Leica X1 discontinued?

This Leica Camera price list has the black and silver X1 camera models listed as "ausverkauft" or "sold out". The Leica X1 was announced together with the M9 back in September of 2009 and is supposed to be refreshed at some point this year (maybe on May 10th?). Even after the Fuji X100 and X-Pro1 were released, the Leica X1 never went down in price and still sells for $1,995.00.

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  • Bryan Campbell

    Leica X2 with 1.3x crop and interchangable lenses please! M compatible and new Leica autofocus lenes. I would be the first to preorder.

    If it’s a 1.6 or 1.5 crop? I’ll pass, we already have too many of those to choose from.

  • This just showcases Leica philosophy – “Premium product at premium prices”. Take it or leave it. There will be no fire sales there.

  • Mark

    If they would have launched this camera at $1650 or $1500 I would have bought it outright. It was stupid of them to think this camera was worth $2000 dollars and Fuji shamed them by releasing the X100. I actually should THANK Leica for forcing me to wait until the X100 hit the streets but I’ve been nothing but thrilled with it.

    I would so love to be a Leica user but they seriously need to stop being a 1%rs only club. I know I say this amidst what may be the most profitible period in their history. I honestly think it’s telling that in this down economy, a product aimed directly at the weathly has it’s best sales ever…

    Occupy Solms? 🙂

    • Dave

      If it weren’t a 1%ers club, no one would want to join it.

      The world is awash in options for the non-1%ers, including millions of film rangefinders lying around gathering dust. Nobody wants them. People want what they can’t have, which is Leica’s business model.

    • Robert Falconer

      I don’t think Leica could survive if they watered down their product line or tried to “reposition” themselves as an “ordinary” camera maker. Just like there is room for high-end automobile manufacturers (Rolls, Bentley, Ferrari, etc.), there is room for high-end photographic apparatus makers as well.

      That said, I do think they should make a greater effort to embrace new technology faster. Not tech for it’s own sake, but sensors with greater low light capability, larger LCD screens on the back of the M-Series cameras, etc.

      And I also think the M-Series would benefit from offering some sort of focus-assist functionality. Autofocus I can live without, but focus-assist would definitely benefit photographers in many types of light…and those with compromised vision.

  • anon

    leica knows there place in the ecosystem…

  • Florian

    Err, this is a list of a Swiss Leica department. Could be that it is sold out for Swiss only?

  • I just paid for my Leica X1 and viewfinder yesterday on ebay and amazon….
    At last my first Leica and I should consider keeping it as a collectable?
    I was looking forward to leave my Canons 1 and 5s at home…..and make beautiful images with my new Leica….
    If the X2 comes in less than a month, I will be have to start all over and wait again to get the money to buy it instead of update my professional gear.
    Well, I´m glad Is not an M9P what I ordered…..
    I will start to think of Leica as I think of my 5 Macs: My new Mac is older than me once I start using it because when once I turn it on there is an update to install!!!!

  • Daryl

    An x2 might be tempting but with all the excellent mirrorless cameras available Leica needs to bring something more than a refresh.

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