Fujifilm considered acquiring Leica Camera AG at one point

In a recent interview with Fujifilm CEO Shigetaka Komori, the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine reported that at one point Fujfilm considered acquiring Leica Camera AG (Google translation):

"Would you not like the German company Leica brand to buy, as this a few years ago up for sale?

We have been thinking seriously about it. But we decided against it.


Because it would not fit into our strategy. We then set about to rebuild Fujifilm.

And as the luxury brand Leica would not fit in your portfolio?

Leica is a premium brand, and I admit when something is for sale is that tempting. But Leica has a different business model. We make the Fujifilm sensor to software at all the important components themselves, too, we have a very good brand. So why should we put Fujifilm technology in an envelope from Leica.

Why not? That's something a lot like that! The computers are manufactured by Apple, Foxconn, the television sets came from Sony, Samsung.

I think our decision to purchase from Leica is not desirable, very honest. Also we have the time to develop new business group, and then we have been made for. Since Leica fit into it not really."

Via Mirrorlessrumors

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  • really nice interview. fuji is and will remain the most sympathetic competitor to me in the market. behind leica 😉

  • Mark

    I like this answer. It’s basically like, why would we sell Leica products under the Fuji name, when we make our own high quality compenents and they can stand alone under their own name.

    It’s true. If Leica is just going to crap out luxury junk for rich folks why bother? You can probably make the same or more money making cameras for actual photographers and enthusiasts than fetish pieces for people who don’t know what else to do with their money.

    • Nobody Special

      I agree, it sounds like Fuji did not want to get sucked into that – too, the comment of software and sensor componemts all being made together or compatible is interesting and hints that Leica does not.

      Never mind Fuji optics are very fine on their own. Leica mechanical quality has always been excellent; at least with the manual focus lenses – but that is not something that only they can do – others could as well – IF they had manual focus……..niche, niche, boutique products.

      In a sense it’s too bad for Leica as Fuji may have had some interesting camera developments and found a product direction that would have been a bit more ‘user inclusive’.

    • hexx


  • dick ranez

    Leica has a distinct cache that doesn’t spill over onto non-Leica manufactured products, witness the marginal success of the Panasonic re-labeled kluge of low end
    point and shoots. It was true with the old re-labeled minolta film cameras and the early
    Fuji re-labeled digital offerings. Fuji needs Leica like a fish needs a bicycle so why
    buy problems with very little up-side?

  • Sahaja

    At least Leica digital M cameras would have had a more modern sensor that way.

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