Details on the upcoming Leica M8+M9 firmware updates

The current Leica M9 firmware version is 1.138

The latest LUF newsletter provides some more information about the upcoming firmware for Leica M8+M9 rangefinders:

  • The Leica M9 firmware beta test is now complete.
  • The main purpose in this firmware update was to minimize "red corners" in certain situations.
  • The first beta version (1.158) had an overcorrection for some lenses and a second version (1.160) was released.
  • The final version (1.160) should be released in the next few days.
  • The Leica M8 firmware test is still ongoing.
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  • Tyson

    I wish they would give us manual lens selection on the M8, but then we wouldn’t pay them $$$ to code our lenses.

  • TheSwiss

    Actually, the firmware on my M9T is 1.5 already. Haven’t tested against my standard M9 but subjectively images look crisper overall, less noise. Preview on the in camera LCD also seems to benefit from it.

  • R.G.

    Will they give as full-bit M8 files?

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