Coverage of Leica’s event in Berlin

The Leica event in Berlin will be starting soon. I will be updating this post multiple times in the next few hours as new information appears on the Web (mainly Twitter, under the #May10 hash tag). Refresh this page for the latest updates (all times are EST):

11:45 The embargo time for the new Leica products is 3:00 PM EST today which is probably the end time of the presentation in Berlin.

11:49 Reid Reviews sent out an email that he will have reviews of two new cameras at 3:00 PM EST today.

12:29 Some images from inside the Leica event in Berlin: - 1 - | - 2 - | - 3 - | - 4 - |

1:06 The entire theme of the Leica presentation in Berlin is black & white.

1:17 Leica's executives have taken the stage, still no mention of new products.

1:40: New Leica products leaked:

2:18 Second part of Leica presentation starts now.

2:54 Everything is official now, I was asked by Leica to remove all dealer pricing from the site.

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  • just use twitter’s search and look for “leica” #may10 is maybe the worst hashtag there ever was.

  • John

    Wait and bleed!

  • Nobody Special

    What’s with this ‘Embargo time’????

    Come on Leica, unless you are reinventing the wheel, my calendar and clock say, May 10, 2012 and the time is 12:05 PM CST.

    An ’embargo’? for new camera equipment information???? Come on, let’s see if the equipment you’re showing at this moment is worth the ’embargo’.

  • Daryl

    This is the best kept secret worst kept secret, dealers have the product to show and reviewers are about to post.

  • Hhom Togan

    So much fuss for a B&W overpriced camera 😛

    • Mock Rock Well

      Hey Hhom, good to hear from you. Have you ordered yours yet? I will be posting a full review from the spec sheet, I don’t need a camera to know everything about it.

      • Hhom Togan

        Hey Mock, I ordered two to do some stereo black and white street photography just about in the face of people (like the dude whatchamacallit who thinks he is a street photographer).

        Because I’m awesome 🙂

        • Rock Mock Well

          Everyone knows your awesome. Street photography? You?
          I thought you as the Ansel Adams type but hey let the streets beware.

  • Chris

    Leaked: Rangefinder forums. Holy sh*t.

    • bananacam

      that can’t be right, those prices are crazy even by leica standards
      must be a troll

      • Daryl

        looks pretty legitimate on casual glance except the price of the lens.

  • Never G

    50/2ASPH APO
    Mono M9 (as expected)
    X2 (as expected)

    “Newly developed monochrome sensor…” YEAH RIGHT!
    what a cheat!

  • pepe
  • Now Leica can start selling color filters again.

  • Daryl

    Various Tone Programme?

    Could this software that changes value based on using colored filters?

  • Rinse
  • Daryl

    Good for admin!! You pretty much nailed this one, is it too early to start talking M10?

  • Nobody Special

    I want that $300.00 !!!!!!!!! Leica Handgrip !!!!!!! How about that $125.00 lens cap !!!!!!

    Well, gee whizz!!!!!!!!! Now this is pretty much the way I thought it would be, and they had the 10 or so string players for the event – I saw a basketball backboard in the back-ground , now that’s some mighty fine surroundings to announce your luxury ‘Boutique Products”!!!!!

    MMMMMmmmm-Doogggeeeee!!!!!!! Maybe they’ll introduce something NEW AND DIFFERENT later????? Maybe not.

    • Karlo

      I thought I was the only one that caught the basketball backboard. HA!

  • Iliya Yordanov

    Ladies and gentlemen… You are witness of a corporate suicide.
    Nobody with their sanity would buy or tolerate the Leica products after today, considering that there’s a new sheriff in town – Fujifilm. Yes I know that it’s not quite there YET, but at least it seems the Fujilim guys know what they are doing, and Leica is run by brain-dead idiots.
    I am selling my Leica TODAY, and buying the X-PRO1 by Fujifilm.

    • camerageek

      Good for you. The reality is however quite different. Leica will sell these faster than you think. Granted in principle I agree with you, but Leica knows it can sell these cameras with little problem. They know their market. Hell I would love one of the new Monochrom, just can’t justify the price.

      Now the new Summicron jumping up in price by almost $5000USD is either a)Crazy or b) an error in the file leaked which may indicate that it is a hoax.

    • Max

      What exactly are you selling and how much?

    • Sahaja

      7,200 for an f./2.0 50mm prime lens? – and the price in many places will be much higher.

      But the amazing thing is that they probably will find plenty of cult followers prepared to drink their cool aid and pay the price.

