The Leica wedding

The Leica Guy got married and of course the entire wedding had a Leica theme. Here is the Leica groom's cake:

and the Leica .95 Noctilux ring:

Of course all photographs were taken exclusively with Leica equipment.

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  • panmoria

    Cute? All I do is feeling pity. What a victim of marketing.

  • Maybe too much.

  • Ralf

    Cake looks great. However, the vulcanite covering seems to be firmly attached to the camera body. Not exactly how most recent M bodies look nowadays.

  • andy

    You gotta feel sorry for the bride.

    • Actually, The Leica Guy is the bride because this is their dream wedding.

  • This is why I hate all Leica-heads. Religion is the opium for the masses.

    • Ahem – maybe the expression “hate” is a bit harsh, considering that this is a very large group of people, of which you have probably never met the majority in person.

      You could of course Google this guy, find his address, and tell him personally, that you hate him. That would be easy enough, I guess, given the powers of the internet…

      And, yes, I also think that having a Leica theme for your wedding is a bit over the top.

      • No, I wouldn’t contact this guy and tell him that I hate all Leica-heads. Short message here is enough. 😉

        Look at the crowd: they stating that they are special because Leica gives them truth and inevitable easiness of living. To say a word of critique on Leica is a deadly sin, you’ll be attacked by thousands of cultists taunting you with spiteful words, tighting a rope around your neck and swinging with butcher’s hammer. You just overstepped the bounds of decency, thus die!

        All Leica-heads are fools. This doesn’t applies to people who use Leica cameras as a tool. This applies to every brand fan who falls on his knees in adoration to the unknowable glow of magic RED DOT and thus doesn’t see anything else in the world. Come on, people! Leica marketing has you and having your pocket. Using Leica camera doesn’t make your photos better. It’s you, you take the photograph. I can’t describe how I hate those photographers which are shooting scenes with Noctilux just for the sake of amazing blur at f/0.95. I didn’t see any really interesting photos taken with this lens, just only ‘I have purchased $11k lens and I’m allmighty’ buzz around.

        Leica isn’t better or worse than other manufacturers. Yes, there are serious flaws in comparation with more advanced instruments and the price is way off, but this is not the case to bash Leica. The case is its ‘elite’ buzz, which is freaking ridiculous. Use camera as a tool or GTFO!

  • andy

    This would be cool for a birthday party, but a wedding? That’s going too far.

  • Me

    Did he marry the hot girl in the video that was posted of his M9P unboxing? If so, even with his obsession, he must be doing something right.

  • broxibear

    Leica or no Leica…good luck to them.

  • andy

    OK, just read the article properly. It seems that the wife Emily is also a leica obsessed fanatic (and really hot). I assumed it was just the guy who was into leica and dragged the girl along with his plans.

  • LeicaLady

    *ahem* Really hot, eh? Well, thanks; I guess I clean up alright.

    Just to clarify, the wedding wasn’t really Leica-themed. This post only highlights the Leica elements we incorporated into our wedding.

    The cake was pretty cool (and REALLY DELICIOUS)… it was not the wedding cake, but the grooms cake served at the rehearsal dinner. It’s fairly common for the groom to have a sort of novelty cake at some point during wedding festivities- often this cake is representative of the groom’s interests and hobbies. I’ve seen way too many football-shaped groom’s cakes for something sports-related to have been even remotely original, and an M-9 cake seemed pretty appropriate for Matthew. The Cake Lady outdid herself on that piece.

    And the ring isn’t his wedding band- it was my wedding gift to him. He bought me an incredible watch I had been eyeing for some time, and I commissioned this ring after he had been lusting after the Summilux set featured here back in May. It’s for his shooting hand, to keep him balanced. Check out the artisan who made that beauty.

    The closest thing to a theme was our color scheme: yellow, white, and gray. Should anyone be interested, a few snapshots my mom took during the reception are up on our wedding website.

    The snaps were taken on a Panasonic Lumix point-and-shoot with a Leica lens…close enough.

    • andy

      umm congratulations Leica lady.
      (if you’re really the leica lady, what number am I thinking of?)

      Now I really want to get an M9

      Partly because of the leica lady
      Partly because it annoys people so much (e.g. Slow Gin)
      but mostly because of the film Eurotrip.

      • LeicaLady

        Thank you. 🙂

      • Eurotrip…. wasn’t that an M7?

        Your point couldn’t possibly be that shooting with Leica gets you laid, could it?

        Well… Leicas ARE pretty damn sexy. 😉

  • john

    You’re right, a Leica wedding be too much. However, a Nikon wedding would be perfectly appropriate. Let’s at mention that other company 😉

  • Vlad

    What a bunch of sore haters.

    There are lots of couples who have themed weddings around sports teams, books, movies, fantasy, so why not a wedding with elements that both groom and bride enjoy and share as a passion in their life?

    Leica or not, I think it’s cool and an expression of self. Thumbs up!

    • Too much tolerance leads to idiocy.

      • Vlad

        If it requires a lot of tolerance for you not to find fault with someone else’s wedding, then good luck to you.

  • Colm47

    What is wrong with them having fun on their own wedding day?
    Let them do what they want, it’s their wedding.

    I like the ring and the cake anyway. Lighten up you miserable nay sayers.

    • Dan Crawford

      Amen to them having their own brand of fun on their wedding day. I wish them much happiness!

  • Brian


  • Anthony

    About to say…if that was one of the wedding rings…there other should be the focus tab.
    it would only be fair 😀
    Then you’ll have a working lens! (and marriage)

    however, it would become a bit unbearable having a focus tab on your finger all the time 😀

    Good luck to the both of you leica heads.

  • Well done. People need to set examples of such things too, so that people with brains will not repeat them.

  • Awesomely fantastic wedding ring.

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