New Leica products leaked (Leica M Monochrome, X2, 50mm Cron)

The three new Leica products just leaked on The M9 Monochrome will have 18MP sensor and ISO of 10,000. The price will be $8,000. As I mentioned before, the new 50mm Summicron will be very expensive and will be the new benchmark M lens.

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  • thatguy

    Lots of people in Twatter are calling this fake.

  • Never G

    Masche, Schwindel, Sham, und Zuwiderhandlung und Täuschung!!!

  • M!

    thank you Leica Rumors.

  • Anon

    the bottom of that page actually direct us to here:

  • Victor Cho

    The price of the apo 50-cron is incredibe.

  • Mark

    %1ers get out there a stimulate that economy!!!

  • When I heard last year that the new Cron 50mm will be north of $7K I was in disbelieve, though now we see it’s the truth. Will be very interested to see what boundaries this lens has crossed . . .

  • Dave

    $7k for a 50 cron! That’s absurd — unless they plan to double the price of the 50 lux, too.

  • Alex

    Shame on you Leica……………..Leica X2 what a joke… owerpriced shit

  • Calin

    What is X2 price?

  • Iliya Yordanov

    Ladies and gentlemen… You are witness of a corporate suicide.
    Nobody with their sanity would buy or tolerate the Leica products after today, considering that there’s a new sheriff in town – Fujifilm. Yes I know that it’s not quite there YET, but at least it seems the Fujilim guys know what they are doing, and Leica is run by brain-dead idiots.
    I am selling my Leica TODAY, and buying the X-PRO1 by Fujifilm.


  • Nobody Special

    If the prices are true (and why wouldn’t they be) then Kuafmann is even ‘daffier’ than I’ve thought.

    But then how would anyone feel spending gobbs of cash to go to the big Leica ‘Partay’ overseas, then get there and find yourself sitting in a small gymnasium complete with a basketball backboard??? Then find out what exactly it is you’ve been invited to see – I’d be thinking; are you kidding me???

    There better be something else – because if not, Leica will have to be doing some pretty serious camera designing to show people at Photokina….if they hope to be taken seriously again. Because as nice as the Mono M may be, these ‘events’ could be left aside – why bother with all the PR when they could just release the product ???

  • Bryan Campbell

    X2 sounds nice, but what of the maximum ISO? Much improved faster autofocus? Can’t wait to find out

  • I hope, the color sensor with a Leica M10 reaches the likely quality of the Leica M Monochrome. And i hope, the Leica M10 will have Live View with a high quality screen.

  • It is hard to imagine, and now there are only black and white camera

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