    • Robert

      I think they just made a really nice step, offering things others don’t. By making the next NEX type of camera leica would never be able to compete with the big brands. Especially since canon also wants to move into the mirrorless world.
      Instead of trying to fish in the big lake were all the big brands have fishing boats, they go for the small pond 😉

    • jerzek

      Better keep your Leica for now and try the Fuji autofocus and usability before making a judgement…

  • Richard Ellis

    MMMM, the X2 is virtually identical to the X1.
    I hope the leaks are wrong.

  • Hhom Togan

    I hope Leica gave you some neat stuff (LRadmin), because Thorsten, Steve, whatchamacallitdudethatshootsphotosinthefaceofpeople, had free acommodation, transport, etc. From Leica 😀

    • No, Leica did not give me anything – they usually do pay the full expenses for blogger to attend those events. I was never invited.

  • António

    If this leaked price for the 50 cron is right, we’re seeing something insane: a 50 mm F:2 lens more expensive than the M9 !!!!!

  • John F

    While I love the concept of an all B&W digital camera – i.e. without the RGB color filtre (the only alternative being the Phase One achromatic digital back at over $40,000 !), I have to say that the price of the new APO Summicron 50mm borders on insanity !!

    I have been buying and using Leica gear for more than 30 years (and have seen the price of the 50mm Summicron go up and up), but never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would see a 50mm lens selling for $7000 !!

    I have to agree with Iliya – the Fuji X-PRO1 is going to clean Leica’s clock …. The new M10 better be darn good !

  • Victor Tran

    Well, I was holding out to see if they would at least tease some details on a M10. Really wanted to get the next Leica, but not knowing if the M10 would be a significant upgrade from the M9 tipped the scales towards going outside of the Leica lineup altogether. Really didn’t want to get the M9 just in case their value took a hit in the near future.

    Just ordered a Fuji X-Pro 1. I’ll just use my 35mm ‘cron on the Fuji when they release their adapter ring for M-mounts.

  • Richard

    2:54 Everything is official now, I was asked by Leica to remove all dealer pricing from the site.

    worst coverage ever.

    • Karlo

      I waited for this! Come on!!!

  • Please calm down: Of course the “leaked” price for the 50/2.0 is a typo. The Summilux retails for 4.000 USD.

  • Hey Schultzie, let’s invent zom eggziting neue Leica schtuff und make a bundle of Euros.

    OK Franzie, here’s von gut idea–vee take out za color und make za preize von souzand Euros more.

    Hey Schultzie, das ist eine gut von. I got von too. Ve make za new X2 eggzactly za same as za X1 but mitt a schlightly bigger zenzor–ve go from 12 to 16 und ve zay it’s all neue und ve zell it for von souzand Euros more. Zame lens too. Ve got zose suckers cold.

    Ja Franzie, das ist eine gut von too. How about ve haff a big deal event in Berlin und haf everyvon important come from all over za vorld and schpend lots of zere Euros und tink ziss is zom big invention day. Ve can zell zem schnitzel und kraut und a Dortmuder for von souzand Euros.

    Ach Schultzie, das ist brilliant. Vat great INVENTIONS.

    Ja Franzie und maybe ve paint a few of zem gray und zey look like titanium und ve sell zem for sirty-five touzand Euros. Gut invention, ja?


  • Nobody Special

    When rich people who haven’t really earned the family money decide to ‘do’ something – and then they decide to buy a company – and try and exercise the little knowledge of product and the customers who use them – they usually don’t succeed.

    Kuafmann used a HUGE chunk of RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT $$$$$ to ‘develop’ the S system. Here’s an interesting fact – Leica Camera produced nearly 500,000 SLR bodies, more than 400,000 were R bodies. Now why would anyone with any brains decide to throw away – discard – flush down the toilet – dump – whatever – the user base of those R cameras to produce a camera in the S that NO ONE EVER ASKED FOR!!!!??? That will NEVER, EVER , come even slightly close to the numbers that existed in the R base.

    If there was a system of checks and balances within Leica at the time – one would think a CEO would get thrown out on their ass if they suggested that the R base should be dumped. But since Kaufmann owns the company he pretty much does what he wants.

  • John F


    I have bad news for you – Adorama in NY has just added a web page for the new APO-Summicron-M 50mm Asph. And the retail price is indeed US $7195 !! No typo…

    Have a look:

    $7200 for a 50mm f2 lens! I am speechless …

  • Couldn’t agree more about the insanity of throwing out the R base. What happened to the much-hyped R solution? OTOH I can put a lot of film through my lovely SL2s for what that hypothetical solution is likely to cost.

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