Leica to announce new products in second half of June?

According to Valentin Sama, Leica will have "a little surprise in the second half of June". No further details were given as to what new products are to be expected. The rumored options are (IMHO):

  • A new Leica M9 version (not a limited edition) which should be ready for production at that point. The model name may not necessary be M9.2.
  • The previously rumored 21mm ASPH f/3.8 lens.
  • New firmware for Leica M8 and M9 cameras (currently being beta tested).
  • New Leica point and shoot camera - the Leica V-Lux 20 will be discontinued soon and Leica will need a new entry level camera.
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  • The X2 seems very unlikely indeed since the firmware has just been updated.

  • Ole

    Let’s hope for an M9.2 at $2000 dollars. Then I am hooked!

  • Wolfgang

    Yes, that will happen! It`s cooming a X2 (?, I don`t know really the name), it may be a X-Modell with a better apperture!

  • tomasz

    X-model coming perhaps with 2 fixed focal lenghts, a bit like the Leica CM.

  • J Shin

    I want a pocketable waterproof compact, maybe a DMC-TS10 with a red dot and a $100 premium, and RAW files. I’d like it in fuchsia that clashes with the red, or maybe the fuchsia ones will have a black dot, which will be super cool. I’d definitely buy it asap.

    I also want a full-frame X2 with interchangeable lenses, with Novoflex adapters for all Leica lenses, including the Summilux-R 35. I’d want it to be $2,000, so it will likely be $3,000. Since the X1 with a lens is $2,000, one without the lens should be more expensive, like skim milk used to be. 🙂

    • J Shin

      Or a DMC-TS3. That would be cool.

  • Joachim2

    Lovelyleica wrote in l-camera-forum.com on 25.3.11: “Leica will soon release a new 2/50 mm lens”.

  • leicamanic

    MPJ …. may be MP body + M9 sensor, without Leica red logo on body … new material used on body, lens???

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