Are those the upcoming Leica D-Lux 6 and Leica V-Lux 4 cameras?

The upcoming Leica D-Lux 6 and Leica V-Lux 4 cameras will be based on the Panasonic LX7 and FZ200 and should look like this:

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  • are they? they can be. hard to tell.

    do we care?

    hm, no

  • I am not dazzled.

    I’m pinning it all on Photokina. Give me something to chew on not some overpriced rebadged pannies. Yes I know the firmware is special and gives a lovely Leica look (not) but please.. This is just getting silly now.

  • Steven C. Huang

    oh I’d buy it over Panasonic just because the typography on Leica looks so much better, but that’s just the non-logical designer part of me speaking.

    • I love the design etc – but I am just underwhelmed about these. I think that with the new cameras like the RX100 and some of the NEX series these new Pannies/Leicas are not in any way revolutionary – if anything they are just ever-so-slightly evolutionary. I just feel ‘meh’ about these.

  • JackMacD

    I appreciate that Leica makes a nice bundle of bucks on this licensed product without any work.
    So the income helped keep that brand alive before the M8, M9, S2 bonanza of profit.
    The addition of the X1 and X2 showed that Leica was willing to make their own less expensive gear. It also showed how fast competitors like Fuji could just in that space. I look forward to a Leica micro 43 system where they can sell senses to all the other competitors.

  • Darius

    Guess the hard times are coming back again for Leica. First the disapiontiong x2 with slow lens, not even very sharp wide open, no is, no improvement in detail or lowligh ability… the only improvement to the x1 is an af on a level others already had 3 years before. And now a nonsense product like the massive overpriced, huge v-lux4 with tiny sensor and poor iq but wearing a red dot proudly 🙁 d-lux6 with f1,4 is a good step but too late and comparing to the market with bigger sensors it wount be enough to sell a lot of these. asking myself how log leica can exist with products like these…

    • Marnie

      the question should be, can leica exist without products like these?

      • answer is no, you cannot live on hipsters moneys.

        but i just have to laugh every time when people believe that they can

        • squared

          If by hipsters you mean people who ride bikes or wear fedoras, I doubt it. It’s old guys with a lot of money.

  • Camaman

    As someone looking into M mount lenses for my OMD it seems to me leica should easily make a m43 branded camera nad pair it withe their own lens.
    They obvously have a good thing going on with Panasonic so I know the were talking about it at some point.
    It must be a capacity and still young life of m43 that is stoppimg them.

    Panasonic already had a rangefinder like L1, so I guess if they make it again Leica would rather rebrand that than those P&S cameras and sell their lenses on top of that.

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