Close-ups of Seal’s new Leica M9-P camera

Here are some close-ups of the Leica M9-P camera Seal was wearing few days ago:

The pictured Leica M camera doesn't have a rewind crank, battery compartment, film advance lever or a reversing lever. The color and finish is also different from the current M9:

Images by Splash News

For comparison, here is the current Leica MP:

and the current Leica M9:

The new Leica M9-P is expected to be announced on June 21, 2011. The rumored price is 500 EUR/700 USD more than the current M9 model. The changes will be only cosmetic and will probably include a scratch resistant sapphire glass and new finish (plus new firmware). Still not sure if an all black version will also be available.

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  • J Shin

    OK. You win. Definitely not MP; the shutter speed dial is too large. And it’s got the little brightness sensor. Removing the logo and model name seems like a silly thing to do, so I doubt that it is a regular M9. Could it be a special edition? It does not seem different enough cosmetically to be given a new name.

    • I don’t think it will be a limited edition, the M9-P is just like the M8.2 – to keep the ball rolling until the M10 comes in September 2012.

    • Ouate

      I heard from a leica seller that the next M9 version won’t have any logo and model name and will be about $1000 (in Europe) more than the current M9.

  • AS-Foto

    Probably they will start an alá carte program for the M9 oder just made a personalized camera for Seal. It´s simply a M9 in chrome without engraving and red dot.

  • oh, okay. at this size it appears to be not so much a digital mp as an m9 with chrome finish. that doesn’t surprise me too much, and doesn’t seem to be anything to get excited about. unless you’re one of those people who really, really likes chrome.

    thanks for obtaining the higher res photos.

  • CIA

    Definitely real.

  • I wonder if Leica Germany will be mad that the lid’s been blown off this one. I mean they must have realized that giving a pre-production camera to a celebrity is not the same as giving a camera to a working photographer. Imagine if Nikon had Ashton Kutcher doing their testing of the D4…

    • Trend

      Maybe they leaked it on purpose – look, if Seal has one, you should buy one too, it’s called product placement.

      • Calvin

        Seal has the M9 Titanium, maybe you should get one too!

    • I’m not that much into the Leica brand (yet), but why indeed give a celebrity a new-to-be-released camera. I would find it more plausible if some pro-photog would be sighted with some new camera model.
      There are lots of companies who do custom jobs. You can get an iPhone in pure gold with a gazillion diamonds, which isn’t sold by Apple.
      If I had Seal’s money, I would definitely be into custom designs. Just to stand out in the crowd, and to be noticed on your average Leica Rumors website 🙂

      • To be fair, Seal is a (serious) photographer who happens to be a celebrity. After all, he is married to one of the most photographed women in the world! Lucky bastard!!!

        • Zockson

          I agree, lucky Seal, however she does appear in the most irritant Schwarzkopf commercials.

          • Martin

            and Seal is not really the most attractive guy… 🙂

    • Wez

      Leica marketing know exactly what they are doing. It’s difficult to buy the kind of publicity where your products are placed in the hands of a celeb who likes having his photo taken, so if you want a soft release of a new product, this is a great way to do it.

      It’s got all the Leica boards talking about it.

      Think about Apple and the iPhone 4 that was “accidentally” left in a bar about a month before launch…

      • Nobody Special


        But it’s only another incarnation of the M. Nothing more, nothing less. They are not reinventing the camera. After many years of using Leica products, I see an M. Leica is ‘hanging all their hats’ on a very specialized and ever more niche product. They will continue to need celebrities or public figures to throw out the PR.

  • The luxury market is all about custom orders. I vote for an M9 á la Carte program too. Saphire glass, personalized engravings, optional finishes and materials.

    Anything special about the lens in the pic? Looks lika something from a titanium M.

    • Jon

      Well Seal does have a M9ti and a M7 ti with lenses so it is possible.

  • i really looks like an M9.”P” version, i can’t explain the screw like the MP, is normally hidden by the leica badge in the M9? anyway maybe is just a la carte version of the M9

  • Carsten W

    I really hope that this isn’t just a chrome M9 with a top plate with a screw instead of a red Leica dot, and replaced skin. At the very least, Leica should have reduced the size of the camera somewhat, to be able to call it the M9-P or MP-9. An improvement in the viewfinder would also be in order, maybe even an a-la carte program.

    • Nobody Special

      Don’t count on the size of the camera to get smaller – they have no room inside the chassis, though the viewfinder may be able to be changed. It wouldn’t hurt to have a better processor as was stated about the S2 processor showing up in other products though perhaps with less capability.

      Leica has ‘tampered’ with the M before and people cried and cried over it. Actually, I think they are putting way too many eggs in the ‘M basket’. They need another, new camera design that does what the M cannot do, and just keep the M cost at a manageable level as a rangefinder camera. The mythical ‘bridge camera’. People just don’t have the same buying habits as they once did – this is a market of faster product turn-around where newer features replace the previous. The M design platform just doesn’t allow it.

  • Stephen B

    My vote goes for an M9 with some Seal requests built in. I believe he got the Titanium M9 with a serial number that they don’t even make, just for him so if he wants a different top plate, no dot and a few other things mixed in, they can cobble that together with no problems. Imagine if he had had black electrical tape covering the dot and the M9… now that would have created a fuss!

    • With this info now I really think that is a special made camera for Him

  • Wez

    Shouldn’t you credit the pap photographer who took the photgraph in the Daily Mail? It would be the right thing to do…

    • Wez, I purchased the rights for those images from Splash News (which I mentioned as a source). I do not know the name of the photog. who took them. I have many more images of Seal with the new camera, but I do not have the rights to publish them online.

  • The body looks slightly more roundish than the M9… more along the lines of an M3. Not a big deal, but I see there are no strap protectors above the lugs.

  • Zockson

    I might buy it in 2015 once i have totally used my current M9
    Otherwise, it is not anymore about the photography, but photo equipment.
    I do enjoy taking photographs, less changing the equipment for the purpose of being trendy.
    It took me a while to start using just a one camera.

  • broxibear

    Seal obviously has an association with Leica, these were posted a couple of years ago

  • pixelsuicide

    Definitely out of my purse. Shame, i loved Leica. Maybe one day i will be rich. My d80 and it’s 35 mm will be perfect for the price of a M9 wallet.

  • Joe

    So it’s an M9 without the red dot. Wow. What will they think of next?

  • TaoTeJared

    Just looks like an alá carte version that someone with the tout of Seal has could get.

  • David Henderson

    I’m curious about Leica’s intentional and odd brand association with Seal who, while wealthy is not an accomplished pro or semi-pro photographer. Seems like an amateurish attempt at celebrity pandering that does not connect with Leica’s core market.

  • Richard

    Limited edition or not, Leica continues to exist because of a rather small customer base who leap at any new offering.

  • ___K___

    Worst photoshop ever, in the second image is easy to identify the square used to remove the M incision =.=

    Still waiting for the announcement of the M10

    • this is not a photoshop job, trust me 🙂

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