New Leica products available for pre-order

The new Leica products are now available for pre-order:




Check the posts bellow for additional coverage of the new Leica products.

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  • Frank

    HAHA….Adorama has the new 50mm Summicron listed at $7,195.00. It must be SPECTACULAR at that price.

    • bananacam

      wasn’t the 50mm focal length supposed to be the simplest and thus cheapest lens to produce? 🙂 NOT IN BIZARRO LAND!!! LOL!!!

      • Harold Ellis

        now somebody told me it have base ISO 400 LOOOOOOOOL

        anyway, just came to give admin hit on ads

    • David S.

      Upon reflection, I think they are probably trying to make a statement with this pricing. They know it will be controversial and the pricing alone will attract attention. It’s stunt pricing, basically.

      There’s a video and samples on the Leica site from this lens. They claim it essentially has a perfect MTF curve at all apertures — a perfect 50mm lens — and that they are using it to lay the groundwork for future M cameras, i.e. the M10.

      In other words, the M10 will have a sensor that is so high-resolution that it will demand a lens like this to exploit it to its fullest. Presumably this means they’re using the 36MP sensor used in the Nikon D800 — in which case both the lens + sensor will be approaching the practical limit of resolution capability for 35mm.

      Is it worth it? No. But there will be people who will pay for “perfection” regardless of how little it means to actual artistic quality.

      For everyone else, I’m sure you can pick up an M3 + 50 cron DR + Tri-X for $2500 used and experience real perfection.

      • bill

        Absolutely this is stunt pricing.

        I’ll stick with my M6, Summi 50 f2 and a bucketload of tri-x. Oh and a scanner.

        • Yeah, digital is supposed to be cheaper than film, but not at these prices.

    • Frank

      Initially, I thought the $7,195 was a typo. But damn, its for real! I’m at a loss for words right now….

    • Harold Ellis

      lol yawn

      especially X2 is total disappointment.

      monochrome leica will be also failure. at 18Mpixels lol

      i have 18green megapixels in D800 and need no color filters to balance B&W, because i have another 9Mpixels red and 9Mpixels blue

      yea as expected, everything is failure. But i am sure some non photographers who love to talk about photography and sell 49$ books to other leica photographers will love them lol

      • Liora

        the monochrome is definitely going to cater to a very specific crowd, not for everyone and not for me but i can tell you it will go above and beyond a d800.

        • Liors

          ok maybe a bit exaggerating, but i test shot with both and that was my opinion….however i was also using leica glass

    • Sloaah

      Just found out that they aren’t discontinuing the old Summicron 50. I think this lens is more a proof of lens design ability, with virtually perfect MFT curves, whereas the current 50/2 will be the more commonly purchased lens.

  • h

    Who will buy this lens? And who is their targeted market?

  • Nobody Special

    I’m going to see if there is a ‘betting line’ in Las Vegas with the odds that Leica will be sold or out of business in 3 years.

    That’s if they don’t surpise everyone tomorrow, day two (Friday) in the gynasium in Berlin or at Photokina with a real game changer……

    Oh, I saw a basketball backboard in one of the images from the ‘Big (mini) Leica Show’ in Berlin. Classy. Do they really have to have an event like this for these products??? Really???

  • BR

    Overall very disappointing set of announcement. Just read Sean Reid’s review of the X2 and it makes me wonder what exactly Leica was going for. Essentially the same camera as the X1 with better autofocus and optional EVF. I would have hoped for a faster lens (f/2) at the very least. I was pretty excited and ready to place pre-order when the rumor was a f/1.4 lens. Not to be.

    The 50mm lens is intriguing until I look at the price. Wow.

    The M9 B&W also very interesting, but again, absurd price point. I’m assuming low production numbers, but still.

    I’m not trying to knock Leica (ok maybe I am). I own a slew of lenses, the M7, M8 and M9, and I love the system. But when I look at what Fuji and Nikon are doing with the X-Pro1 and D800 (which I purchased), I can only shake my head at this announcement.

    As an aside, it’ll be interesting to see what Fuji does with the X-Pro system and that wonderful sensor. The first iteration is a bit buggy for me, but it’s promising. If they do a full frame version that can take a Leica lens, I may not purchase a Leica digital body ever again.

    • CRB

      Sorry to ask, but im really curious about the X2s AF…is it considerably better than the X1? thanks.

  • Helge Drange

    Any ideas (sorry: rumors) when M10 might enter the daylight?

  • Oliver

    They’re not going to sell a single one of those lenses! Stump up a bit more and you can get the noctilux. With most lenses having a waiting list this one will be the only 50 that will never be sold out. As the standard 50…Cringe. Only blackstone could think a 2.0 being more expensive than a 1.4 is a good idea!
    A B&W at 50Mp might make sense but not at 18Mp. No way!

  • so they re-released the M9 with a larger pricetag but without the ability of taking color-pictures, re-released the X1 with more megapixels, re-released the 50mm summicron with a larger pricetag and brought a new crappy compact camera.

    wow leica, i’m impressed.

