Leica & Magnum Photos Present: Jonas Bendiksen (video)

Leica & Magnum Photos Present: Jonas Bendiksen from Leica Camera on Vimeo.

Leica Camera presents a new video, which was created in partnership with Magnum Photos. It shows the story of Jonas Bendiksen photographing extreme skiing at the foot of Mont Blanc, under the toughest conditions, using the Leica S2.

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  • Peter

    Good commercial for the videocamera they used to shoot this.

  • Nobody Special

    Other than seeing the photographer putting his $22K S2 body (not including the lens cost) on the parking area icy pavement (!!!!!!?????!!!!!) there isn’t much else to say.

    • was not his. only those who get it donated or rent own it.
      or at least i hope that nobody with spare 30k for camera gear would be so lol to buy it

  • Duskamp

    The video was far better than the stills.

  • Craigs the video por

    I totally agree. My first thought was the video portions are better than the Warren Miller or Teton Gravity Research movies I have seen. The video is stellar. The stills….Meh.

  • PasserBy

    Too bad their excellent videographer didn’t shoot that in 4K. Would have been worth the weight. But then I suppose he’d probably have to use CZ glass and that’s not what they hand in mind. What became of the project to remount Leica lenses into cine formats?

  • Jow

    Good video but before using S2 improve your eye dude ! Skill can not buy it…

    • psssssst. it was leica. you are supposed it was awesome stills, which you cannot reproduce with any other camera or lens on the world.

      you know

      the world through leica gear… is so…. you know….

      art full, unique. essence of moment

  • I hope this guy wasn’t a magnum photographer.

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