Will someone produce a Leica M-mount lens adapter for the Fuji X-PRO 1 mirrorless camera?

The mirrorless Fuji X-PPO 1 camera leaked on Wells Fargo's website and Responses Photo magazine. It will be interesting to see if a third party company will produce a Leica M-mount lens adapter for the X-PPO 1. Does anyone see a technical reason why such adapter is not feasible?

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  • Rene

    Depends on what shutter the X-PRO 1 will have… If – like with the X100 – each lens would have its built-in leaf shutter, M-lenses would face a problem 😉

    • Renato S.

      I hardly believe so, one thing is a fixed lens camera and other thing is an interchangeable lens camera.

      With that flange distance I think it’s absolutely positive that there will be a Leica adapter. I think that this camera can beat the NEX-7 – and Fuji has a better lens selection from the start.

      • Nico


        Really good question Admin !! I really hope so…
        The flange distance seems good (17,7mm)… but I think that the OVF couldn”t be used, only EVF ?…

      • Teun

        According to the leaked specs, the lens is allowed to sit just 7.5 mm in front of the sensor. That’s just under a third of an inch. This might indicate that the shutter will be a leaf shutter.

  • Henry

    Let’s hope not : wat we WANT is use the FULL potential of the M-lenses, not a part!
    Again a camera we should NOT BUY folks..
    An abordable full frame please.

  • Alfredg

    Did anyone see the picture of the Fujinon logo with the “M+” on it? A Dpreview forum I think it was.

  • cosinaphile

    ill be body capping a voightlnder screw-mount lens on a fuji bodycap with the help of a 3rd party screw mount to m adapter and some epoxy putty….i think my cv 28 1.9 my 15mm 4. and 50mm 1.5 will all work well

    just like the night in 2009 i bodycapped a nice nikkor h 50mm f2 for my ep1
    then i was hooked cost for lens and cap was 25 bucks 3 yrs later oly makes a wonderful 45mm 1.8 thats considered a bargain at 400 dollars ,
    followed by a full set of Pentax 110 bodycapped 2.8 primes 18mm 24mm 50mm 70mm and 20-40 zoom all 2.8

    cant wait for this new fuji and 10 bodycaps!

  • The flange distance of the Xpro mount is similar to that of the NEX7 (17.7mm and 18mm respectively) so I see no reason why if the NEX7 has m mount adapters (which there are many of) why there won’t be a solution for the Xpro…..

    Of course the pairing of M lenses with the specific sensors might be difficult in terms of optimum quality, I know the Nex’s don’t do very well with the wider ends of the Lecia M lens range…

    The leaf shutter note is important, because you never know, their lenses seem to be on the higher end of the price range for interchangeable market, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they had leaf shutter in a way, but it would surprise me because it would severely close the system in a way that no other m4/3 variant company has even Nikon and Sony….

    • MJr

      Yea no question about it if you ask me. Bet on it. It’s exactly the kinda crowd they wanna fetch with this.

      Also there can still be a shutter in the camera with a leaf shutter in the lens right? I believe i heard about having both before. Lens data just has to tell the body which one to use, just like it will pick the framelines, and if no information is received, he’ll know what to do.

      • Yeah, like in my PhaseOne 645DF, it has a focal plane shutter in the camera with the reflex mirror and then there are some lens, currently 55mm, 80mm, 110mm, 150mm and coming 75-150 LS and 240mm LS lenses which have integral leaf shutter lenses allowing the fast flash sync speeds and all that good stuff.

    • It’s better that the lens does *not* have leaf shutter. The future points to global shutters where there is no focal plane shutter at all – everything is electronic. Maybe this generation of mirrorless has focal plane shutters.. but in the future, the can get rid of the mechanical shutter completely. If they put a leaf shutter in the lens, it would become obsolete in one generation.

  • I can’t see how the camera can get around not having an M adaptor. Take a deep breath, folks. It’s coming. It’s coming.

  • pooh

    It’ll be like trying to stick M lenses into a Contax G. Makes no sense.

