Leica M9-P white limited edition

A new Leica M9-P white limited edition camera was announced for the Japanese market. Only 50 pieces will be produced. This white kit comes with a silver Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 lens and a leather strap. The price is ¥2,620,000 (around $30,000).

Via DC.Watch

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  • Dan

    What a beauty. Perfection in a way.

  • So I guess all the (new) Nocti’s are sold along with special edition M9’s
    This makes it even harder to get one on its own.

  • Really?

    Why does it look like the lens has just been photoshopped in and its clearly too big for the camera? The camera actually looks small?

    • Paul

      I think this is the photo that they used for the ltd edition M9-P and silver noct that had black leather. They have just photoshopped (badly) the white leather on.

    • Jethro

      Have a look at an actual 2012 Noctilux on an m9 at Twitter @LeicaAmbassador photostream.

  • Daryl

    More costly than a Titanium but then it does have a Noctilux. Will it be worth more as a collectible?

  • JC

    It would be brown greyish after a few months of use. :p

    • Greg

      No, it won’t be, as it will never be used…

      • Absolutely spot-diddly-ot on!

  • JC

    It would be brown greyish after few months of use. LOL

  • Seppo

    If there’s Leica M9-P white limited edition now, maybe there isn’t M10 on May 10th ?

    • zd

      ha! I remember Leica came out with a white M8 in July ’09. And we all knew what happend on 09.09.2009.

      So now we can official said that a white version is last hurah of an M camera. Beautiful and fitting.

  • Love the Photoshop Fail. I suppose there wasn’t enough money left over from the projected earnings on the total $1,5 million sale price to pay for a decent retouch artist.

    • zd

      It’s most likely they don’t have a white Noctilux yet. The wait time for the “normal” Noctilux is already 2 years. How long do you think it takes Leica to make 50 white Noctilux?

      • They could’ve at least not Photoshopped the lens over the lens release button, don’t you think?

        How long do you think it takes Leica to make 50 white Noctilux?

        If a bear takes a crap in the forest and there’s nobody to see him, does he wipe himself with a white rabbit or a black rabbit?

        Nobody knows the answer to either of those questions.

        • Shipments start in July. The reason the lens appears shopped over the lens release button is because the width of the lens at the med section is wider than the mount. If you have a Noctilux you can see that.

  • andy

    so much for leica producing “discrete” cameras…….

    • CK Dexter Haven

      so much for leica producing cameras for actual photographers…….

      The loyalists will applaud Leica’s efforts to drive revenue, so that they CAN make lower-priced products. But, when i see a $30,000 price tag on a ‘trophy’ piece of kit, all i can do is laugh. This is a joke, and i’d be embarrassed for the sheik who takes it out for a spin.

  • What happened on 09.09.2009?

  • Banksie

    Paris Hilton has secured an order from a Tokyo shop already.

    • Bob_buttons

      🙂 *like

      But not even paris hilton can afford it.

  • Dan

    Beautiful. Like white super cars. They look amazing but you’d not want to own one because you’d look a right dick using it. 🙂

  • M!

    nice. lots of money. but nice.

  • Gerry

    Just what I was looking for. Will be perfect for my up coming trip to the Congo

  • Nobody Special

    If any part of the image is real, then it appears the only thing that is white is the leather and the rest of the body and lens looks silver.

    Too, the Noctilux is a big piece of glass by any of the other M lenses – I owned the F/1 version, and while it was nice, it completely out-balanced the whole camera/lens assembly….big and HEAVY….so much so that you couldn’t hand-hold it at slower speeds like smaller M lenses. It wasn’t worth what it cost – I sold it after a couple of years. The F/0.95 version is a bit smaller but still…… They’ll sell all of them, but please Leica, could you refrain from ANY special editions for at least a year????

  • R!

    You better not eat choclate before picking up your camera,still ciute for a lady I’m waiting the LV multicolor logoversion to make a present to M!

  • Robert Falconer

    Worth every penny.

  • Chase

    $30,000 what a joke! The d4 would smash that pos! For $30k I could buy a d4, d800, mbd-12, and still have around $20k or so for lenses. Leica is nothing more than electronic bling for the rich, or people that enjoy blowing away money.

    • yin

      do they make a limited edition of the d4? 🙂

    • hugo

      Leica products are expensive, yes, but they don’t profit much. Fiscal 2011 was the best Leica year in recent memory, and yet they made €30M on ~€250M revenue (https://leicarumors.com/2011/06/01/leica-camera-ag-with-record-sales-for-2011-intends-to-pay-dividend.aspx/). The profit margin is 12%. For every $7000 M9 they sell, they make $840 in net profit; or $1320 on an $11,000 Noctilux. Apple’s margin is double that.

