New Leica store coming to SoHo, New York City

The upcoming Leica store in SoHo, New York City is already under constructions.

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  • Dave

    Oh, it finally occurred to them to open a store in New York?

    • Stu

      Judging by the previous stores I thought we’d see one in Haddam, CT before we’d see one in NYC.

      • Dave

        Perhaps after they open a store in Topeka, Kansas or the jungle of New Guinea they will finally get around to opening one in Los Angeles.

  • thatguy

    it says Kurland Photo on the door.. is Leica going to pull out all their stock in the other major stores like B&H / Adorama and sell everything in this location..?

    • Liora

      This is a dealer run store, they just decided to change to a Leica store. I don’t think that means Leica would pull their stock from the other major dealers. Leica generally has a good relationship with their dealers. I think that’s why they are having a dealer run store instead of setting up their own shop, it would make a lot of dealers and good relationships go bad.

  • Liora

    it’s actually still going to be a dealer run store so it’s not corporate….but i can tell you’re saying it like NY should have been their first store and obvious choice. WELL I live in DC and travel back and forth from NY to DC a lot. NY already has a lot of Leica representation obviously through dealers and there’s B&H and Adorama that carry the line as well. Leica has a big market in DC but there weren’t really any dealers or great representation. A lot of photojournalists are in DC especially because it’s the capital and there’s a lot of money here as well. Yes, NY has a lot of money too but NY has a lot of everything because there are just so many people there. DC is a great location with the press club, national geographic, the capital, white house, etc. so it makes sense in terms of branding and reaching a new market.

    • Dave

      NY has vastly more money than DC. Billionaires are a dime a dozen. It’s one of the major population centers of the world. There are also vastly more photographers of every kind in NY.

      Just as importantly, NY is the spiritual home (along with Paris) of street photography. Press-pool photographers of the kind working in DC don’t use these cameras. (Of course, few actual journalists do anymore).

      I’m not objecting to DC specifically: it’s also cities like Lille, France. Lille? Come on.

      They also don’t have to worry about competition with dealers because these are mostly showrooms to promote the product: they never actually have any inventory to sell.

      • Liora

        Well, it’s more of a marketing/outreach initiative…which NY doesn’t really need. Leica carries a great relationship with their dealers, so if they were to open a store in NY, I don’t think their dealers would be very happy, and I’m sure they’re not that ecstatic about the one in DC.

        Also, I know three photographers off the top of my head that use the M9 and work for the White House.

        And I do believe there will still be competition with dealers. The corporate stores will definitely have inventory…and let’s remember they are a corporate store…so that should mean something in terms of back ordered products. They will definitely still have products on back order but there are people who have been on the list with dealers for MONTHS and I received something from the DC store and was on the list for about two weeks, granted the DC list I’m sure is not as long as the dealer list so that may be why. But I can definitely say, the corporate stores are definitely showcase/showrooms but they will have inventory and product. You can bet on it.

  • OB

    What will happen to the Leica Boutique at Willoughby’s NYC ?

  • Nobody Special

    After the ‘big’ May event – which was largely disappointing from the standpoint of the PR verbage they put out before-hand; prices will stay the same (ish) or keep going up.

    In short, there is a direction that is showing up as it has been for the last 3 to 4 years – fancy stores = for high(er) priced goods. There doesn’t seem much point in thinking things will be different – they won’t be. Leica has chosen it’s path and if they make it, they’ll feel everything they’ve done was the correct way to do it. The big thing for them will be Photokina in September – what will they show? If it’s it a hit, the Boutique (crap) stores with the ‘nose of superiority’ attitude will be busy, if not, they will meander into an unknown future.

    I always thought the idea of buying anything was shopping around for the best price, you know, being smart about the cash you lay on the counter.

  • jeff

    I bet you have Saul Steinberg’s New Yorker cover on your wall.

    • Dave

      I don’t live in New York.

  • Cole c.

    Are they hiring? ūüėÄ

  • Erica

    Nice all those Leica stores, but I’m still waiting for my ordered lens, I’ve been waiting for three months now.

    • Nobody Special

      My main Leica dealer – and he’s still independent from the ‘special Leica’ stores, still is waiting for his orders. He’s been doing business with them for many years – I wonder – just who will get the shelves stocked first, the special Leica stores, or the independent Leica dealers?

  • hellemann

    who the h…. is interested in where L. opens stores ?

    • CHD

      Seriously…..with B&H photo and Adorama why do we even need Leica boutique stores??

    • The 8 million people that live in NYC maybe?

      • Nobody Special

        I think that number is just a wee-bit high…Truly, how many Leica users/purchasers are there in a population 0f 8ML???

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