Is this the new digital Leica MP (M9-P)?

Few days ago a dpreview forum member mentioned about an upcoming Leica M9-P camera. The camera is expected to be released in June. So far those were all rumors and nobody has really seen such a digital MP rangefinder... until yesterday when the Dailymail posted some pictures of Seal with a very interesting Leica M camera - it looks like a silver Leica MP, but there is not rewind crank, no battery compartment, no film advance lever, no reversing lever... this must be the new digital MP, or the M9-P.

Here is a silver Leica MP image taken from B&H for comparison:

And this is what another dpreview forum member said today:

"I have heard this rumor from a very respected source that the new product expected to be announced in June will be a digital MP".

The new digital Leica MP or M9-P is coming in June folks!

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  • What makes you think this isn’t a M9? Maybe Seal had the Leica logo removed on top. An why would Seal have a pre-release version of a new Leica?

    • I guess because this is the kind of costumer leica is catching! They joined the luxury market.

    • Mario

      I am not sure how SH can call his writings “reviews”, don’t know what he is smoking, but taking snapshots of your kid in the backyard shouldn’t be called “reviews”. I wonder who still reads his website.

      • Dimitri


        • Aleks


        • DamenS

          +3 with a bullet … and all his fawning, unthinking followers too.

    • TaoTeJared

      On a one of SH stories, he talks and shows in a photo about Seal and his custom MP – the one he is waring in that photo.

      The image is not even a high enough resolution to see if there is or isn’t some of the things.

      Bogus claim.

      • I have several high resolution images and this is not a film camera, 100%.

  • CIA

    LOL surely those photos are surely faked. Look at the first one. That Leica is popping out like a sore thumb. There is a reflection like a white pearl on the lens but the rest of the area is dull…

    • They were taken with flash, so the camera reflects more light than Seal’s dark clothing.

  • sam s

    i’m not totally familiar with the differences between an M7 and an MP. What are those differences and what would that imply about a digital MP??

    • I think the difference between the M9 and the M9-P will be only cosmetic. There will be also a new firmware for all M8/M9.

  • As I said in the post: there is not rewind crank, no battery compartment, no film advance lever, no reversing lever, obviously this is not an MP.

    I am trying to get full res images.

    • sam s

      thanks for the reply. i’m not sure we’re talking about the same thing though. i’m asking what’s the difference between a FILM M7 and a FILM MP? and based on those differences, what might we see as the differences between a DIGITAL M9 and a DIGITAL MP? But like I said, I never knew the differences, so perhaps I’m misreading the post. thanks again.

  • CIA

    I’ve compiled all 3 images. Explain to me how a camera maintains the exact same angle while a person walks and while photos are being taken from different perspectives.

    Look at the bottom line of the camera. It’s exactly the same in all images except the large image. Even that photo looks fake to me.

    • I have the high resolution images plus some that were not published on the Dailymail. I have to pay the licensing fee on Monday and I will post them online.

      • looking forward to seeing the hi res images. in the low rez versions, it looks like a plain mp to me–the only detail definitively absent is the rewind lever in the second photo–and there’s a bizarre blotch on the file covering that exact spot. the advance lever wouldn’t really be visible at this res and angle, nor would the rewind knob–though it does look like there’s a notch there where it should be on the mp.

        if they really can cram an m9’s guts into the significantly smaller body of an mp, boy, would i be impressed. and frustrated, since the mp is my perfect camera–EXCEPT FOR THE BLOODY SHUTTER SPEED DIAL TURNING THE WRONG WAY–AAAARGH!!! (oh, and not being big enough for all the shutter speeds on an m9, either).

        of course, that would imply that they might actually have retained the cloth shutter on this supposed digital mp, and that would be an enchanting mix. but, if you did that, why not simply retain the manual shutter cocking mechanism as well? might help fit everything in that little body, and would be consistent with the aesthetic…

        to those wondering about the connection between leica and seal, he does in fact have a special relationship of some kind with the company, and it isn’t at all unlikely that they might tap him as a tester or advance user.

  • CIA

    Excellent… Hope to see them shortly!

  • CIA

    And the idea of the silliness that someone would paste a fake Leica on some shots of Seal and sell them to a tabloid is not lost on me. They just look extremely suspect.

  • What would be the point of a digital MP? Wasn’t the point of the original MP that it could be operated mechanically without the need for a battery? Making it digital definitely requires a battery. I could see taking away the meter and maybe having to cock the shutter manually as a way to create a stripped down M9, but if this model doesn’t have an advance lever…

    • Just a cosmetic change, the guts are probably the same as the M9.

  • J Shin

    It’s not an M9. It has the little screw that hides the rangefinder adjustment hole.

    As for the camera looking surreally bright, compare it to other metallic features on his clothes. The photos are somewhat overexposed to better show the texture of the clothes and his skin. At this resolution, I can’t see whether it has the rewind knob and the advance lever or not. I think the rewind knob is just hidden in the shadow.

    My guess is that it is the MP.