    • EnPassant

      For those having M-lenses but not liking the price of M9 it makes a lot of sense.
      In the film-days when a new Contax G costed more than a used M-camera it for sure made no sense trying to fit an M-lens to Contax. Especially as no adaptors what I know of were available. The logic of past doesn’t always apply in the future.

  • Alan

    The throat size of the mount matters too. Suffice to say if its possible, someone will make it.

    The ovf wouldn’t work well at all with it though. No way to focus or call up proper framelines.

  • blankscapes

    One could imagine that they were able to pull off an electronic shutter?
    That would make perfect sense for this sort of camera, with no noise whatsover-
    the kind of stealthy camera the potential buyer would like- and making the lenses a whole lot cheaper and simpler to manufacture. Leaf shutters are traditionally a bit tricky to do with higher speeds anyway!

  • As neat as the camera is, I think they really missed the boat by not making it an M body. It would have flown off the shelf with an M mount. I don’t feel like spending money on fairly costly proprietary lenses, like I need to carry another system around. I understand the patent on M lenses expired, why not make it a M mount?

  • joe

    i guess i’ll sell my m-lenses for this camera. no need for the m anymore since kodak is dead soon.

  • Of course, there will be a little lens adapter: 28,8 – 17,7 = 11,1 mm !

    Best regards.

    • MJr

      Cool !

  • Stephen B

    will it support macro? I can then use it to take photos of my Ektachrome slides from my MP.

  • Non.S

    M glass won’t make you a better photographer. A great viewfinder will.
    Besides, Fuji knows how to make exceptional lenses

    • Thank you, Non.S. We forget that the Fuji lenses rival anything on the market. Anyone who has used a medium format Fuji can attest to this.

  • DC Wells

    A day or two ago Ken Rockwell declared the Wells Fargo site a phishing site and the news about the Nikon and Fuji cameras to be fake. Of course, Nikon has announced the D4, so we know what that camera will be. The Fuji is yet to be revealed.

    • KR doesn’t have a clue, as usual.

    • zd

      I second admin’s opinion about Ken Rockwell. He’s so inconsistent that reading his site is like walking in the museum of dementia. On one page he would proclaim M9 the greatest camera ever made, on another, he would say that the M9, and all digital cameras are inferior to film. Film is the real RAW, you don’t need noise reduction or sharpening; you have to wait months for digital files, and the files are easy to lose (???) compared to 35mm film. His claim that the Fuji Velvia 100F equals to 87.5 megapixels.

      Such an idiot.

  • Nobody Special

    Here’s an idea.
    Instead of someone making an M adapter for the Fuji, maybe LEICA SHOULD COME OUT WITH A NEW CAMERA.

    Please, I don’t need to hear about the M10 or other product that no one has talked about yet (a video camera?) or the R solution or mirrorless camera at Photokina. If Leica does something then, fine.
    But Fuji has illustrated how to PRIORITIZE product development and the Leica user asks for adapters for it. The M10 will have through the roof pricing and who knows what else they’ll show – but I’ll venture to guess that whatever the product, it won’t be available until 2013.

  • John Smith you are so right, Fuji have produced some lovely lenses some of which are currently selling for under USD20 on eBay. When Fuji made 35mm film Fujica cameras they were the equal of Pentax, Canon FD Topcon etc. I seem to remember that they (or an other) made an M42 adaptor for their X mount. If it happens to be the same X mount and to my eye it looks like it could be as there is a distinct outward taper on the mounted lens image that looks like it could be large enough to accommodate the AF motor… This looks to me like the X-PPO just might be the best faux Leica so far…

  • Jonathan

    Whatever!… I’m just looking for a camera with a better sensor, say Foveon, full-frame and m-mount. Otherwise, it’s back to film and Costco development & Costco scanning.

  • Game over! Fuji has announced that an M adaptor is to be manufactured. And by Fuji itself. This is tremendous news for Fuji and Leica. Who knows? Maybe the Leica M10 may have Fuji’s non-Bayer chip. And maybe (get ready to laugh, folks) the M10 will cost considerably less. Go ahead and criticize. I deserve it.

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