Using Leica M lenses on the Fuji X-Pro1 camera with the Kipon L/M-FX adapter

I got my Fuji X-Pro 1 camera form Amazon two days ago and since I still have not received any of the Fuji lenses I ordered, my only choice was to try the new camera with Leica M lenses. I used Kipon L/M-FX adapter that can be purchased from eBay (check also Kipon's website here).

The Fuji X-Pro1 mirrorless camera doesn't have focus confirmation or focus peaking. The only helpfull feature if you are using manual lenses will be the zoom in the EVF. Make sure you switch to manual focusing (M) in order to enable the zoom feature (by pressing the dial on the back). I found it easier to focus when the lens is wide open (f/1.4 for example) or just use f/8 with zone focusing.

Because the X-Pro 1 will not recognize the Leica lens/adapter combo, you will have to enable "shoot without lens" option in the menu (can be found in the 3rd menu page).

You can change to the actual focal length in the camera's menu - it will be saved in the EXIF data and it can be used as a reference later on (some of my samples do not have the correct focal length because I forgot to set it):

If you are interested in using other lenses with the X-Pro1, Kipon has a whole list of adapters. Make sure the lens has a manual aperture ring - this setup will obviously not work, unless you want to shoot at f/16 all the time.

Here are few full size jpg images I took in the past two days with the Leica 28mm Elmarit and 50mm Summilux ASPH lenses on the X-Pro1. Since Adobe Lightroom 4 doesn't support  X-Pro1 RAW files yet, all jpg images were taken straight from the camera with any post processing:

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  • Have to say, the RF lens doesn’t look bad on the X-Pro1… but I’d still rather put it on a Nex-5N which is a lot more versatile. If I wanted to show off a fancy-looking camera to strangers I’ve got much better ones than a X-Pro1… like actually fancy cameras 😀

    • Harold Ellis

      this might be good if you won’t buy any leica camera and have load of old lenses, but it kills their sense using them on average crop sensor. you will never get even remotely full frame leica equivalent image with that.

      • That’s true for any APS-C vs. FF comparison. But next to my 6×9 RF, these are all just Civic vs. Corolla contests 🙂

  • schnappeshot

    Fuji might have been holding back focusing aid ie,focus peaking for 3rd party lenses intentionally, to promote its own x-mounters or reserving it for x-pro MKII.. so on and so forth. or I’m completely wrong and Fuji simply has no patent on this seemingly rudimentary, if not universal technology (again, focus peaking)…

    • Gav

      Yeah I was thinking along the same lines. Unfortunately this would be bad marketing as far as I can see. With the Nex 7 being out now, the two do go head to head if people want a second body to stick their lenses on.

      As for me, without the focus peaking I am going to purchase an Nex 7. I would have preferred the Fuji but it seems more troublesome with 3rd party lenses attached.

      One of the focus points (forgive the pun) of the Fuji was to use already purchased lenses with it. Not a huge amount of people are going to buy a complete new camera system, but a lot would if they could use their already purchased lenses.

      • Adam

        I wouldn’t write off the addition of possible focusing aids yet – one blogger has remarked that a Fuji representative told him this would be addressed in a firmware update that is to be released together with the official Fujifilm-Leica M adapter.

        • Gav

          Any idea at all when that might be?

          Wish they would give some indication. It would really help me as I need to make a decision within a month! I would quite happily buy the Fuji if it was definitely in the cards and not just a rumour!

        • This will be nice – I have not heard anything about that, but it makes sense. Sony also added the focus peaking with a firmware update, so it’s a possibility.

          • Sina

            Sony NEX-5N, NEX-7, and I believe NEX-C3 all shipped with focus peaking and manual focus magnification assist. No firmware. The firmware upgrade was for the older NEX-5, and NEX-3.

          • correct, my point was that such change is possible with a firmware update

          • António

            I hope they follow that path, if do so they will sell at least one more camera than their total sales without some decent and fast kind of focus help to work with third party lens.

  • Hey that’s pretty cool!

  • Its me to from me! If I can use Leica R and Canon FD lenses on the Xpro1 I will become a Fuji guy ! BUT some kind of magnification for manual lenses is essential my main reason for a second system camera is close and macro focus which is tedious on M mount. The OMD looks very good in this regard…

  • MJr

    So nothing new on a M10 and/or Black & White sensor ? 🙁

  • Thanks for the review. I just ordered the Kipon M on eBay on Sunday so that I can use my 90mm f2.8 Elmarit and 50mm f2 Summacron. I foresee problems with manual focusing with these, or any, lenses on the X-Pro1 as it seems difficult without aids like the peak focus function found on the NEX-5n and -7. Then again, why bother? Ken Rockwell seems to think that the Fuji lenses are better than the Leica ones. (Sarcastic dig.)

  • Koumintang

    Oh look! Recycled soda cans sold as adapters from The Long March Tractor, Baby Milk Formula and Nuclear Device Trigger Co., Shanghai, PRC.

    The thought of mounting a Leica M on a non-OES adapter gives my the chills……

    • Ken Elliott

      Sorry about your xenophobia. Perhaps you are a member of some master race and look down upon the rest of us. If so, you can ignore the rest of this post.

      When I was young, anything from Japan was considered junk by most Americans. My father was quite disgusted when I sold my Leica and bought one of those pieces of junk. But my Nikon F turned out to be an outstanding camera and it still shoots fine today, other than a dead meter. I wish my Leicas held up as well.

      Every country has companies that make junk and others that make outstanding products. If you think China only makes junk, then you must be buying really cheap stuff. Perhaps you might stop by an Apple store for some examples of what some companies in China are capable of.

      • Gerry

        Well said. What an ignorant, judgemental pratt!!

      • Torben

        Don’t be sorry about our xenophobia, but you can’t ignore the fact that places like eBay is filled with poorly made stuff from china.

  • Ozbaz

    I would not call the poster racist. China’s leaderships ( or at least one faction) acknowledge they are the “manufacturer of last resort” and this is of great concern to them. China don’t yet have a Sony canon Nikon toyota etc. Japan’s strategy of affordable high quality has served it well but china is still stuck in the phase a mass produced poor quality products. Germany in the 19th C and later Japan went throught the phase of low quality but for a number of reasons quickly got out if that phase but china has not . Japan quickly proved they could produce reliable quality products and so its reputation changed accordingly . China has been plagued by food scandals unsafe cars etc and this is of concern to the Chinese themselves.

  • Dave G

    seriously, I question some peoples vision on this forum, those shots – bland as they are do nothing for me in terms of showing the point in using a leica M mount lens on the X-Pro1, I would get better shots from my old Nikon D80 + 35 or 50mm prime, this X-Pro1 is nothing but a hyped M43 camera to try and lure those fortunate enough (or non fortunate enough) away from the Leica Lust, but the character of the camera & it’s lenses hold nothing, the X100 on the other hand is truely an inspirational camera, the files it produces are amazing and have heaps moe character than it’s “older brother”.

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