    Bigger news: SEAL SHOOTS FILM!!!

    • J Shin

      Oh… the battery compartment. It is missing. Hmmm…

      • J Shin

        If you stare at it long enough, you can see the battery compartment. 🙂

        But then there is the rewind lever… Hmmm… I stared at it very long, and it is not materializing.

    • J Shin

      See, if they had shot this with an X1 instead of a X100, we wouldn’t have this problem. 🙂 Maybe the rewind lever fell off. My R3-MOT used to do that with the viewfinder shutter and the power switch. In Mexico, once, too.

    • Nobody Special

      What?? He shoots film??? Where is his S2? Or does he have the S2p? You know the one with te saphire glass that Leica actually charge you for on a camera that costs over $20K. Such a deal.

      Maybe the M9p will provide the saphire glass at no charge!!!??? Not likely. Maybe that will bump it over $8K??? Maybe it will be able to shoot 4 frames per second? Nah.

      • The Leica M9-P is expected to be 500 EUR more expensive than the M9.

        • Nobody Special

          Thank’s for that – so in USA $$$ that’s another 750-ish?? I hope there is something other than a piece of crystal glass to warrant the increase..and that puts it in the mid 8K$$ range?

          Yikes – having used many M film cameras – that seems a bit out of reach for a digital camera that really has limited potential – when compared to a high end N or C. I love Leica optics, and I don’t enjoy the mega sized N or C digital – but it’s just to specialized for me when considering the cost.

        • Nobody Special

          So, the price would be somewhere in the mid-8K$ range?

          I’ve used a lot of M film cameras and I love the glass and since there is no ‘real outdoor/accessory’ capable DSLR from them (no, the S2 doesn’t count as a complete system DSLR system) and the M is a limited use camera when compared to a DSLR….then,,,

          It just seems that for what seems to be a saphire glass and some other minor updates, the M9p seems to be really getting beyond in cost what it can do as a (not complete) system camera, and is it justified? I hate the size of the FF N and C DSLR’s – but they are more versatile in the field – yes it is a different animal but is the M close to all it will ever give and where should the price increase for that stop?

  • pcp

    No rewind crank? Illuminated viewfinder?
    I think there is no “P” in this camera. Hey, Leica, be the man and remove all this unnecessary and redundant digital stuff. Who needs LCD display after all?

    • They’ll charge you a fortune for a Leica with no LCD 😉

  • I shot pictures of Seal using this camera a few days before these airport pictures where taken. It looks exactly like a M9 without the M9 and leica logo. Everything else is identical. I would say it was just a de-badged M9. What was more interesting was seeing him spend most the time playing with his Fuji X100…

  • I should be shooting

    Lucky bastard gets Heidi Klum *and* pre-release Leicas? Too good to be true 😉

  • Andrew

    It would be pretty cool if they came out with an MP version but I can’t afford a $7,800 M9… a $10,000 MP would be… well… even less accessible.

  • Adde

    So it’s a M9 in an MP shell minus rewind crank, battery compartment, film advance lever and no reversing lever?

    Hope it comes in black.

  • Leica M9 has the rangefinder adjustment screw behind the red leica logo so this looks like it could be a updated M9 (hopefully with better processor and LCD). The body is identical to a M9 except the lack of logos. Cant see Leica releasing a separate M camera to be sold alongside the M9.

  • Dan Carr

    So the question is…. if it’s going to be 500 euros more, will it incorporate the led illuminated framelines like the Titanium m9 ?? 🙂

    • I don’t think so, but I could be wrong.

  • I would not mind a digital M without a screen. An ISO dial on the back, saves only DNG. Cloth shutter. Possibility of a sensor/board upgrade. Size of film MP. No logo, black paint.

  • KGB

    Thos suspecti

  • KGB

    Those suspecting that Seal’s pictures are doctored are just ignorant morons.
    Seal is well-known for owning and using one the limited-edition Titanium M9. This is thus an existing — if pretty rare — camera, and it thus isn’t a pre-release of secret model at all.

  • r-

    to my knowledge, leica is releasing an m9 with no logos and has more of a classic look, the metal around the body is a darker shade from the usual gray m9..and the leatherette is made of a different material that looks more rough than the normal one.

    finally this will be a special edition celebrating an event that has passed already, I heard this from a very reliable source, I will update once I confirm the release date.

    • Thanks, do you know if there will be a black M9-P? My guess would be yes.

  • Boris

    Seal has M9 Titanium as I know.

  • seq

    Apparently there IS a film advance crank. In fact if you look at the photos, it does seem that the camera has a film advance crank.

    From one of the HK forums it’s an M9 in an MP body. You have to cock the shutter manually. I think that’s a swell idea. It’ll really bring out the whole retro thing.

  • Ouate
  • John

    I`m missing the point here. But how would the digital MP differ from the M9. If the sensor and image quality are the same whats the big deal?

    • It’s an M9 that looks like a MP, the guts inside will be the same as the curent M9 model.

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