  • *malvenko
  • leicako

    No M10 on May 10…. Leica’s a definitely a cocktease!
    But the ironic thing is that everyone else prob. feel shafted!

  • John

    What a waste of time and money!

  • Leica has gotten cheap(er) over the years and now they are getting back up there.

    I am proudly own couple Leica lenses from the times when they were more attainable and will continue using them, but I don’t see the point in M body when I am quite happy with Ricoh GXR.

    • bill

      how is that GXR working out for you? my concern is the battery must be working double time with the EVF.

  • Nobody Special

    I’m just going to guess, short of Leica surprising us still in Berlin, that the M10 will basically have the same external form-factor.

    As for the features, well I think it’s a safe bet it will have improved ‘tech-tronics’, maybe something like the Mt they showed at 2010 ‘kina for the finder, but not with an updated or improved bigger eyepeice – and still need external finders for the widest lenses, probably have the latest and greatest sensor – so basically, they’ll do what they usually do – gradual upgrades.

    Of course, the biggest trump card will be the still rumored, promised and yet delivered ‘mirror-less’ camera. IF they are smart they’ll make it a FF sensor, that will take R and M lenses, live-view- and removable electric finder, and maybe have it’s own AF lenses???. Especially seeing as how they’ve just ‘up-graded’ to the X2. So maybe I’ll be moving along with that very little hope in mind to the early fall – to be satisfied by Leica….once more.

    I guess we could think of Leica as what they are now in the form they’ve shown us these last few years – up, up, up-market – with a ‘product vision’ that is very short-sided – at least for now.

    It’s rather amazing how they seem to lack any sense of humility.

  • Joaquim Prado

    The difference on the new M10 will be more rounded shapes, new dials and menu buttons, sensor e viewfinder glass. This will make a pricetag of between 9 to 10k. I don’t see Leica change design that much because people love it just because looks like their old camera, that’s why all those “new” M cameras have no red dot logo!

    this 50mm f/2 don’t make any sense to me, really! it’s just amazing how they reached this price!

    Most people I Know that own M9 cameras in Brazil are very but very rich ethusiastic photographers, most of them are ameteur and some are very serious ameteur but none professionals thats use as his work tool, but I know a lot of pros use but you can count how many does. And I don’t see much of a differencies in other countries, leica is restricting their costumer to a very restrict slice of society and people just feel to special to have a Leica, as if they are pure photographer.

  • grumps
    • Joe

      The X1 looks substantially better than the X2 all the way up to ISO 1600. Not only did they fail to improve the LCD they actually made the sensor worse.

    • Fuji X100 seems to have a better ISO 6400 performance than the Leica X2:

      The X2 also has the same 230k dots LCD screen. Why even bother releasing this camera?

    • Harold Ellis

      cannot be a leica shot without bike


    • hexx

      so who is X2 for? it doesn’t beat X100 which is 1 year older

  • doug

    go leica, go leica, go leica, go leica, nooooooooooooooot.

  • anon

    leica jump shark

    • bananacam

      i believe you meant Sheica 😉

  • porkchop

    The best thing that could ever happen for Leica fans is for Leica to go broke/bankrupt over their stupid marketing/pricing policy. Then have some other company come in save the day and actually start making products that real photographers would use, not products for the ultra rich tycoons and celebs

    • doug

      thumbs up 1+

      • petermarshall

        yeah, Leica needs to be bought out by a Japanese company 😀

  • doug

    Imagine if Leica had a jump in M9 monos and X2 pre orders that they issue an e-mail to sellers in europe saying that the price was typed wrong and issue a new hyped RRP of 20%, now that would be news worth talking about.

  • JonFoj

    One year since I looked at Leica closely; and I gradually lose confidence.
    I’m very very disappointed!… I wanted to pre order an x2 to offer it, but only with a f/1.4 lens or something crunchy, not for a x1-“copy & paste”. The big effects are with rumors and prices. Not really with novelties. But in an electronic war, what can do Leica?
    Be careful Leica about what we call weak signals… there is a lot in previous comments, blogs, etc…

  • MBA(Yes,its my name)

    Nice try, Leica, but I don’t buy it. This monochrome camera, to me, is just a time holder for the next generation for the “real” M. The biggest secret of Leica ever is : Leica don’t even have the resources and time to deal with the new sensor/processor manufacturer for the next M, so they introduced something smart like this ( I will bet my mortgage plus my left kidney on this). Let’s see how long will people figure out their “newest Leica strategy” is. But no thanks. I will not buy the “apo” 50 summicron for this monochrome camera or for my M8. And oh, just to keep you folks informed since I just overhead something before I wake up. Rumor 1. : No 50 Summicron production setup was planned since Leica and the new investment partner Blackheart did not intend to sell any under their new marketing strategy. The prototypes were mock-ups. Rumor 2: Leica Senior Executives and CEO plan to make a bigger and even more exciting announce in the foreseeable future to declare the new “APO” Summicron somehow got “mistakenly” priced. The loyal customer who per-ordered the new Summicron, will receive the prototype lens along with letter personally signed by the new CEO, however, the difference can not be refunded. Reason was not commented by the source. The BTW folks, I really have very reliable internal source! Meowz

  • JD

    LEICA has lost its mind! I have no hope for this company anymore.

