New record: the most expensive Leica camera sold for 1.9 million USD

Leica 0-Serie Nr.107 (1923)

Update: the video of the winning bid and a detailed report from auction can be found here.

Today at Westilicht Photographica Auctions a Leica 0-Serie Nr.107 (1923) camera sold for 1.3 million EUR (1.9 million USD). The opening bid was 200,000 EUR with an estimated price of 350,000-450,000 EUR. AP reports that the camera went to a "private Asian collector after a nailbiting, 20-minute bidding process".  This is the camera description:

This is the 7th camera of the Leica 0-series. Only approximately 25 of these cameras were produced to test the market in 1923, 2 years before the commercial introduction of the Leica A. It is the only camera known with “Germany” engraving on the top plate. The factory record indicates delivery to New York for patent applies. This means that this camera is not only one of the major existing rarities, it is also the first Leica being exported. It is the unique chance to buy the most important collectible Leica camera.

The previous record for the most expensive Leica was a MP2 that sold for 402,000 in December of 2010. Some other interesting Leica auctions:

A chrome Leica MP2 + motor sold for 440,000 EUR:

The MP2 was the first experimental Leica M-camera for use with electric motor. Only 21 chrome cameras were produced, less than 10 are known to exist with the original electric motor. It comes from the second batch of 15 cameras (nos.952001-952015), Lager I shows nos. 952003, 952005, 952007, 952015. The offered camera is in near mint and 100% original condition, offered for the first time, with the matching Wetzlar electric motor and the power source handle also in near mint condition, matching rigid Summicron 2/5cm no.1581798

Leica M2 grey sold for 100,000 EUR:

In 1960 twenty M2 grey painted cameras were delivered to the US Air Force in Germany, the offered camera no.1005767 is in 100% original and working condition, with nice patina, only approx.10 cameras are believed to exist, first time to be sold in public auction, with matching Close-focus Summicron 2/50mm no.1784148 (cond.B)

Leica M9 Titan prototype sold for 55,000 EUR:

Fully working prototype no.2 of the famous Titanium edition designed by Walter de'Silva, this camera has an analog viewfinder (the edition of 500 cameras was equipped with LED illumination of the bright-line frames in the viewfinder), complete with the matching Titanium Summilux 1.4/35mm, all accessories and boxes.

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  • J Shin

    I told you the SD-1 was priced about right. 🙂

  • Tony

    Something fishy about this.
    It almost like they just want to transfer some money instead of buying the camera. and After this they can use the same camera to double or triple the amount of money to be transfer.

  • That’s outrageous! 😮

  • On a purely ethical matter, this is totally outrageous!

  • Eugene

    You have a slight mix-up in values. Leica 0 and M9 titan both include premium in your list, but MP2, M2 grey, do not. You may want to correct the realized prices.

    By the way, here is a list of most valuable cameras compiled from several auctions over time.

  • Tech

    if you consider the price of an 80 year old Levis “vintage jeans”, that’s reasonable! WTF is wrong with this world?

  • It pains me to think of these poor cameras sitting in a glass case somewhere, never to see a roll of film again.

  • Murray

    Leica cameras, like many examples of luxury goods attract higher premiums than most other luxury goods. I collect Leicas and, to date have 8. I am not in the same league as the person who bought the O or ‘null-serie’ however, I hope that he derives as much pleasure from owning this camera as I do using mine. Incidentally, you can buy a new one of these for £600 from Justin Barnes, Bass & Bligh, Beulah Street, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK.

  • Beautiful cameras. Makes me wish I could find a few vintage Leica’s in my basement.

    • Eric Pepin

      Id take a vintage hasselblad instead 🙂

  • Lee Yna

    Leica 1923 world’s most expensive camera gadget –

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