Leica M10 camera concept

This Leica M10 camera concept was created by Svein Gunnar Kjøde:

  • Hybrid framelines illuminator; the illuminator window will have a blind for LED for tricky lighting situations
  • Variable inserts for multiple grip/strap combinations
  • Black look
  • Design that bridge the M9 Titanium and the standard M9
  • Larger rear display
  • Revised scroll-wheel, more space for that big thumb (and for the exchangeable grips)
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  • Blaze

    Shut up and take my money!

  • Leica should hire him!

    • lynn

      butterfingers should hire him 🙂

    • ohyeah

      this is NOT a concept.
      this is a RIPOFF the M9T and the M9.
      the guy should kill himself for claiming this is a concept.

      • I’d say it’s not too bad, but I really have to disagree with the larger rear display. In my opinion the best thing for Leica to do would be to make it smaller or maybe get rid of it. Leica shouldn’t be a geek show like the rest of the camera manufacturers.

  • cathat

    fugly around the grip area
    m9 is already perfect, no need to change anything but the price

    • whitewings

      totally agree!

  • Dan

    There’s no way you’d want to remove the dial and direction buttons from the back. That single menu dial in the render would seriously slow things down. Apart from that it’s ok. But I’d be happy if the M10 was exactly the same body as the M9 but with changes to the hardware. A decent screen would do it for me. More readouts in the VF (ISO, shutterspeed etc) and faster flash sync would be excellent. Render that in a 3D illustration!

  • Henry

    Why not make the display removable, and optional, so we have more a M6 or M7 feeling..?
    You can setup your camera by connecting to a PC.

    • not liker

      yes make it have a swivel lcd screen and a popup flash.

    • T

      YES:make the M “x” t h i n n e r, so that it again feels loike the fomrer M series models: sleek, not FAT..

      ..much better would be a Leica !D 1″ , like the old Leica I, but with optional optical viewfinder…


  • Why they not make M more slimmer?

    M8, M9 is very fattttt!!!!

    I think Leica can make a new mount to make a slimmer MX. (MX = M ten.)

    Yes lens adaptor is easy to make.

    • Alex

      They should definitely call it MX … like OS-X. Makes it fit better to my macbook and iphone, i’m carrying around all the time.
      Perhaps the could also add some kind of coverflow-effect to the review-mode.


  • Matt

    It looks very elegant. But speaking for myself, I wouldn’t use a handheld camera in the field, particularly one as pricey as a Leica, that had no provision for a neck or wrist strap. The Titanium concept of the grip loop frankly looks to me like an invitation to disaster.

    I also have to concur that reducing the controls to a single scroll wheel may look wonderfully minimal, but is likely to make the operations of the camera slower and less intuitive – completely counter to the appeal of a Leica M.

    • lynn

      this is the butterfingers edition 🙂

  • grumps

    Honestly if Leica wants one up on everyone else offer a the largest rear Display (LED or LCD) screen on the back as possible without looking hideous! That together with Live view and that on a design perspective will solve many issues, and in fact keep the same current M-Design foundation!

    The cross over with the Titanium doesn’t work here as it did originally because of the combining of material and color, here trying to bridge the two is cheap and ineffective, sorry to say. Also why the scroll wheel, because what didn’t work again???

  • KEn

    look plasticly

  • 1. Menu wheel not cool when using thumbs up, which is really a necessary ergonomics booster.

    2. There is no vulcanite where its needed the most: the grip area.

    3. The oversized screen (who needs a screen anyway? big screens are for couch potatoes) breaks the beautiful horizontal lines dividing the top plate and the body. This is not going to happen unless Leica hired a designer from Chrysler this time.

    • Have to add: the black-on-black still looks good and M8.2 has still sexier looks than the standard M9.

    • Icandraw

      I wish they still used vulcanite instead of whatever it is now. afaik, you can only get real Vulkanit through the a la carte $$ program for the MP/M7.

  • Nobody Special

    Looks like a s l o w l y evolutionary Leica M.

    If they insist on another M at the 2012 Photokina make it – with a faster, better processor, a REAL accessory grip that would boost or provide REAL fast sequence capability, more eye (larger eye-piece) relief for the finder and why not just get it over with a redesigned finder that also allows ALL the lenses to be viewed with their own frame? Making the external finders unecessary.

  • Icandraw


    And no way will Leica deviate like this from the iconic Leica. It’s product suicide. Porsche knows this, too. Anyway, leatherette is cheaper than using more metal and cost savings always rule.

    I want a M10 without a big display screen and buttons. Just maybe a tiny menu somewhere. No reason to chimp with a Leica, just use it like it’s an analog Leica M. Isn’t that the whole point of having one? Otherwise just get a big honking DSLR……

    • grumps

      No, because there are people who do serious landscape work outside of Medium format with a Leica M digital. If there’s one offering it is live view to check focus. I’m sorry there’s so much nonsense about chimping too! A LCD display has so many uses, if critical work in a chosen tool and has this offering from the given technology, it’s silly snobbery for otherwise great results!
      This comment isn’t so much as directed at you but you’ve brought up interesting points!

