LFI magazine promises new products coverage in their next issue

In the German version of the LFI magazine from November 2011 there is an interesting text in the "preview" section on page 74:

"Die Gerüchteverdichtensich, dass es bald NeuheitenvonLeica in unterschiedlichenProduktkategoriengebenwird. Wirberichten in dernächstenAusgabeundwarten, wennmöglich, mitersten Tests auf."

which basically means that LFI will probably publish some tests of a new Leica product in their next issue expected in December 2011.

My guess is that this will be the previously rumored Leica 50mm f/2.0 Summicron-M ASPH lens.

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  • Here’s the text again with proper spaces:

    Die Gerüchte verdichten sich, dass es bald Neuheiten von Leica in unterschiedlichen Produktkategorien geben wird. Wir berichten in der nächsten Ausgabe und warten, wenn möglich, mit ersten Tests auf

    And a translation:

    Rumours are that there will soon be news from leica in various product categories. We shall let you know in the next issue and – if possible – bring you test reports

    So I read this as a confirmation that there will be more than one product announcement soon.

    • Nobody Special

      We must remember that LFI comment could also include the Leica Sport Optic line as well as a lens test, etc., in other words it could be anything, though not likely a new camera.

      With Blackstones’ involvement – whatever it might be or mean for the future – and with Kaufmann/Leica leaning towards owning being more involved with LFI we will probably be seeing more of an up-swing in this type of ‘news’ e.g. more direct PR news.

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