Fuji X-Pro1 M-mount adapter on display at the CP+ show in Japan

As previously reported, Fujifilm will introduce an X-Pro1 adapter for Leica M-mount lenses later this year. A prototype is currently on display at the CP+ show in Japan:


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  • Looks good. As it is made and supported by Fuji, I have high hopes of its functionality. Functionality with M glass is the key for me to acquire this cam. Ricoh has done a very good job with GXR M mount, let’s see if Fuji can improve on it!

  • Stephen B

    yes, manual focus ease of use is key. If it is difficult to focus manually then Leica lens owners won’t touch it. Things like focus peaking etc like the Sony has would be a good thing. If it is just zoom in focus patch or worse then forget it.

  • Bryan Campbell

    Pretty cool, although I still wish it was 1.33x crop like the M8 / M8.2

    It’s too bad they couldn’t also make it a digital rangefinder for those who wanted to use it that way. I’m not sure if the technology to make it 2 cameras in 1 is possible though, maybe not, or at least at that size.

    I’m hoping Leica will release a new 1.33x camera for those who are more budget constrained and an m10 for those who can afford it. it could be either a rangefinder or something completely new, as long as it can take Leica made lenses even if it is a new mount.

  • Michael

    Even without a good manual focusing viewfinder aid at least all M mount lenses have clear depth of field markings for zone and hyperfocal distance focusing… as very simple lens marking technique that Fuji sadly did not include on its own X-Pro1 lenses.

    • Peter

      The depth of field scale in the viewfinder.

    • hexx

      DoF and distance scale is in both OVF and EVF

    • CHD

      Zone focusing is pretty useless if you shoot mostly wide open with fast lenses….
      I can’t speak for others but the only reason I really shoot Leica is because their lenses are so sharp wide open, so that is how I do most f my shooting. Any lens is sharp stopped down to f5.6 or f8.

  • Dislike!!!

    Steal photos without any acknowledgement or approval from original owner.

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