Leica M9-P and Summilux-M 50mm Hermes limited edition now shipping

I stopped by my local Leica store today and noticed that they already have the Leica M9-P Hermes edition in stock. This is the first of two available kits and comes with one silver-anodized Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 ASPH lens. Only 300 pieces will be produced worldwide. The second kit contains three lenses (Summicron-M 28mm f/2 ASPH, Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 ASPH and APO-Summicron-M 90mm f/2 ASPH) and will start shipping later this year.

The Leica M9-P Hermes edition rangefinder doesn't have frame lines selector, flash hot shoe and it costs $25,000 (the second kit will cost $50,000). Buyers will have to sign an agreement that they will not sell the camera for 2 years after the purchase.

Here are few more images of what's inside the box (click for larger view):

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  • Mark

    This is a disgusting indulgence for the 1%. However as a disgusting indulgence, it’s pretty sweet looking.

    • Sweet looking indeed – very smooth design, excellent finish. This is basically jewelry in the form of a camera.

  • Gordon H

    Bad photographers will still take bad pictures. Good photographers will do better with a Holga

    • Jeff

      So you think the person who buys this will actually take pics with it?

      • Jojo

        I think the white gloves are a clue it’s not aimed at photographers!

    • Peter B.

      Apparently Gordon H. is satisfied with his 40 year old Yugo. By the way, your unemployment benefits just ran out.

      • Nobody Special

        Okay, your comment seems a bit ‘hostile’; his unemployment????

        Because he states the obvious that most who buy this Boutique’ special edition will not use and may not even know how to, and probably don’t care. That in their case, a Holga for recording images is just as capable by any real photographer. Makes sense to me.

      • @Peter B, I totally agree with you, I am sick of these unemployed scumbags bagging Leica, they just don’t understand how much more magical it is when a photo is taken with a Leica.

        I bought two already, I’m thinking of buying a third so that I don’t have to change batteries so often when one one runs flat.

        How many are you getting Peter B?

        • Nobody Special

          What the crap!!! Are you serious???

          How in the heck do you know if someone is unempl0yed??? Or whether they even NEED to work??? Does that make them unemployed???? Or, better still, what if they are and happen to have Leicas???

          You both show your ingorance with stupid comments about others – because their opinion is different from yours. Go somewhere else if you want to be the ‘perfect ones’. A Leica picture is just more ‘magical’; spare me with that nonsense. There are MANY capable photographers that don’t use Leica’s and take ‘magical’ images.

          • Whatever man. ‘Peter B.’ and I know that you can only truly call yourself a photographer once you get a Leica Hermes, any other Leica just doesn’t compare.

            I just got my third Hermes, I’m thinking of buying a fourth so that I can keep that in mint condition, apparently the Hermes was not meant to be shot with, my bad. But the photos look so much more magical than a normal Leica M9, almost David Copperfield like.

            Peter B still hasn’t answered my question, how many Leica Hermes did he end up buying?

      • PeterBIsATosser

        A Holga is like a Yugo, agreed; but an M9 is like a Yugo with a golden steering wheel. The Hermes version has a small piece of leather on the dashboard.
        Peter B try getting laid, it’s always the best advise for people like you.

    • Here, this guy takes photos with both a Holga and a Leica M6:



  • John

    Is it just me or does picture 2 look like a cake??? : )

    • MJr

      The ‘chrome’ actually looks plastic to me 🙁

  • Opinion…

    They sell it to you and then they tell you what you can and can’t do with it

    • I belive the agreement is not so much that you cannot sell, it is a requirement that you give Leica a first right of refusal. It would be interesting to know whether Leica has taken into consideration the applicable laws of the various countries to determine whether such an agreement is actually enforceable. I think this is just a gentleman’s effort to stem scalpers.

  • M!

    “Buyers will have to sign an agreement that they will not sell the camera for 2 years after the purchase.”

    very much BS. try to hype up their collector’s value.
    don’t really see that many transactions in the secondary market for these special editions.

    Seriously, has any of the M8 special editions worth more than they were?
    wait 2 years and your M9 is already outdated 4 years.

    in a film camera perhaps the collector’s value makes sense.
    if you are buying these and not shooting with them and waiting for the collector’s value to go up, you are buying the wrong camera.

    • negotiator


    • Peter

      Agree. The film thing… you can kinda see why it becomes rare… and still works the way it was designed. But digital… eventually it will just be a good looking brick.

    • Regular

      Leica does not have an issue with speculation or inflating price. Only concern is second hand market and dropping value.

      When technology is outdated, it does not matter if the owner is rich or poor. Initial owners wil sell the Hermes M9 to get the next fashionable luxury camera (think Hermes M10), and this item resale value will drop. It will hurt the brand image and impact new sales of the item.

      Leica and Hermes do not want to compete with second hand market during the expected shelf life of this expensive item.

    • I am sure this limited edition, like any other, will be on eBay the moment Leica sells them out.

  • Vic

    everything else considered, how will one change the framelines? Without the small lever, will there be any other way to get a “preview” of how using a different focal length might affect a scene?

  • windberg

    streamline design may be appropriate for a volkswagen or any other car, mr. silva , but for a camera?
    not to mention the ridiculous luxury issue.

  • Yadda

    Good luck to them with their hilariously unenforceable two-year requirement!

    Still, it’s about what I’d expect from them.

  • Nobody Special

    I read the ‘2 year’ comments and thought they were joking???

    Leica/Hermes actually expects – or even asks – that people agree to (do) that??? Give us all a break Leica and PLEASE, PLEASE, GET OVER YOURSELF.

    • Don’t think it’s any more pretentious or silly than most things they’ve tried as of late.

      • Nobody Special

        Agreed, but they need a MAJOR meal of humple pie.

  • bob2

    I’m waiting for the ultra-limited edition Leica M9-MP, with white baby seal fur trim and african elephant ivory tusk inlays.

    If it was Sigma or any other camera maker, I’d thought it was a very late April Fool’s prank, but knowing Leica, this is real. I’ll keep using my photo equipment as image making tools, not bizarre fetish pieces.

  • The gloves! I could get the gloves! I call it the deal.

  • Bimbomatic

    still waiting for my camera, I chose red. But first I need to go for some workshop having to learn the basics of photography.I can’t wait!

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