Fuji X100 started shipping in Japan, size comparison to Leica M3

Leica M3 versus Finepix X100

credit: Nokton/flickr

The Fuji X100 camera is now shipping in Japan. Flickr member Nokton was one of the first lucky owners who also posted several pictures comparing the  size of the Fiji X100 to Leica M3. Follow Nokton's flickr stream for more X100 samples in the next few days. I am also covering the latest Fuji X100 developments on PhotoRumors.com.

Currently Amazon is taking Fuji X100 pre-orders, US shipments should start in the next 1-3 weeks.

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  • leica

    The M3 is better.

    • camerageek

      Ummm, no. Having owned an M3, I do not miss loading that thing. Hell I remember once losing a loading spool in a storm gutter. Now if you had said say an M4, I might be willing to agree.

    • photo_la


    • Piotr

      Sure !

  • It does take some practice. I wish they wouldn’t have announced (at least ‘rumors.com did) that they are looking at an interchangeable lens version. Does anyone know what the X-100’s lens is equivalent to in 35mm terms? It looks pretty wide from the sample shots I’ve seen. I’m guessing 35mm or so.

    • camerageek

      35mm is the equivalent focal length.

  • Looks really sleek. But as usual, the price is way too high 😮

  • eric k

    I guess it’s obvious where they got their design inspiration from.

  • And the pricing inspiration 🙂

  • What camera from picture is FujiFilm X100? 😀

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