What to expect from Leica on May 10th, 2012

Those are all the possible scenarios for the Leia announcement on May 10th:

All Leica's new products for 2012 will be divided in two major announcements - one on May 10th and the rest at Photokina in September.

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  • Why do you slam the M10 as unlikely for May 10 (M10)? Would not be more fitting to announce a new major M-series update with a dedicated event than doing it during a multi-branded fare like Photokina?

  • M!

    Cos Leica is slow and small. The M10 in b/w is most believable, along with an x2. Look at Nikon and canon, their d4 d800 1dx 5d3 just replaced cameras that have a 3-4 year product cycle. I am sure the manufacturers would love a reasonable product cycle to get the best ROI.

  • Nobody Special

    What were the words on the invitation??? Something like, ‘a whole new range of product anouncements….’, or something to that affect.

    It would be nice if the ‘product’ you’ve mentioned were presented, though I wonder if the ‘X2’ will be replaced completely by the ‘mirror-less’ system camera; why have both? Wouldn’t it be great IF the mirror-less would be FF? Please no, no, no more “Hermes Special Editions’ introduced as ‘new’ product. Too, really, I don’t consider a new S lens or a new M lens as ‘big party’ relevant. IF they introduce a B&W M then that would be a decent ‘party’.

    It seems they really have to introduce something that is COMPLETELY NEW and different to make it worthy of the PR treatment.

  • Ge-Lin Guo

    Just wondering if Leica will announce a new digital R camera. I still have a lot of R lenses which I love. And does anyone know where can I still get the digital back for R9, new or likily new, thanks.

    • no digital R, but their new mirrorless solution should work with R lenses

      • Nobody Special

        If so, would it be full frame? Because honestly, why should any R user put their glass on a crop-factored body?

        I can’t help but believe that it would be looked upon as way too little, way too late if it’s not a FF solution.

    • Nobody Special

      If Leica shows a DSLR R camera, I’ll be a ‘monkey’s uncle’. Having used the SL/SL2/R series for eons, many waited on Leica’s (Kaufmann’s) words for it, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting and all we got was a really lame answer about swimming with sharks of C and N. They brought the S2 which absolutely no one was asking for.

      It would be a MAJOR positive move if Leica redeemed themselves with a digital R body but……. The DMR is a nice addition but there are no spare parts -or whatever parts are left don’t amount to much so be careful before you take that leap. You’ll have to search the major national Leica dealers for a used unit like Tamarkin, Classic Connection, etc…. Just remember the crop factor – which is why I never bothered.

      You could check out Jim Brandenburg’s web site and his Northwoods gallery to see what a Nikon DSLR can do and he also worked with Nikon for the final shake-down of the D800. The interview with him is in the ‘nikonrumors’ page. It’s a camera I am seriously considering unless Leica surprises us all with a FF digital R of some type.

    • R!

      You can find one sometimes on EBAY but you also can convert it into nikon mount on leitax website,and shoot it via adaptators on m4/3 and canon and get better results than with the old technology digital back that cost the ptice of a D800!!!!
      KEEP THE R9 FOR FILM.;;;;;;;;AND I STILL HOPE FOR R10!!!!!!!

  • James

    – Retractable lens, 35MM as on X1 but then F1.2 or 1.4
    – Improved AF like OM-D
    – Improved ISO performance
    – OVF like X100
    – All black version on launch M9P Style

    I’ll buy one straight away

  • CPaul

    my 2cents worth of instinct is:

    M10 announcement with mention of major improvements/specifications.
    M9-M (mono) announcement, product launch or ready for orders at Photokina.

    and the rest ……

  • Francis

    Moving sensor for AF…That plan can move now…no more film…
    RF that will stay adjusted…right now they go out of whack for nothing without notice
    No color shift please… Lets keep using those WA lenses at will
    No VDO… My SOny does that

  • Craig

    X2? Who cares? Real cameras have viewfinders. Sorry.

    • regular

      Real cameras have RANGEfinders, sorry.

      • bob_buttons

        Real cameras take photos…

        • hexx

          nice one 😉

        • R!

          Real photographers take real photos with real cameras or fake cameras.

  • anon

    i bet the new R system they’re releasing will have video…while the M will stay stills…

  • Sentral

    I can’t wait for the D-lux 6.

  • Wolf Noleppa

    Any rumors of an S2 replacement or update in 2012

    • have not heard anything about a S2 upgrade

      • R!

        S2 is failing big time nobody want to invest in a so body with the risk of loosing all the investment in a near futur like It happened with the R system,the only choice left is : R10 WITH AF LIVE VIEW VIDEO !!!!!!!!!!!

