New Leica S adapter for third party lenses

S-V Adapter, P67, M645

After a brief introduction in the November 2010 issue of LFI magazine, today Leica announced three new lens adapters for the S2 camera:

  • S-V adapter for Hasselblad V system
  • S-P67 adapter for Pentax 67 system
  • S-adapter for Mamiya M645-645 system

The adapters are made out of anodized aluminum and chrome-plated brass. They will be available in August, 2011 for € 580.

There are currently several different third party Leica S2 adapters available on eBay.

Press release:


Leica S-Adapters allow for the use of medium-format lenses from other manufacturers

Solms, Germany (July 15, 2011) - Leica Camera AG is expanding the range of accessories for the Leica S2 professional camera system with three new Leica S-Adapters. Beginning August 2011, these latest accessories will allow users to attach medium-format lenses from other manufacturers to Leica S bodies.  The Leica S-Adapter V can be used for Hasselblad V System lenses, the Leica S-Adapter P67 for the Pentax 67 system lenses and the Leica S-Adapter M645 for the lenses of the Mamiya 645 system.

The S-Adapters offer many benefits to professional photographers. As a result of being able to use third-party lenses on the Leica S2, photographers now have access to a wider selection of additional lenses, further increasing the S-System’s flexibility. Furthermore, photographers who already own lenses from the aforementioned systems can now use them on the Leica S2. This extension of the compatible lens range includes tilt and shift. As with all products in the Leica S portfolio, the Leica S-Adapters are manufactured to extremely high specifications. The exclusive use of high-quality materials, anodized aluminium and chrome-plated brass, in construction makes the adapters durable and reliable, even with constant use.

Leica S-Adapter V H=30.2 mm (1.2 in); W=81 mm (3.2 in) 138.75 g (4.9 oz)
Leica S-Adapter M645 H=15.5 mm (.61 in); W=78 mm  (3.1 in) 93.5 g (3.3 oz)
Leica S-Adapter P67 H=37 mm (1.5 in); W=90 mm  (3.5 in) 222.5 g (7.8 oz)
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  • craig

    My take on this is rather pessimistic, that Leica is giving up on the S2 and there will be no more new lenses. It is too bad that the S2 didn’t grab attention and gain more of the market share than it did, the camera is fairly innovative. If Leica would have followed up the body with lenses more quickly, the pro market would have paid more attention.

    It will be interesting to read what reviewers will say about which third party lenses work the best, that is if anyone reviews.

    • Les

      What exactly are you talking about?
      They are selling every S2 that they make, and there’s a waiting list.

      It’s not a perfect camera. Those don’t exist.

      A lot of people dismiss this camera because of the price, but that doesn’t matter. Leica can’t make them fast enough to satisfy current demand. They could cut the price in half, but then people would complain about the 18 month waiting list, and those lucky enough to actually get a camera would immediately flip it for more than the current price.

      People who like the concept but can’t afford the camera should look at the Pentax 645D. If that’s still a bit too expensive, then you are looking at a full frame Canon/Nikon/Sony.

  • Lefse

    For that price, I take it for granted that they come with an IR-filter integrated?
    The S2 does not have one internally.

    Given up, Craig? They’ve spent $30 million developing the S2. And the new technology will surely trickle down to “lesser” models. I’m sure there’ll be an S3 in 2012 or 2013. It takes a bit of time to build up momentum in that market segment.
    Can’t remember reading that S2-sales were bad….

    • craig

      I hope I am wrong. I hope the S series makes it.

      In the next version, if there is to be one, Leica need to change about three things to turn a very good camera to a great camera.

  • Nobody Special

    It seems that with these ‘adapters’ they want to ‘tempt’ MF film users to the S2.

    As nice of a camera that it is, I will never buy one – though it did interest me until the price was finally announced. Leica took a big leap with it and maybe they’ll continue on successfully with it. But I wouldn’t consider it worth the body price; $22,500.00 is really a bit of a joke. I consider it Kaufmann’s ego camera – again, even if it is nice. Shooting MF film is still more than adequate especially for transparencies.

    Leica has promised a ‘trickle-down affect’ but I wouldn’t hold my breath on a S3 – they still haven’t produced the ultra-wide they spoke of and frankly, Leica has a bit of history with unfulfilled promises.

    • If $22k is a joke, then what I paid for my last H camera and back will give you a stroke. It’s the going rate. The only reason I didn’t opt for the S system is that I already had H lenses, and I can’t upgrade the sensor when a better one comes out.

      • Nobody Special

        Yes indeed, it’s the going rate. Yes, your reason not to buy it is absolutely spot on.

        Upgrading a sensor, or just sending it in is a heck of a lot easier when you can remove it, or upgrade.

  • Tim Catchall

    €580 for a tube of metal? Leica has lost all contact with reality.

    • it’s a precision machined metal tube 🙂

      • Nobody Special

        No,,,,,”it’s a precision machined metal LEICA tube.”

  • I’m wondering why Leica has taken this step since the best component of the S system are the lenses, not the body (which is great btw). They should be making adapters for the lenses to fit other bodies, not the other way around!!

  • Suwat p.

    I wait R adapter M ,one year not coming???

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