Leica M9-P for $6,500

The price of the Leica M9-P rangefinder just dropped to $6,500 at DigitalRev with free shipping to the US. If you are interested, check the warranty details on their website.

After the recent discount, the current price of the M9-P in the US is $6,995.

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  • Bryan Campbell

    Tempting, but I want to see Leica’s new stuff first…

  • Clint Dunn

    I would be pissed if I was one of those dudes who paid $8000 for one of these just a few months ago….
    Great news for those looking for used M9’s though……this can’t help but drive down the price of those.

  • Nick

    When I click on that link it comes up as 6,987.50.

    Tempted by a reduced new or secondhand M9 now (there’s a beautiful one with a black dot and engraved top plate in a local sh store), but I reckon prices will drop further (especially second hand as all the “most have latest and greatest guys” look to get rid when teh M10 is announced).

  • Stephen Patterson

    I wouldn’t buy anything from DigitalRev. Last year I ordered a Leica lens from them, order accepted and confirmed. After three days of calling and emailing I still had not received any shipping information. On the forth day my order was cancelled by them, saying the lens was no longer available, but the next day it was on their site at several thousand dollars more. Yes, the videos are funny, but the company is a mess. Avoid these jokers at all costs.

  • J Shin

    11 days to Photokina, and only a couple of leaked photos and tantalizing signs… Leica is doing a good job keeping things under wraps.

    I assume it’s not because they have nothing to offer. 🙂

    • DimaK

      only if they got something to hide 🙂

    • at least we got some pictures of the M10 prototype

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