Zeiss has a suprise ZM lens for Photokina

Zeiss issued a press release for the upcoming 2012 Photokina show. One of the upcoming new product will be a "special surprise" ZM lens (Leica M mount):

"For fans of the Carl Zeiss family of ZM systems for rangefinder cameras, Carl Zeiss has a special surprise in store. In 2013, at least one fast lens with M bayonet will go on sale. Using lenses from the ZM series with adapters is also very popular on mirrorless system cameras."

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  • Bryan Campbell

    I wonder what it could be? More ZM / M lenses can only be a good thing though 🙂

    • Andrew Woods

      A 35 1.5 hopefully

  • Greger

    This must be the rumored 22 f1.2! I’m getting one fer sure!

  • Bo

    YES. LOVE my ZM lenses.! can’t wait to see what they have up the sleeve.

  • Regular

    Indeed as written by Puts or Tom Shea, Zeiss is known to have a different design choices than Leica.

    On one hand, Leica lenses can have a limited number of glass elements, often with extremely exotic properties and expensive to produce (think aspherical lenses). High tolerance requirements.

    On the other hand, Zeiss designers use more lens elements, and each element participating evenly to the correction of optic aberations. Less exotic glass, cheaper to produce and higher tolerance to process variations. But the reluctance to use aspherical lenses mean that Zeiss lenses usually have smaller aperture.

    So Zeiss is teasing a fast lens? will aperture means a quality sacrifice? Previous f/1.4 lens designs (35mm/50mm/85mm) are said to be a bit soft when wide open.

    Could it be a new optic equation? “WirklichGeil”!

  • Henry

    We HOPED for a bigger ZM surprise……A ZM Digital rangefinder to counter the new M10…
    but it seems a HOPELESS wish !!

  • santela

    The only fast ZM lens lacking from the lineup is a 35/1.4, if it comes out in 46mm filter size, I will sell my current ZM35 and VM35/1.2ii to get that lens! I don’t mind it being a bit soft wide open like the ZM50/1.5, if it has as much character as the 50. So please Cosina, get that lens out and take my money!

    • pooh

      Agreed, a 35/1.4 came to my mind the instant I saw this post. Seems to be the only missing part in their lineup.

    • Marcel

      You can have the Sonnar 50mm f/1.5 recalibrated so it is in focus at f/1.5. Now it isn’t, because of focus shift. It’s calibrated for perfect focus accuracy at f/2.8. If I’d ever get a Sonnar, I’d have it recalibrated to focus perfectly at f/1.5, and keep my Planar 50mm f/2 for everything else.

      And there are more lenses missing than only a 35mm f/1.4. I’d like to see a 15mm f/4, 28mm f/2, 75, or 90mm f/2.5 (preferably 90; no rangefinder has 85mm framelines except for the Ikon, AFAIK) at the price of a Summarit.

      If there was a Zeiss 15mm f/4 and a 75 or 90mm f/2.5, for under €1500, I’d probably replace my Voigtländer 15mm/4.5 and 75mm/2.5 with those, to create a full Zeiss setup. (I already have the 21mm/2.8, 35mm/2 and 50mm/2.)

      A 28mm/2 for under €1500 would stop the lure of the CV 28mm/2; I find the Zeisss 28mm/2.8 a stop too slow. If put to the choice, I wouldn’t know which one I’d take, but I think the Zeiss would in the end, if the CV 28mm/2 would show only the least bit of softness at f/2. I won’t buy an f/2 lens only to shoot it at f/2.8 of higher.

      So… lots of choices for Zeiss 🙂

      50mm/1.4 (modern rendering, no focus shift)

      I hope that they aren’t going to create some stupid “look, we can do it too lens” like a 50mm f/1 or a 21mm f/1.4. They’ll be huge, extremely expensive, and most people won’t buy them. I’d rather see them create useful lenses at affordable prices, if possible, keeping them as fast or faster as the Summarits at the same or lower price level.

  • Fine n Dandy

    News to keep to peasants happy.


  • ToddH

    FAST 35!!! would love to see a 1.4/1.5 35mm
    if its anywhere near as good as the f/2 or f/2.8… im sold

  • EnPassant

    When I read a new fast ZM lens my first thought was a 35/1.4 as many already proposed. Next I was thinking it also could be a 28/2.0. What else could be described as fast as they already have the C-Sonnar 50/1.5 and the Planar 50/2.0 as well as the Sonnar 85/2.0?

    But on the other hand Cosina who make both Voigtländer and Zeiss ZM lenses doesn’t have two lenses with the same lens data. And there are already both a 35/1.4 and a 28/2.0 lens with the Voigtländer brand. A new Zeiss lens would mean the equivalent Voigtländer will be discontinued, like what happened when the Voigtländer Nokton 50/1.5 disappeared when the Zeiss C-Sonnar 50/1.5 was introduced. Later the Nokton 50/1.1 was presented instead.

    A surprise could be a new 25/2.0 lens while a 75 or 135 mm lens is less likely as the Zeiss Ikon have no frames for those focal lengths.

    Also note that the text says “at least”. There could be more than one lens!

    • Regular

      the press release is referring to using ZM lenses or mirrorless camera with adapters. As many mirror less camera have crop sensors, it would make sense for the new product to be a wide-angle lens. At least I don’t expect a long focal.

      • Marcel

        I do not expect Zeiss to produce something like a 23mm f/2.0 (35mm eq.) or 33mm f/1.4 (50mm eq). And I certainly don’t expect them to produce a “ZM” lens that only covers a cropped sensor.

    • Marcel

      The Sonnar 85mm f/2 is very expensive (€2800), large, and it is out of production. It doesn’t count as a generally available lens anymore; not for me, at least 🙂

  • Luen

    Hi, has anybody heard about the new fast lens from Zeiss yet ? I am too looking for a compact Biogon/Distagon or what ever 35mm 1.4/1.5. 😀

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