  • Stephen B

    personally, I like the ideal of a high res, higher iso black and white M. Leica made two mistakes though. No self cleaning sensor? Same low res lcd. Those really need to be changed and I am surprised they did not take this opportunity to address these. Hopefully the M10 will sort that out.

  • porkchop

    Leica is such a joke with the way the global econ is now companies like leica wont survive.

    • Again, Leica is just doing what their business modell is – just like any other company they must make profit. The question for most of us is whether those new products are targeted at us or not. If you can afford it, I see nothing wrong with someone buying a B&W M9. I just know I am not getting it, in fact I doubt I will be getting any other product that will be announced in the future. Remember also that 49% of Leica is now owned by a Wall Street firm and those guys care only about profits and nothing else.

      • Nobody Special

        No secret in how I feel about it.

        Every company is in business to make $$$$ – but the way K has taken the company just smacks of a disregard to it’s user base. The Wall street profiteers will most likely make things worse – or force K/L to produce more ‘popular’ products for a faster return…greed is now the motivator behind Leica.

        Either way – the company and the products that I’ve used for years is no longer – I’ve said it’s a shame – whether they ever produce another new product that I will purchase will have to wait ’til September.

  • thomas

    I had a feeling this would happen, the dissapointment is beginning to sink in, not just for me. Only yesterday did I comment before the event only to be judged as a Leica hater. In fact I love Leica, I only have an X1 and I’m getting bored with it. Fuji and Nikon are moving on and kicking Leica’s ass, sorry. Maybe it really is time to move on, Leica certainly know how to dissapoint. Still hoping for a digital CM, with interchangable M/R lenses. Dream on I guess.
    Mr Kaufmann, you love yourself too much and you are killing Leica.

    • porkchop

      Nikon and Canon have been ramming telephone poles up leicas ass for years. Hey soon Sigma will be stuffing one up as well.

    • Nobody Special

      It’s nice to see someone else besdies me recognizing the source of Leica’s issues come from Kaufmann.

      • From financial point of view, Kaufmann basically saved Leica and they are doing very well now. This is what his job is suppose to be. We have to ask ourself the question if those new products make financial sense to us. For me personally they don’t, but your opinion/situation may be different.

        • Nobody Special

          Agreed. But investing money and saving a company are different things. He is not the savior he seems to be – time will tell of course – has he really saved Leica? Or has he just captilized on the pent-up demand for a digital FF M camera?

          He has shaped the future of the company with some questionable product an marketing methods that may yet come back to haunt him and he is still alienating more customers. This has never happened before in the past 40 years of ownership at Leica, and we must remember, he has admitted that he had little business experience and even much knowledge of Leica. But he does have plenty of $$$$$.

  • Limon Wel

    obsolete and overpriced kraut crap!
    go back to making overpriced pos cars, ya kraut numbskulls!!!

    • Harold Ellis

      dont be mad at germans.

      germans feel about leica, like about export beer or audi:

      “lolololol dummy foreigners buying it as luxury brand trololol”

      • CHD

        Hey….I like my Audi! Beats the hell out of some crappy Ford/Chevy.

        • Harold Ellis

          of course. leica is also better then americans could make a camera, but it is funny nevertheless

  • hexx

    so what they’ve done when it comes to research and development (it probably took 30 mins and a coffee):

    M Monochrom vs M9-P – remove bayer filter array (cut cost), remove few colour related menu items, increase price

    X2 vs X1 – insert of-the-shelf 16mp sensor, increase height slightly to accommodate connector for EVF

    Did I miss something? I guess I didn’t. That’s it, nothing more, nothing less. Where is innovation? You can achieve the same (and better) results on every sensor by removing colour filter and therefore low-pass filter too.

  • jonWohooo

    I was expecting something special for the X2…big disapointment.
    Usually I shoot film with my M6 & I wanted a small digital backup camera.
    Today I have bought a tiny fuji x10..

    • Stephen B

      how you enjoying the X10. Looks like some great pictures from that little camera from what I have seen.

  • Joaquim Prado

    Who made this BW sensor?

    • I have not seen any info on that yet.

      • yin

        it is from kodak, a.k.a. platinum equity. it is written in the newest issue of the LFI magazine.

    • EnPassant

      The Leica Monochrom sensor most certainly is the same Kodak sensor as in M9, without color filter and maybe some other modifications, and made by Platinum Equity who bought the Kodak sensor production. CCD sensor with same MP as M9 verifies that.
      The review in Luminous-Landscape confirms it is a modified M9 sensor.

  • Liora

    I’ve pre-ordered the Monochrome M at the Washington DC Store! Very excited!

  • petermarshall

    I’m suddenly more interested than ever in buying a Leica M3 at a very sensible price.

  • marverick

    WOW! it’s a lot of money for technology with huge obsolescence already out of the bounds (cf. 6-8 old LCD screen, 3 years old japanese EVF, 3 years old sony sensor for x2, etc… probably all made in China and Thailand). That’s definitely not the trend I want Leica takes.

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