Are you planning to buy the new Leica M9-P camera?

I am curious how many readers are planning to buy the new Leica M9-P camera (M9 basic specs, sapphire glass, new finish and aprox. 500 EUR/700 USD price premium):

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  • Dan

    I’m more than happy with my 6 month old M9. And so is my bank balance. Although I bet I’ll lust after one!

  • If I didn’t already own a M9 (in steel grey), I would probably have opted to purchase this one because 1) the saphire glass is nice and 2) the silver finish allows me to resurrect my silver anodized lenses which I currently use with my M6 (silver). Right now I use my black lenses with the steel grey M9 because the silver just looks a bit off (and also because, quite frankly, the black lenses are lighter in weight). What does that have to do with making better pictures? Absolutely nothing . . . unless you show up at an after party to a fashion show in which case models are awed by your camera and are more likely to let you “shoot” them.

    Is it Friday yet? . . .

  • M!!


  • CarstenW

    No, I will wait for the M10. There are a few things which bother me about the M9, such as the low resolution screen, the unstable viewfinder adjustment, no live view, and not so great high ISO performance. I will stick with my Nikon D3/Leica M8u for now.

    • I’ve never been a huge fan of live view (other than for video purposes), and couldn’t really see how that would work well with a manual focus range finder camera when you’d have to look into the OVF to accurately focus anyway . . . until I realized that it may help with the wide-angle lens composition and elimitate the need for an external view finder all together. Now that would be cool.

  • I so poor, so poor.

  • Mfan

    Looks fantastic and great classic look. However most of my lenses are black, and the regular M9 matches better and a lower-key look anyway. Will it have the M9Titan LED framelines?

    • No, there will no be any LED frame lines like in the M9T. I am not sure, but they could also release an all black version.

  • I wonder if the M10 could be much more money than a M9. I’d say I’m waiting for the M10, but even a M9 is a stretch. For what Nikon wants for their pro lenses these days, the Leica lenses are not looking that bad. Hence, I’ve given serious thought about buying the M9 body.

    • Same here. I already started selling Nikon lenses I hardly use.

      On average I’ve been ‘lucky’ in buying product in time. Closed ever was 4 months between the purchase of a D300 and the release of the D700 (availability in stores took another 2 to 3 months). But that doesn’t mean that I ignore the rumors websites 🙂

  • Boris

    If it has no labels I will probably buy it.

  • Jo

    I really considering buying it but I am one of those unlucky who bought the M8.2 a few months before the M9 and I felt so fooled! \
    I already know that’s what’s going to happen again when the M10 comes out.

    Could they just make a digital MP than could have its sensor changed when the M10 comes out?

  • Eric

    Just bought a M9 a week ago so chances are I’ll give the M9 a miss… unless Leica does is willing to do a straight swap. 😉

  • bordsteinschalbe

    is it possible, that it is a “true” black and white camera?
    like the Achromatic phase one ?

  • George Washington

    ‘P’ for pro, so it must be weathersealed, right?

    Oh, well, at least it looks pretty.

  • Brian

    Why can’t they just put regular glass as a compromise to save money? iPhone is glass.. I don’t see why it needs to be “sapphire” glass. .. that seems expensive. Anyway it may still scratch but would be better than plastic.

  • I agree with Brian. Leica should look into Gorilla Glass, which is appearing in heaps of mobile phone & tablet screens & it is excellent.

    Hopefully Leica sees this, thinks this is a great cost-saving yet practical idea, and they can reward me with a free M9! 🙂

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