Leica to capture 1% of world camera market in 10 years

Just saw that on Bloomberg: Leica Camera aims to capture 1% of the global camera market within 10 years. Currently the company has 0.15% of the global camera market. China is expected to overtake the US as Leica's biggest market in the next 5 years.

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  • A camera for the 1% eh? Yeah, sounds about right.

    • Huggs

      We are the 99%?

      • Funny coincidence to talk about 1 vs. the 99% 🙂

    • Nobody Special


      Even with my liking of (some) things Leica – this is relatively comical. One percent? That’s assuming the players in the camera business stay as they are now. No new start-ups in CHINA or INDIA and Leica actually releasing product that people want against what the other companies have.

      OR, as it says – the east – China will be the market for them. I wonder what would have happened and where Leica would be if they hadn’t thought of AF as something Leica users don’t need and on and on. Maybe they would have a higher percentage now. But Leica has always been a bit arrogant about what everyone wants or needs.

    • gaston

      @mark…..agreed. There is definitely something wrong here.

  • Craig

    If Leica believes they will capture 1-percent of the camera market they better come with a different camera. Oh, ya, making enough lenses to support the existing camera bases of M and S would be a good place to start.

  • Yeah this is funny. How are they supposed to capture 1% of the camera market when they currently have no lenses to sell to their customers that DO own their cameras???

    Here’s some free advice Leica – Release an M10 at half the current price and keep your lenses in stock and it will be a good start at meeting your target.

    • zack

      They’re just been bought by someone, I heard.

  • M!

    well, what will cameras be in 10 years? that’s a better question. cell phones will continue to have better and better cameras. the ‘Point and Shoot’ market will continue to move towards cell phones instead of stand alone cameras. But then again, cell phones may move to wearable forms… Leica should start to think differently. Wait, if it were a wearable camera, Leica might do very well with their fancy limited editions in various fake animal skin.

  • anon

    i’m a bit concerned with the fact that the used leica market will soon be flooded by lenses/cameras from china, who have been known to paint over dings with sharpies and such.

  • Ha-ha. Good luck, Leica, with your astronomical prices on outdated products.

  • Daryl

    It is a very competitive market, increase in production should help Leica meet the great demand for their higher end cameras/lenses and sales goals. Leica is not a household brand and they will certainly have to market their product as well as compete in a value driven world.

  • Mobody Special

    They may have a hard time ramping up production and improving/maintaining quality control as the assembly of lenses is a ‘tight tolerance product’ and takes some training to do.

    I’m not sure there will continue to be great demand for their high-end product except lenses. Stefan Daniels intimated that a three and half to four year product cycle for the M camera is about what they are looking at. It’s asking a bit much to expect people to shell out $8K for a ‘new’ M that often – especially in it’s current form.

    They will need some type of ‘meat and potatoes’ product that at least comes close to the quality of ‘high end’ to bring more into the fold.

  • Wilson

    Time to occupy Solms Germany lol the 1 percent who are Leica shooters control 42% of the worlds money spent on camera gear

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