild und den zweiten Aufsteckschuh finde ich super! Das sollte möglich sein. Ich fürchte nur, dass Leica da eine andere Marschrichtung einschlagen wird. Leider haben wir keine Zeit, das Konzept zu verfeinern. Die Bilder sollen eigentlich auch nur dem Zweck dienen, eine neue Visualisierungstechnologie (Real-Time-Rendering) zu demonstrieren und werden demnächst auf der entsprechenden Website gezeigt.

  • behli

    Grausam wie der deutsche Text ins engliche übersetzt wird.

  • That will be nice if Leica uses the X1 design (in fact… Leica standard’s design) for an interchangeable lens cam in APS-C format with the versatility of a Sony Nex with some kind of retractable hybrid viewfinder.

    In that way Leica could have three main lines in professional and semi-pro equipment: S for medium format, Ms for full format digital and analogical… MP an M7 must continue to be produced in addition to M9, 10 or whatever comes next) and this new compact interchangeable lens line for APS-C format.

    Am I dreaming? Of course.. I know, I’m dreaming all time! For that reason I continue to shoot with my old IIIf 😀

  • Looks

  • I like the simple design. Simple but powerful is ideal 😀

  • Bruce

    There’s just one little problem…

    …insufficient flange-back distance for an M lens. Just looking at the relative scale of course the body looks too thin to me to be “real”. A mirrorless-M will need to be a tad thicker IMHO.

  • Ben

    Regardless of whether Leica goes in that direction, I love the concept. However, as per ughuuru

    “Die Bilder sollen eigentlich auch nur dem Zweck dienen, eine neue Visualisierungstechnologie (Real-Time-Rendering) zu demonstrieren und werden demnächst auf der entsprechenden Website gezeigt”

    guess that means that it is all but a pipe dream. Wie schade!

  • Eric Pepin

    looks like a sony…. when designing a concept camera why not try something new. Surely leica would be more likely to stick with there own aesthetic rather then steal Sony’s.

  • Samsung body X1100 “clone”….better sensor technology that anything Leica could develop on it’s own! The joke here is that Leica management refused to even consider having a technology partner at the time they were developing the “original” M8. So if they take the “road” then could jump forward 10 years…and then all M lenses & R lenses become better performers. The only thing Leica still can not get is that out pricing the body will ensure the decline of revenue. Lecia had a technological advantage in the pre-war WWII photo industry. Fuji is the new “M” and for a fraction of the cost.

  • plages

    None the less, the concept MC sure has me me lusting, and pardon the drooling!

  • Eskimo Micronian

    Stumbled on this today. It looks a heck of a lot like a TL!

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