Is this the new digital Leica MP (M9-P)?

Few days ago a dpreview forum member mentioned about an upcoming Leica M9-P camera. The camera is expected to be released in June. So far those were all rumors and nobody has really seen such a digital MP rangefinder... until yesterday when the Dailymail posted some pictures of Seal with a very interesting Leica M camera - it looks like a silver Leica MP, but there is not rewind crank, no battery compartment, no film advance lever, no reversing lever... this must be the new digital MP, or the M9-P.

Here is a silver Leica MP image taken from B&H for comparison:

And this is what another dpreview forum member said today:

"I have heard this rumor from a very respected source that the new product expected to be announced in June will be a digital MP".

The new digital Leica MP or M9-P is coming in June folks!

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