Leica M9 Titanium limited edition for MSRP on eBay

This used Leica M9 Titanium limited edition (2211 shutter actuations) is currently for sale on eBay for $26,999.00 which is basically the MSRP. Other M9T cameras range between $32k-$43k on eBay.

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  • That’s some pretty expensive titanium

  • Stepper

    I guess its because this is probably the ugliest/cheesiest looking “M” ever.

  • Looks cool, but at the same time it looks like a toy too 😮

  • John

    A “0” seller looking for $30,000. I think a bit more research would be called for.

  • Nobody Special

    A great piece when you consider the comedic, embarassing, aw-gee-aren’t-we-special Photokina intro stage event that Leica put on. Then the complete lack of any word of the promised R solution through the whole event left all but collectors scratching their collective heads at just what was Leica doing or thinking?,

    Oh boy, they sold them all and it brought Leica $$$$ – can the Leica big-shots really think they, and the camera, are that special? The fact that these pieces are now being offered at huge speculative prices is even more ridiculous. By the way, have they introduced all the S lenses yet? Just wondering, because maybe they could wrap them in Titanium and call them special….

  • mo

    30K and used? wow

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