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Leica M9 vs. Konica Hexar with Kai from DigitalRev:

Leica & Magnum: The spirit lives here by Bruce Gilden:

In our latest photo essay made in collaboration with Magnum Photos, we follow Bruce Gilden to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Bruce Gilden first traveled to Haiti in 1984 and made 19 trips over the course of 10 years, culminating in his book titled, quite simply, “Haiti”. In February and March 2010, he went back to Port-au-Prince to witness firsthand what had happened in the wake of the earthquake. What he found was a city destroyed and people who are poor of everything but grace, pride and a distinctive soul. During his most recent trip this past September, he went back to document a refugee camp that has sprung up across the street from the half-destroyed presidential palace in downtown Port-au-Prince. In this video, Gilden shares his audio, video and photo captures of this neighborhood of decorated huts built out of scavenged corrugated tin and cardboard, recreated with all the elements of Haitian life as if the people knew right away that this temporary settlement would be their long term home. You can also read our interview with Bruce Gilden on the Leica blog:

Kai Wiesinger, a German actor, inherited his love of photography from his father who worked as a reporter. During the filming of his latest movie "Wunderkinder", which premiered on October 6th of this year, Kai worked on both sides of the camera, acting in the film and documenting the production from behind the lens of his Leica M8.

In this video, Kai shares the story and photos from the making of "Wunderkinder". You can see more of his images on the Leica blog.

In this first installment of our "Leica. My Life" series, we sit down with Italian actor Max Malatesta. Not only does Max have a talent for acting, he is also a photographer and teacher at Beats Generation. Whether on the road or back home in Rome, Max is always looking for an interesting perspective and he uses the Leica X1 to help him expect the unexpected. Read our interview with Max on the Leica blog.

This video is the first in our series of features on the photographers of Facing Change: Documenting America, a non-profit collective of prominent photographers and writers who have come together to explore the United States during one of the most enduring times in the nation’s history.

The work of Debbie Fleming Caffery, one of the FCDA photographers, focuses on the death of community life in the small towns surrounding the Mississippi Delta. You can read more about Facing Change: Documenting America and Debbie Fleming Caffery on the Leica blog. Shot and Edited by Trevor Bayack

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