Another Leica M9-P special edition

The above pictured camera is described as Leica M9-P “20 Years Leica Shop Vienna” with Leica Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 ASPH. My guess is that the special part is the silver Noctilux, since the camera looks exactly like the new M9-P (see also this picture of the same set). Here is the rest of the description:

"Leica M9-P silver chrome finish with black saddle leather. The top cover is engraved with the “Classic Leica Script” and the serial number of the camera. Each camera has a special edition number on the hot shoe. The camera is shipped with the Leica Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 ASPH. lens in silver anodized finish.

Quantity: Limited to 20 units

Launch Date: June, 16th 2011"

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  • Wo the Noc in silver, that is the ultimate holy grail of the current lineup of lenses.

    • anna

      YAWN. nothing interesting here. lets move on to a better M9 shall we?

  • M!!

    nice. any link to the leica shop in vienna?

  • Nobody Special

    Excellent, another Special Edition and it’s color coordinated.

  • john chan

    what’s that black prototype like camera on the table on the second pic after clicking “this picture””?? the x2?

  • Gary Morris

    20 Noctilux lenses — that’s got to be equal to the entire Noctilux output for the US for one year!

  • George Washington


    I guess fancy chrome is more important to Mr. Kaufmann than a bigger shooting buffer or weathersealing…

    • Nobody Special

      You’ve got that right.

      Don’t expect anything like that with the existing M style body, only with some totally new design of some type – if ever.

  • zd

    Leica has outdone themselves once again. Release TWO special editions before the common edition is out (then for us mere mortals, nothings in the M9-P can justify its premium over the regular M9).

    • Unless, of course, all your Leica lenses were in silver chrome, then the M9-P in silver chrome may be the “silver solution” you were looking for.

  • what do i have to sell now to get this camera

    • Huggs

      The obligatory arm, leg or soul. All, some how, are of equal value.

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