Sneak peek inside the upcoming Leica store in Washington DC


Few pictures from the inside of the new Leica store in Washington DC:

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  • anon

    looks just like all the other shops…big surprise…truthfully no point in going, they all have the same overpriced “stuff”

  • jeff

    Any word on estimated opening date?

  • Denis

    Is it any interesting? I don’t think so

  • Jake Loth

    Sneak peak, eh? How exciting, and just think, if you wait till it opens, you can see the whole thing. I don’t know if I can contain myself. Oops! Evidently not.

  • Craig

    There are plenty of outlet channels for them to sell their stuff. Leica needs to focus on bring us new cameras and lenses, not building new stores.

    • Ralph

      Somehow I don’t think the guys who’s job it is to design new lenses have been sent to DC with a bag of tools to fit out the new store…

  • Steve

    The shelves will remain empty for all the out-of-stock cameras and lenses.

  • Nobody Special

    Leica better hope that they have some REAL new product in May at their big party. Then of course, they’ll need every square foot of space at the new production/assembly Leitz Park when it opens in 2013 to build the new products.

    Then all those fancy stores will have people flocking in to buy it all – They REALLY have their work cut out for them this time – if they underwhelm everyone – with these ‘product announcements’, they won’t have to worry about stocking the exclusive stores. I heard that M9’s are available – in stock, what? – could they have reached the saturation point with their $7K plus camera?

    I still don’t see how Leica will be able to justify ‘refreshing’ the M line every 3 years or so as has been spoken – I wonder who will continue to buy the latest M body every 3 or 4 years if the price is $7K or higher. Oh well.

  • Daryl

    With Leica ‘s new facilities in Wetzlar and new Leica Stores in many cities could it just be that they have a long term plan to provide great service and greater availaility of products in the years ahead? This certainly looks like what Apple has done, and it is very successful.

    • Nobody Special

      The ‘Apple model’ has worked extremely well – for their unique and constantly changing product line and market.

      Leica has never been that, ever. Can they reinvent themselves? Maybe. But their ‘product’ is not designed to be consistently revamped and ‘up-teched’, especially when given the high cost of their products. The camera/imaging market doesn’t really have a high-end rapid fire change history either.

      The production capability at the yet unfinished Leitz Park is still that – capability. The market has to be given products the market wants and that would be a MAJOR change for Leica. Kaufmann has yet to show that he is willing to do that but the unknown is how much control Leica’s new ‘capital investor/partners’ will have in the company direction. The stores are designed to be selling high-end product which was started when Kaufmann was mostly in charge.

      I’ll welcome a major change for Leica, but they have some catching up to do with lost R base users, and then inventing product to pull in even more users. We’ll see.

  • Daryl

    The parallels between Apple and Leica are several. Both make products that appeal on quality, not price. An Apple computer is 2-3 times the price of a similar pc, Leica is 2-3 times the price of a similar Nikon or Canon Product. 24mm f1.4 lens is a good example.
    Neither marches to the drumbeat of others. Leica is not the latest tech but the lenses are the best in all 35mm (full frame) format. Apple doesn’t put flash on their computers nor play blue ray dvd. Very few others do this.

    Leica has made major changes in the past few years. The company is growing rapidly, so rapidly they are unable to meet demand. The Leica M9 is only now being made in quantities to meet demand, and there are rumors of an M10 announcement in May. Lenses are backordered that meeting demand is possibly years away.

    With the disappearance of camera stores these Leica stores will provide a means for people to acquire Leica items other than internet or mail order. I see this as a synergistic move for Leica, plan to meet demand and have the retail spaces for people to learn and see your products.

    • Nobody Special

      Well, the prices are not 2 to 3 times that of high-end C or N – unless you’re writing of the S2 which is hardly a ‘market demand’ product. As a long time Leica user, I have gotten over the notion that Leica makes the best FF 35 glass. C and N make some fine glass as well and in some cases match up as well, and for years, they have been in the same position of not having in stock inventory. Again, respectfully, I’ll stick by my idea of Leica being caught off guard by the pent-up digital M demand.

      The over spec’d C and N pro cameras are designed to appeal to users (pro’s) that often find the need for seemingly excess features – having had them as well I never found much use for much of those features and I would rather have a ‘cleaner’ design. Having said that, the M is not the most ergonomic camera to do use in adverse conditions either.

      The FF M9 (and cropped M8) satisfied years of pent-up demand for a digital M and did bring in some new users as well, but the jury is still out how much of the ‘new’ digital M base will opt for a ‘refreshed’ M, and lenses are usually kept for a very long time. Many of these new Leica ‘Boutiques’ as they call them, cater to a higher than average income level, and I’d venture to guess that there won’t be any price-haggling at the ’boutiques’. IMO, the M9 is not worth the price as new – it has been pointed out here before that the best way to purchase an M9 is on the used market at significantly reduced prices, and it will be doubtful if you’ll find any used Leica product at the ’boutiques’.

  • M9P

    looks like a LEICA STORE…… omg…omg… omg !!!!


  • Mark

    How exciting! Maybe they will have a limited edition lens cap for only $239.00!

  • Clark


  • Harold Ellis

    photos was probably shot with leica right?
    they are so bad so i expect they are supposed to be artistic.

  • Tony

    Well i think it is just what DC needs! A up scale camera store.

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