      • Icandraw

        I suppose I just can’t think that way since I come from a lifetime of using a Leica as a quick and dirty journalist type of tool, and in a previously analog world. These days I still see the tools as the same as before but only with pixels instead of film. So I use the tools just as I once did and as if there were still basically film cameras. For very large exhibition Lightjet prints, I use a Phase One back on a large format Linhof. Just like I once used 4×5 and 8×10 film in film holders on a Linhof. I’ll use a Hasselblad with a CFV-50 digital back for two page spreads. And a DSLR for fast work and macro work. The M9 Leica is used just like it’s a M6. So I guess I just see it differently than someone who perhaps never used film. Nothing (in respect to my method of working) has really changed for me despite it being digital now. I do understand what you are suggesting, but a display screen on a Leica rangefinder means nothing to me personally and I never use mine except to format the card, or change the ISO, or change the color space or the file type, etc..

        • grumps

          In return I can totally understand it from your point of view. You are right I come from a digital perspective (The only film I shoot now is on my Mamiya RZ Pro II! ), but then again so are these tools from M8 onwards.

          However, with that all said, Leica will have to take it ALL into consideration, if the screen didn’t enlarge but had live view, then great! For an M10, what would then be ideal is a Leica M9-P with improved sensor performance for better noise control in higher ISO, and improved processing in terms of speed or start-up etc. That would be enough!

  • How you know it’s not a real Leica concept….it’s not wearing a lux lense.

  • AB

    I need a bigger and better LCD rear display!

    I understand those coming from film cameras may not require a LCD rear display. But many of us do need it for reviewing shots and live view is highly desirable when I want to shoot high or low without having to look thru the viewfinder.

  • Graham BC

    It really needs a thumbs up type addition to keep the camera steady and easy to hold. I have had to buy ones on both my M8 and M9-P and the Leica sadly lacks what is a cheap but worthy addition.

  • Laica

    It’s a nice bridge from traditional Leica to something more futuristic, but the finger grip below the shutter release does not work aesthetically for a chrome version. The clean and separate top plate and bottom plate meeting here would be very strange.

    I hate the thumb wheel too, and the current one has nothing wrong that needs to be fixed.

    Sorry for those who hate the LCD screen. You are just snobs. There are new comers to rangefinder photography to give them real time feed back on what they are doing wrong. If you want film experience, try using a real film camera.

    • Icandraw

      Not wanting or not needing the LCD screen is not about snobbery. It’s simply about not wanting or feeling the need for it, and with a preference not to have it on a camera like this. I’m not sure where’s this idea of snobbery or elitism comes from, but it’s simply a preference. And yes, many people use both film and digital. Both end up as digital files (the film is drum scanned) and both end up as analog prints. No right or wrong here, just different methods of working. I like vanilla and you prefer chocolate, etc..

  • Sascha

    It’s really a big achievment to paint the Leica Titanium Edition Black, to remove the Controlwheel from the back, make the LCD bigger and the camera rounder.

    And designing a Camera where you can’t fix a strap should make him famous.

  • Harry

    I’d like a screenless version with WiFi, with an accompanying iPhone/Android app. Lets you make the camera slimmer, more battery friendly, and you can chimp when you want to, using the phone you’ll also have with you.

    And I don’t like the Ti-style vertical grip thing. I hope that’s a one-off design choice.

    I’d skip the “M10” and black dot on the front, and go straight to M9P style, plain front and top engraving.

  • Ariliquin

    Looks ugly, stick with the m3 style use winder nob as selector nob for function, black is boring , unbalanced looking concept

  • Jerguen

    There there (pets head) everything is going to be ok, this isn’t a real Leica. These types of posts are always good for bringing out the bitter angry and venomous type. It’s just a Leica admirers idea, calm down…take a deep breath no need to rip the poor chaps neck out for trying. I for one would like to give him a handshake for putting on the 24 super elmar. Nice changeup from the cron/lux norm.

  • Messsucherkamera

    I just hope Leica keeps building MPs and M7s.

    If Leica goes this route, the M10 will be even farther removed from the original concepts that were once the bedrock of the M camera philosophy. Leica seems to be determined to compete in the digital geekfest cage match with the rest of camera makers.

    Where will Leica draw the line? Will there be an M11 with video capability and a built-in android phone?

    No, thanks. I’ll stick with my MP and Tri-X. 😉

  • I know I’m late to this, and probably no one cares anyway but what the hey, it’s my 2¢.

    My “ideal” M10 would include the following upgrades from the M9:

    • a PC outlet somewhere so I can shoot with flash AND a viewfinder (I actually LIKE using the viewfinders for 28/24/21/18 lenses)
    • a Leica made ‘thumbs up’ type grip that maintains the hot shoe OR a built in grip that did the same
    • an LCD screen at least as good as a Game Boy so I can actually use it to impress my clients, instead of apologizing to them.
    • BETTER QUALITY AT HIGH ISO!! Come on Leica!!
    • an end to the moiré patterns! AAAARRRGGGG!!!!!!

    I just wonder if I’ll live long enough to see any of these come to pass :o(

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