The new Leica Compendium book should be available tomorrow

Update: the book is now available on LFI-online and Amazon.

The new limited edition of the Leica Compendium book by Erwin Puts should be available tomorrow. The new edition will include new pages, additional images and rewritten paragraphs. The price will be 78 Euros. The previous version is already sold out.

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  • mmr

    Lets hope EP used spell checker this time.

    • aadb


      • Regular

        yep. Lots of editing errors. Hopefully, a PDF of the updated version is sent freely to the owners of the ‘draft’ edition.

      • mmr


  • MR

    I just hope that EP would make the new/changed material available to people who bought the first limited edition (i.e., the one released in May, 3 mohts ago…)

  • Brian

    Should be a good sleep aid. His website can barely hold my attention it’s so boring.

  • zd

    Unless EP wants to make this a collector’s edition.

    C’mon, printing a few more thousand copies mean higher profits when they are sure to get sold.

  • Jei

    Anyone know exactly where these can be bought?

  • tmw

    It can be ordered at

  • I ordered mine yesterday. Just want to let everyone know, this would be a good chance to order the Oskar special issue together with no extra shipping charge.

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