Leica X1, D-Lux 4 now officially discontinued

Leica X1

Leica has officially discontinued the following products:

  • 018-163 V-LUX 30
  • 018-400 X1, Black
  • 018-420 X1, Steel Grey
  • 018-643 D-LUX 4 Accessory Kit w/Battery
  • 018-640 Lithium-Ion Akku Battery
  • 018-658 AC Adapter ACA-DC5
  • 018-663 Digilux w/Li-ion Battery BP-DC 3
  • 013-336 Digilux 2 77E Circular Polarized Filter
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  • Daryl

    These cameras become obsolete quickly, it will be interesting to see if X1 people upgrade.

    • Richygm

      But they still produce good photos. I can never understand people who want the latest thing all the time.

      • but if you’re paying so much for it, wouldn’t you want it to last a lot longer?

        • But they do last, they are excellent paperweights. About the photo thing, no they were never any good. No way to focus with those.

  • Greger

    Wow, maybe they’ll come out with an X1 replacement soon!

  • Liora

    I think the x1 takes amazing photos, the focus does need some work that’s why there’s the x2. A lot of the x1 accessories carry to the x2, some of the cases, battery, and hand grip that I know of for sure.

  • Kevin

    hmmmm the price of the “X” series is pretty steep! there isn’t much competition in this space though (i can only think of X100)…

    • and the x100 with the latest firmware, has noticeably faster AF… I picked up a used x100 for $800.

      With the price of the x2, it will be interesting to see if it does perform accordingly. I personally don’t think it will.

  • steven blitz

    actually the d-lux4 is a great little camera and does wonderfully what it is meant to do. as far as it being discontinued, there is no more reason to expect any firm to continue selling old models brand new. when you go into an auto showroom, a brand new 2008 version of some car line isn’t sitting there to be sold, the 2012 model is. yet plenty old models are still on the road doing what they were designed to do…..same goes for cameras.

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