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Leica Q3 camera concept… with a 50mm lens

This is Carsten Burmeister’s take on the Leica Q3 camera wiht a 50mm lens:

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Concept of Leica M camera with a battery indicator

Alain Monnens, a freelance product designer from Belgium, designed this Leica M camera concept with a battery indicator emphasizing the simplicity, ease of use, purity, and the history of the brand:

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Leica digest #54

→ Leica Q3 camera concept with articulating screen and ISO dial on top – what do you think? → Leica Summit 20 tickets are now available (will take place in Switzerland). → 2020 Leica Oskar Barnack Award announced. → See what’s coming to the Ernst Leitz Museum.

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Here is one of the concepts for the Leica M Monochrom Andy Summers / Fender limited edition camera

A reader sent me one of the concepts for the Leica M Monochrom Andy Summers / Fender limited edition camera that was announced two days ago: Here is the actual Leica M Monochrom “Signature” limited edition camera by Andy Summers: Which one do you like better?

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“Leica Space” action camera prototype/concept

Check out this “Leica Space” action camera prototype/concept:

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Leica Instant M design concept camera

    A reader contacted me with his personal Leica Instant M camera design concept project. He even created a prototype based on an existing Instax camera (click for larger view): Additional information:

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Leica T camera user interface concept

Check out this Leica T user interface concept from Anton Repponen:

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Leica Q3 camera concept design

Check out this Leica camera concept design from tolgatuncerlab.com: Big and sharp 4.4 MP EVF unit with magnification ratio of 0.77x Fixed Summilux Lens with 23mm & 35mm focal length switch. Fixed touchscreen unit. Aluminum rotary knob on top-left to change the ISO and shutter speed settings. Dedicated Exposure compensation dial [ +3 , -3 ] […]

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