Leica X2 EVF2 viewfinder is made by Olympus


The Leica X2 EVF2 viewfinder is basically a rebranded Olympus VF-2. You cannot really tell from the press images, but the Leica and Olympus electronic viewfinders are identical and the Olympus VF-2 will work just fine on the new X2 camera. The only difference is that the Olympus VF costs $249, while the Leica VF costs $575.

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  • Gerry

    That’s $65.20 for each of those white letters!!

    • Nobody Special

      I think you’ve discovered Leica’s pricing strategy!!!! The ‘letter percentage formula’ as designed by Leica!!!

      • Mmmm, this really does give an insight in to Leica’s pricing strategy. It’s either incredibly naive to expect people not to make the association with the true manufacturer or they just don’t care if you do, because there are enough people out there that will pay the inflated amount for the Leica branded version…..

        Bad PR in my opinion, it won’t have a negative impact on sales but it does continue to supply those that dislike what the see as an elite brand with more evidence to that effect……

    • Anonymous

      So when people erase white Leica lettering on their M systems, they’re basically throwing out money? And they do this all the time to make it look “stealthy”. Not wise if you ask me. Or if some would argue, that losing a little bit of value than losing the entire camera to theft because of the lettering, then it might be a good idea after all? Now why did I just confuse myself. @_@

  • Ronan

    Buwahahahaha nasty.

    • Harold Ellis

      funny is that you will definitely find lot of leica fanatics saying that you get free ACDSee and better quality control so it is worth it

  • vudie

    Don t mess with Leica.

    • Ronan

      You mean Olympus!? xD

      • andy

        Don’t you mean Panasonic?!

  • James Knodell

    To me, this just smacks of Leica price-gouging on the basis of the name alone. There just seems to be no added value beyond the big white Leica lettering. Everyone agrees that Leica glass is worth a premium price, but this sort of aggressive pricing for a product that Leica doesn’t produce, does nothing to enhance the Leica name.

    • Harold Ellis

      it is not worth the premium.
      There is nothing special on leica glass what normal lenses cannot do. Only some pixelpeepers telling them self otherwise. But let them. I love anybody throwing money to our country. God knows we need it as we are basically feeding whole EU

      • As well as feeding off the whole of the EU! Which country in the EU could possibly live without German engineering, cars, trams, machinery et al! All subsidised by the wonderful people in Brussels. It’s a hard life eh? Thank God the UK sits on the periphery of that cannabilistic mess. As for Leica if anyone is gullible enough to buy that EVF then good for Leica. A fool and his money are easily parted.

        • Harold Ellis

          all those economy pushers are traditional german companies who alived even bad crush during world war.
          it is fact that there are some moneys flowing back to germany but those are
          1) moneys we paid to EU
          2) moneys which cannot support other countries because in other countries this kind of stuff could never be done
          3) germany is EU pusher despite many powerful people actually want to see germany down and spread economic power. look at what VW is doing as an example. they basically got other goverments moneys to buy their local car maker to make it worth something and decrease influence of franko/german car industry. with little luck.

    • Sahaja

      You pay $325 extra for the name and a fancier box?

      I think this is proof positive that Leica products are sold at over twice the price they are really worth.

  • maiko

    … and both viewfinders are made by Epson.
    Now let’s compare the lot size they are buying and recalculate the price per letter.

  • Alan

    Anyone know if the Olympus EV3 will work on the Leica? (Yes, I know the fitting is identical, but some older Pens that work with the EV2 need a firmware update for the EV3).

  • hexx

    but but but it has leica name on it 😀

  • chico

    I must admit for all respect I have for the Leica brand, not to mention life-long wish to own one, the pricing strategy clearly eludes me. I can almost understand the premium for a hand-crafted, mechanical marvel but the rebranded EVF just defies all logic. Can the Leica brand really be worth that much?

    • ZoetMB

      Luxury product pricing is based far more on what the market will bear than the cost model. I think it’s pretty obvious that most Leica buyers are price-insenstive. In fact, since the very high price deters mass buyers, I would say that many (not all) of Leica buyers like the fact that it’s priced high because that means that they have something relatively unique which the masses don’t have. (When people buy a pair of $30,000 loudspeakers, how much of the purchase decision is about the sound quality and how much is about the ego of “no one else has this”? I attended a high-end audio show a few weeks back and virtually all of the esoteric speakers sounded like crap to me. Beautiful cabinetry in most cases, but crappy sound and prices approaching the down payment on a house.)

      I have to admit, when I’m walking the streets and someone has an M-system camera/lens, it gets my attention. And I think the owner recognizes that it gets my attention (unless he’s simply scared that I’m going to steal his camera.)

      As with any company, I’m sure Leica works out projections for price/demand/profitability. They’ve always gone for selling fewer units at higher prices. It’s not rocket science to figure out why. In the lower-level lines that are actually made by Panasonic or Olympus, they’re simply selling the Leica brand. And while it might seem idiotic to a “practical” buyer, it seems to work.

  • BC

    More shocking (shocking!) news: Leica bellows are made by Novoflex.

    People will complain if Leica uses commodity components, and they also complain if they don’t use them…

    At least they did not change the connectors.

    The price difference is because of the fact that Olympus products are available everywhere (gas stations, supermarkets, big box stores). Leica also supports products for longer, so their warranty cost will be higher.

  • Looks great on that x2. Plus I like how “Leica” is written three times on the front. Goddamit! I purchased a Leica!!!

    FYI- the lettering on the VF is much larger than Olympus. That may also account for the price difference.

  • Craig

    Anyone with a clue as to the actual manufacturing cost for the EVF?

    How much would the markup be for Oly to sell it to Leica?

  • FoToCo

    What name do you prefer on your Leica? Olympus or the real deal. If you’ve decided to go for the X2, your budget allows the Leica viewfinder als well. But I wonder why bother An X2 if for the same price à second hand M8 becomes available.

  • you guys are pathetic. obviously never even owned a Leica. You people don’t understand the magic you feel when you use the Leica branded EVF.

    • Argon

      Yup right. This magic is call compensation, like a big truck, y’know

  • John

    Better an oly evf on a Leica Camera then a Leica evf on an olympus Camera :-)))))

  • dbmaster

    Looks ugly as hell…
    Why huge Leica name and RED dot is needed on this product?
    This would be a product for lotto winners.

  • Woot if I use duck tape to hide the brand like street photography pros do 😀

    Will it matter after that anymore what is written under the tape 😀

  • Sahaja

    Now I wonder who actually makes the X2 body?

  • Plebes!
    -The Leica brand vf provides 3-D rendering
    -The Leicabrand vf requires specialized high cost labor to place the item into the fancy box and test each unit to ensure aforementioned 3d rendering

    • Harold Ellis

      and micro contrast

      • cb

        …macro money for micro contrast.

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