Leica Portrait: John Wright

Leica Portrait: John Wright from leica camera on Vimeo.

John has been working with the Leica team in London to help build exposure for the S-System alongside the UK professional photographic community. As part of the collaboration between John and Leica, photographers are able to experience the S-System first-hand through a series of activities including interviews and photographic sessions, exhibitions and workshops at the Leica Store Mayfair ‘Studio S’ and other UK studios. John also uses the camera for a number of high-profile shoots. In our latest Leica Portrait video, John explains what he likes about the S2.

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  • Pikemann Urge

    I like the man for sure. A man who knows what he’s doing but is calm and collected as he does it. However, his images are much ado about nothing IMHO. Do I really want to see an over-filtered, textureless photograph which borders on – and sometimes touches – artificiality?

    It’s the photographic equivalent of reading a short story in The New Yorker whose author is obviously – and unsuccessfully – trying to imitate Ernest Hemingway. Nice details but no texture.

  • Nobody Special

    Certainly Leica has to do these ‘marketing pieces’ because the professional masses aren’t banging down the door to buy S2’s. It has been reported or stated by Leica in the past it is selling well, but how many of these over-priced beasts that you can’t upgrade a sensor on by switching backs can they really hope to sell?

    They have a ‘rental’ program yes, but still, what is the point of this camera idea? To show they could build a camera that is ‘smallish’ – including it’s ‘Leica format’ sensor,
    but seriously, what is the real advantage?

    • Dude

      “what is the real advantage?”

      Easy it is an in-between product.
      More compact and cheaper than a Hasselblad.
      But bigger Sensor, no AA filter, handmade highest grade lenses (some call all current Canon/Nikon/Sony stuff “plastic”) benefit over FF.

      It will certainly yield better images in controlled conditions than any FF DSLR.
      And it’s a Leica – some people love their lens philosophy more than the Zeiss way…

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