Yes, Fuji will release a M-mount adapter for the X-Pro 1

I just received an answer to my question from two days ago - soon you will able to use your Leica M lenses on the upcoming Fuji X-Pro 1 mirrorless camera. Fuji will announce their own M-mount adapter for the X-Pro 1. The price of the X-Pro1 body is $1.699. The camera will also have two optical magnification options: x0.37 for wider lenses and x0.60 for other lenses.

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  • MJr

    Didn’t i tell ya ! 😉

    • yep, you did 🙂

      • vlux luver

        how would this fuji focus with m-mount lenses???

  • Sahaja

    Ho. This just gets better.

    Even Leica should be happy – they will be able to sell even more lenses if they can make enough.

  • maybe my dream will come true

  • Fant

    But it is aps, so will be 1.5x? Um… Also there is a rumor for Sony ff mirrorless, more interest in that plus leica lens

  • According to dimensions given so far, the Fuji body is 6mm taller than a Leica M and 14mm less on the long side. But the front-to-back distance at 38mm is 4mm more than the M dimension of 34. Does this mean that the M adapter won’t focus to infinity? Or will it use glass to solve that problem? Or will the new M adapter sit 4mm inside the Fuji mount to provide the right flange-to-sensor distance ?
    Let’s hope to find out tomorrow!

    • Bo Biddy

      why would the dimensions of the camera body have anything to do with it?

      what matters is the difference in flange distances and to some extent the diameters of the lens mounts.

    • EnPassant

      Where did you find that information?
      According to photorumors: “The Fuji X-Pro 1 camera dimensions are 83 x 138 x 38 mm.” Leica M9 have 80 x 139 x 37 mm. (hwd. )But maybe you by mistake checked the dimensions of MP instead of M9P? Leica M’s for film (except M5) are smaller.
      The sensor in the Fuji is closer to the moun than the sensor in M9.

  • Flossy Pork

    What if the adoptor would have electronic contacts at the back with a 6 bit reader in the front ? If such tech exist, surely that means the hybrid viewfinder can then be adjusted automatically ….? – Please bring one Fuji 🙂

  • Suddenly things are looking up again – another digital M player coming to the market. Can’t wait to play with one.

  • Bo

    Awesome – but I would not call it another digital M player, not any more than the many m43 and existing Sony NEX cameras. though, Leica keep hinting about a mirrorless digital M something.. maybe a rebranded fuji with 6bit reader.? Leica have been in bed with Fuji before.

  • Dave

    Leica is so screwed. The M10 had better be amazing.

    • MJr

      Well for starters it will probably have a rangefinder, where else you gonna get that. 🙂

      Not to mention your lenses won’t be ruined by crop !

  • Jeff

    So what? It’s not a rangefinder camera folks. It’s no competition for Leica. The market for Mirrorless is not the same market for Rangefinder. I didn’t see T3i posts here just because it could be adapted to use R lenses… A tempest in a teapot…

    • Eric

      Hell I love my gw690ii….. Manual focusing with rf system is amazing…. If you don’t think this is competing with it…

      That’s like saying an truck can’t compete with sports utility or a sedan isn’t competing with a coupe…. Or a coupe can’t compete with a truck… I have been struggling with this haha….. Do I want a jeep? Or stick with my fam sedan…..

      I have a full frame (digital& 35mm), medium format 6×9 ,film dx bodies etc….. They compete for me to use them daily….

      Besides fast shooting(d700) big blown up landscapes(6×9) , nastalga(canonf1) my x100 is my most used.

      M9 is great….but until we see some reviews previews etc… I think it’s too early to say its not competition….. ESP if it takes m mount with adapter.

      • jeff

        For it to be competition, it has to be thought of as a reasonable alternative. These will not cut in to Leica sales at all, in fact it might increase sales, because of all this free advertising. Once you have tried a Rangefinder camera, you know the difference. Many Leica M owners may buy one of these as a second camera. Many will buy one of these, wishing someday to own a Leica, and someday will. Many will buy one of these for their own merit, but those won’t ever buy a Leica, and will not be subtracted from Leica sales.

        Leica cannot produce enough cameras or lenses to keep up with demand, so to think of these is competition is laughable. They are simply picking up a gap in the market for low/middle level Viewfinder cameras.

    • Thyl Engelhardt

      Quite to the contrary, I believe that it is the first Leica M competitor of this whole new bunch of mirrorless cameras, due to the following, essential features that are also found on the Leica:
      -direct settings for aperture (on the lens!) and shutter speed
      -an optical viewfinder
      -a manual distance indicator in combination with TTL distance measuring.

      In particular the latter feature will evidently allow using the _optical_ viewfinder for focussing with any lenses, including Leica lenses; something hitherto not possible with other mirrorless cameras, but in line with the Leica approach. The one thing missing will merely be the “stadimeter”.

  • Nobody Special

    There will always be a market for Leica – assuming they get their, ‘aren’t we special’ heads out of their ‘arses’ and produce a camera that will compete with a camera like the Fuji.

    This of course depends on whether the Fuji will perform as one would it expect to. Leica really has to be hitting ‘home-runs’ now because the fact that Fuji is releasing an M mount shows how determined they are to capture an existing hole in Leicas product line.

    Fuji makes excellent glass too – Leica is being shown how to do their own thing by Fuji. I think it’s great, and as a long time M Leica user (and a dumped R user) I hope Fuji does it right and sells a bunch of product. If Leicas attitude is, “we are Leica, we are special, we do it better.” They better think again.

  • Dave

    There will inevitably be more “event cameras” like this — a full frame model, a “Texas Leica” MF rangefinder, or an Xpan-type widescreen camera.

    Hopefully Leica will be forced to raise its game in response.

    • Nobody Special

      Leica has forced their own hand now. Truthfully, and based on the last few years, I don’t feel they have it in them. Under Kuafmann’s direction and choices for product. it seems they are or were content to reach higher.

      There is a huge difference right now in product development ‘attitudes’ and with technology Leica has yet to show they can produce something a lot of users want – even the M has basically reached a plateau and by the course they have taken supporting ‘tradition’, the M10 will likely be in the same outer form but the inner tech has to have some brand new ‘gitty-up’ . Anything is possible but how do they do that? Come out with a new direction body that alienates the ‘tradition’? It will be interesting to see how Leica does with all this.

  • If they do this the right way, you can have Custom Lens Profiles (like for Non-CPU lenses on a Nikon DSLR) so you can tell the camera that you mount a 21, 24, 28, 40, or 50 lens and have the framelines (that are created by the “E” part of the VF) customized… Probably, it would also “zoom” optically (going to 0.6x magnification) for the 40 and 50. Wow. Potentially 🙂

    • Sahaja

      For lenses outside the range of the OVF – you can use it in pure EVF mode.

  • Sahaja

    Forget about the comparisons with Leica , if it is as good as it looks, with this camera Fuji are back! As they have the know-how to develop their own sensors, lenses and cameras they are probably one of the few companies that can seriously compete with Canon and Nikon over the long haul. They are probably right to forget about conventional DSLRs and leave those to Canon and Nikon. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a medium format mirror less from Fuji as well.

    • Al

      Second that!
      Stupid little wish; I loved the name Fujica, it would been great if they named the X-Pro Fujica…Fujica X-Pro1:)

  • Do you know if there are any other adapters available for the x-pro? I’m deciding between the Nex 7 and the Fuji, and the next 7 has a huge array of adapters.. just seeing if Fuji has something similar.

    • I am sure that there will be also third party adapters once the X-Pro1 gets announced next month.

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