        • Thyl Engelhardt

          Assuming the R system to be a failure, after decades of models and lenses, sounds surprising. Looking at the Leica business numbers, I would also like to ask you for some support for your allegation that the S2 does not sell well (enough). Thx.


  • I just hope they only stick with the same kind of camera, without stupid gadgets like EVF or video… All they need is to work on higher ISO, better screen and better response, faster buffer, batteries that last longer, little useful things like that !
    I dream of a 18MP that has a great 6400 ISO definition…. No flash required…

    • Nobody Special

      How about a battery CHOICE for the M??? I saw the Nikon D800 can use a Nikon battery ‘pack’ and AA batteries as well. The whole idea of proprietary battery packs really is a pain in the ‘arse.

      My R8/9 motor drive had a battery pack that was really poor, and there was no choice for AA or any other type.

  • Alexus Schleck

    If all t.hose new product rumours are true, then Leica have been really busy for a small company that can’t even produce enough lenses to meet demand!

  • who cares

    M10 is the “new” X2 with FF Sensor – for M and R Lenses.

    The M9 will evolve on the same platform but will be the “end” of the M-Rangefinder Evolution.
    M9P – Special Edition as already announced.
    MP9.2 – New Sensor hopefully with a fair upgrade programme.
    Black and White? – I don’t think so.

  • Bill

    Haven’t done the research on this yet so pardon the ignorance but can you use R glass via adapters on the D700/800?
    Just thought I’d ask after reading this about the mirrorless using R glass.

  • Bill

    Just a question that popped in my head after reading this thread: can you use R glass via adapters on the D700/800?
    Haven’t done the research just asking.

    • Nobody Special

      I’m not sure about that – but the D800 is supposed to be able to use most Nikkor lenses back to the ‘late’ 1970’s, so it seems logical that it may be possible as other FX bodies can use adapted R glass.

      Just check the usual adapter suppliers and they’ll probably be posting that information soon. That would be a nice combination – though the Nikkor 24/1.4 is supposed to be VERY nice.

      • ke

        >but the D800 is supposed to be able to use most Nikkor lenses back to the ‘late’ 1970′s,

        This isn’t new to the D800, many of Nikon’s cameras can do this.

        • Nobody Special

          I understand that, it was more in reference to the fact that the previous Nikon’s could use adapted R glass so the D800 probably could as well.

          It’s great that Nikon keeps their new bodies ‘backward’ compatible with their lens line and the ‘benefit’ gives Leica R glass users a FF digital alternative. Too there are other adapters for other cameras……

          • Bill

            Exactly. I was asking about using R glass on the Nikon D700/800. I’d heard you couldn’t mount them via adapters because the lens-t0-mirror distant was too short. I guess that’s not the case.

            I asked because I have the M6 and would love to shoot portraits digitally with Leica glass. Switch between film and digital and get a good “look” of what the film will look like.


    • bob2
  • racer

    What about a mirrorless FF system with M mount and EVF, so that you can mount your Leica glass and a new series of M lenses with AF?

  • racer

    Why was my comment deleted?

  • R!

    S2 failed already,we need an afordable R10 with live view and video.

    • regular

      The R lens line-up is outdated, some zooms were rebadged Minolta lenses that I expect to be impossible to produce again.

      Basically, you would like Leica to create a new reflex line-up from ground, while keeping the R-bayonet because you used to have a R-body.

      It will not happen.

  • Bill

    I did find a Leica R to Nikon adapter made by Fotodiox. It doesn’t list the D800 as compatible but we’ll see if they update their list.

  • Elizabeth Wang-Lee

    I was speaking with my Leica sources at Samy’s Camera, Los Angeles. The list given here seems very much in line with their expectations. They don’t see the regular M10 making a debut at the May 10 announcement. But of course, they don’t know for sure.

  • Thyl Engelhardt

    Mmh, I am rather sure that quite a while ago, I read an official statement from Leica that there will be no more R (D)SLR cameras. That statement included an apology, because they had before promised such a camera, a reason (would need AF, etc), and even a hint that Leica is still considering a solution for all the R glas out there.

    So, I am somewhat surprised that even years later, there are still people on this website awaiting another R camera. Did I miss something?

  • 3foot1

    No, there are people on this website with a lot of nice R glass, who would love the feel of a Leica-made body that’s compatible.

  • Carlos

    I had the opportunity to shoot the new Fujian X Pro. Man did this remind me how spoiled I am utilizing my Leica rangefinder. The focus and hybrid rangefinder horrible, noisy and just plain annoying. It makes a god awful ticking sound that sounds like chip monks. My worse nightmare would be if Leica ever came out with this type hybrid nightmare in a M unit.
    Let’s hope they stay true to there customer base.

    • The ticking noise is annoying – I just got my Fuji lenses today. The image quality is pretty good.

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