      I suspect the reason their products are so expensive is the labour cost. German engineers are not cheap. They have high enough salaries to have a comfortable lifestyle. If visit their factory at Solms, you will see how long it takes to make a lens. I think it takes 8 or 9 people to assemble, test, retest, and package the lens. At some point in the past, they manually ground the lens for a precision that machines can’t match.

      I’m a Leica shooter, and those special editions don’t bother me a bit. I know I won’t buy them, and the people who buy them will never use them. Plus, this is Japan, where people are crazy about high-priced collector’s items. I heard the winner of a Leica auction insisted that the box be x-ray to prove that a camera was inside. He dared no open the box for fear of value destruction.

      • Daryl

        +1 Hugo
        Leica is a rare company indeed, the products are made to be used but they are so beautiful in their quality/construction and esthetics that collectors want them also. Whenever Leica releases a special edition it makes the company more viable, it would be a sad day if Leica stopped making photographic equipment.

    • Anto de Chav

      What will the D4 be worth in 20yrs?? this camera (and I’m not even interested in owning it)will be worth a lot of money..

  • Henry

    The M9 looks more and more disgusting : everything except a tool for taking pics in a discrete way…
    Leica should try to sell their “cameras” in Cartier boutiques , we’d feel more comfortable with that..

  • joe roberts

    wow this is ugly!

  • Bob

    How sad that such an Iconic brand should have to do this.

    • They have always done this. Special limited editions have been a part of Leica for half a century. The basic ‘discreet’ models evolve slowly but limited editions explore more extravagant ideas.

      • CK Dexter Haven

        Sure, but their earlier/historical ‘special editions’ were typically not at this level of douchebaggery. They used to be matters of engravings, using titanium, or at worst, tacky leatherette substitutions. I’m dismissing the one-off ‘gold’ treatments, but i suppose those are the forebearers to this approach.

        This camera is priced for a sheik, but designed for Vinny from ‘down the shore.’

        • Banksie

          Just for the record, most all of these special editions are commissioned by others (such as the importer in Japan, for instance), who ask Leica to make special editions in limited quantity to sell exclusively for their customers. And there already was a white M8 that came out in 2009 before this M9.

          e.g., the Jaguar XK M6 special edition was commissioned by Jaguar to celebrate the car’s 50th anniversary. LHSA has also commissioned Leica to build their special editions. There was once a Tintin special edition Minilux in limited quantities that was commissioned by the TinTin Club of Belgium. The M6 ‘Year of the Rooster’ was commissioned by the Asian Leica importer, Schmidt & Co., Ltd. The special edition 24k gold and red calfskin MP was commissioned by a client in China and sold for USD 30,000 (61 were made.) Even Neiman-Marcus has commissioned a special edition (brown ostrich leather with engraved signature.) The list goes on and on……..

          • Nobody Special

            So anyone can get what they want from Leica as long as they have the money???

            In the meantime, they still haven’t given R (former now) what they promised. But still find the time and production capacity to make limited number special editions while real Leica owners wait for them to deliver product.

            Yep, they make money on them and at best, have a 50-50 approval of these from people that actually use the product – me included – while we wait. Somewhere behind the mist of the Leica legend is the Leica reality.

          • Daryl

            Good info Banksie…thanks!!

  • CHD

    Use that camera for 20 mins and it would look like a used, brown/grey dishrag. What a ridicuolous idea….kind of like white leather seats in a car, they look good for 5 mins when you pick the car up from the dealer and as soon as you sit on them their trashed.

  • Brian M

    I am very concerned here. Looking at the flickr link and the real machine has caused various symptoms to occur, and as such, I have contacted my physician. This is one of those photographic items that causes physical manifestations due to a mental issue. This or a S2? I will wash my hands before and after use.

  • Chase

    No nikon makes great cameras and they are built first and formost to function as a practical camera. Leica on the otherhand builds handmade overrated paperweights that are priced not for pros but for people who like to blow cash. Bet anyone who buys this and actually uses it will keep in in auto mode the whole time and treat it like a point and shoot.

    • Rock mock well

      What is “No Nikon” ?
      Doesn’t sound like you have ever taken time to familiarize yourself with Leica, otherwise you would know that a Leica M9 is amongst the best digital cameras in the full frame format. You might also know that the lenses don’t have to clear a mirror and can be optimized for outstanding imaging quality. Very few of lenses made for/by Nikon are as sharp and have less aberrations than Leica M lenses. Just thought you should know.

  • Kraazzzzzyyyy

    It matches my Nintendo Wii.
    What a dream combo!!

  • NYC

    Perfect color considering most M9 customers are dentists.

  • You know?

    Can you tell me where the Leica M9 is manufactured?

  • jorg

    my car-mechanic uses white leicas. he says it goes well with his a-bleaching

  • Grazy Leica, give me an M10 insted!

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