Leica custom camera jewelry

The Japanese designer Jay Tsijimura creates custom handmade jewelry for Leica cameras. The two different sets are made out of 925 silver and contain hot shoe cover and soft release button:

The price is ¥24,150 (around $300) per piece.

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    Like hanging a gold charm on a Submariner.

  • KHH

    oh shit! The second one looks disgusting to me! Eww!!!

  • Andy

    One for the ladies……

  • Ken

    I dont think its pretty ….

  • An insult to photographers as well as Leica users…

    • why? aside that it is not pretty, which is quite individual anyway, isnt leica just a jewelery it self nowaday?

      • pooh

        The M3 is a fine tool which does not get in the way.

      • Camerageekslayer

        No Leica is a piece jewelry let alone a M3 but those accessories are terrible in every way

  • meanwhile in Nikon Land, they are winning awards with their cameras that people actually shoot with.

    • Camerageekslayer

      I didn’t know we were supposed to be in this thing for awards. I hate the accessories above but they are no reflection on Leica cameras or the majority of their users. Just like the guy with a garish skull and crossbone camera strap on his Nikon does not represent all Nikon shooters.

  • Steve

    Ha ha, oh wow.
    No thanks.

  • These are disgusting. They totally clash with the clean lines of the Leica.

  • Cowhand

    How terrible, but astute at the same time – making a market where non exists.

    But this is clearly someone who has seen the buying behaviour of certain Leica users and senses an opportunity

  • How exactly are these “for Leica”? I mean, they look like they can fit in hot-shoe of any camera. I guess they are geared toward Leica owner because Samsung or Canon (or any other) brand loyal owner could not/would not buy this. Guess, people can stop complaining about how many ¥ the Thumbs Up stuff costs now. (or not)

  • george

    Come on now they are fun, totally functionless, but cute fun. If we only bought function we would all be driving a Fiesta or Cobalt, and wearing gray clothing. It is an option, not a overpriced necessity. Stop being critical and take some photos.

    • alfredo_tomato

      If a person shells out good money for a camera, they can decorate it as they wish. If it makes them happy, that’s fine with me.

  • to each his own but man i honestly cannot think of a better way to RUIN my leica!

  • Ray


  • Alex W

    a little bad taste never hurts 😉 …

  • Max Golden

    Leica, not jewelry to the well heeled photog? What planet do you live on. This is going to sell well to the Hermes types! Brilliant. Eric Clapton, leica shooter, I think this snake skin is for you! BTW, your lens cap is still on.

  • Yuck!

  • Me

    Buy jewellery for yourself or your wife, but why for your camera?! Is the world getting mad or am I behind?

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