Additional coverage of the new Leica products *updated*

The first previews of the new Leica products are already online (I will continue to add links to this post in the next few days):

Most of the new Leica products are now available for pre-order except the M9-P Hermes limited edition that will be available only in selected Leica Boutiques. There are also several new videos on the new Leica products:

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  • anon

    leica jump shark

    • I find it quite interesting that many of the Leica MM samples show strong aliasing, especially diagonal lines. The only way to counter that would be edge blurring. So much for the advantage of having absolute sharpness with square shaped sensels.

      • Do you wear glasses with built-in aliasing filters or something? All the sample images of the MM that I’ve seen have been incredible. I’m interested to see an example of what you’re referring to, if you’re not actually just making things up…

  • Joe

    If you want jewelry buy a watch. Sad to see a camera that will never be used as a camera.

  • Nobody Special

    Look closely folks.

    Could this be the M10??? It’s a different body.

  • Will me get those gloves if me buys the Herpes edition????????????????????????

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