The story of the 350kg stainless steel “Fake Leica”

As promised, here is the story of the 350kg stainless steel Leica camera from the Foto Henny Hoogeveen Leica store in Lisse, the Netherlands:

The sculpture was created by the Chinese artist Liao Yibai. There are only three copies of this "Fake Leica": one is located in the store in Lisse, Leica Camera AG got the second one and a distributor got the third copy.

The camera body is based on Leica M6 and M7 and even has M9 design pieces on the back (LCD screen). This is where the name "Fake Leica" comes from:

The lens is a Summicron 50mm 1:2, 1953-1960 style:

The details on the camera are amazing:

You can get more information on the design process from this PDF document.




Special thanks to Foto Henny Hoogeveen who provided all the images used in this post. If you are in The Netherlands, you can stop by and see this 350kg stainless steel "Fake Leica" at the following address:

Foto Henny Hoogeveen
Kapelstraat 3
2161 HD , Lisse
The Netherlands
TEL: +31 – 252 – 415349

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  • The camera is basically an all-in-one Leica camera history. It includes features of the early screw mount models, of the M-mount film cameras and of the digital Ms. Very fascinating – each angle, each side, each corner represents a different part of Leica camera history.

  • Just another Leica thing that has nothing to do with photography…

  • 350 kg of idiocy.

  • Dan

    It’s strangely beautiful.

  • Windowpain

    Does anybody find it a bit unnerving that a sculpture of the world’s most famous rangefinder camera, a camera who’s name is synonymous with the word rangefinder, is missing a rangefinder window.


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