How (not) to paint your Leica M9 pink

Watch this horrifying video where Kai from DigitalRev paints a Leica M9 camera pink:

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  • broxibear

    Notice it wasn’t his own M9…I guess the producer ( the owner of this M9) worked out the publicity brings in way more money than the M9 costs so why not ?

  • Jim


  • I think it’s a thing of beauty; I’d do the same if I had an M9.

    What I found the funniest is that I got. T-mobile ad under the blog post…because their signature colour is PINK!

  • Eric Pepin

    wouldnt be surprised if A, they make more off the ads then the cost of an M9, B, the producer is getting a M9P, or C the M9 is having issues , or most likley all 3

  • Ian

    If only he did a good job… Hurts my eyes. Meticulous is not his middle name

  • i cringed as he dismantled it. then to see the pink paint. oh my, ive never even held a leica yet i want one so bad. wow that was painful to watch

    • vlux luver

      hahaha his hand was sooo shaking.

  • Al

    As long as it works, I don’t care how it looks. I think the M9 as is would make a good prize in a future contest.

  • Unfortunately I had my m9 facing the screen while this was playing, I quickly jumped back in horror and turned the lens away so it wouldn’t have to watch….

    I’m quite frankly shocked that it still worked, might need a sensor cleaning, but all and all impressed with how the german simplicity in engineering allowed them to do something this horrific to an engineering and design marvel.

    But I had also never seen the range finder mechanism or the mechanics for re-cocking the shutter after each shot, so its sort of a win loose proposition.

  • The Leica Police should have enough evidence in this video to establish culpability. Time to arrest this heretic!!

  • Torben

    This camera was probably toasted to begin with, simply because chinese never waste or give anything away without getting something in return.

  • carlos

    I love you guys but that was just wrong!,,, it was like a bad porno!!! If your producer wants you to shoot yourself just say no!!! There is a reason why Leica never did it. that was almost as bad as painting a exotic Ferrari pink…. Still love you guys but you might have lost a bit of your fan base with a stunt like that.

    • pooh

      Leica’s taste is much worse. You must have never seen the Hello Kitty 20 Jahre M6 TTL, which is PINK and PURPLE.

      • MJr

        Yea that was a photoshop fake.

  • Newzpix

    It’s just a camera. I have three of them and they make photos, nothing more. Stop worshipping them.

    • CHD

      Fine, paint YOURS pink then, if it doesn’t matter. Just because we’re criticizing a horrible colour on an M9 doesn’t mean we worship the camera.

  • DigitalRev is an attention whore. Their videos are half informative and many of them have pretty doubtful set of jokes. Many people were claiming that they are like a Top Gear in the camera world, but that’s not true. They are way less exiting than Top Gear.

    • D

      Well, you cant exactly turn hunks of rubber into giant plumes of toxic smoke with a M9/D3/5D. Should Kai be on horseback chasing elephants like the Leica S2 commercial?

      Yeah… I dont think so.

  • matt335

    i’d rather stick pins in my fingers than watch this

  • daniel charms

    Well, at least he didn’t drop it this time. And even though the paint job is far from perfect, the camera still seems to be in a working order unlike the Nikon in the previous painting video, so I guess he’s improving.

    He should do a Red Scarlet next, and paint it real scarlet.

  • J Shin

    Well, if Leica did it, it would be a $2, 000 premium, right? I can see Ke$ha being sighted with one as she comes off a plane.

    Next, he should turn an M9 into a finder-less, mirrorless camera.

  • forester

    ugh. This guy is always the worst.

  • Erica

    I love the painting video’s. These guys have humour. I own two of the models they’ve turned into pinkcamera’s. It was good to see how simpel a Leica is and why it still works after the “abuse” from Kai.
    To al those people who worship Leica: get a live. I own a Leica myself and find this a very funny video.

  • andy

    Their videos are always entertaining, and come on this is just a camera so don’t overreact on how they treat their tools to get more publicity, it’s all valid in this world. Cheers.

  • Louis

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!….I will still take it though lol..

  • guyonyconnexion

    The only [rationale] reason I believe the producer has asked for this is to send it to Leica for a M9-P upgrade… Phil

  • cosinaphile

    kai first of all, i usually like your reviews , but this was horrible and poor on so many levels, it seem that you haven’t understood the principal of spray paint or why its 70% propellant , why not take a page from your book and watch a video or ask an expert?

    for the record , next time dont destroy the top with your clumsy needless sanding
    just clean the metal carefully with alcohol and wash your hands of any oils and don’t touch face or hair at all to avoid contamination, that would be enough , a coat of metal primer and then 6-12 coats of pink but thin coats…. for god sake if you gotta sand then use 1000 sandpaper wet on a well cured paint layer , not the original also mask a bit better with smaller layered pieces to build a protected area also get some pink leatherette
    to complete the transform

    if your gonna destroy an 8000 dollar camera , at least do it well

  • kevin

    Leica did this with the M6 — and even included an engraved Hello Kitty.

    I wouldn’t doubt a new top and bottom plate have already replaced the dig rev creation. Probably not a good idea to buy a used M9 from them . . . .

  • Why pink, don’t you have anything better to do, why be too young minded….Wow a pink camera that not a film camera with a Kodak Sensor….OK

    Not that I love Kodak since very loved film use in the 70’s….

    Your lost of a great tool….M9, and hope you don’t get spank on the ass in Hollywood by a Homosexual…

    Love Frankie

    Yes, I’m not politically correct

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