New Leica products available for pre-order

Leica M


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Leica S


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Leica D-Lux 6 & V-Lux 4


Dale Photo & Digital:


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  • I think I can hear my wife reaching for divorce papers as I click on that link… damn damn!

  • Mark

    I just realized that the best news there is about the new M is that we can finally use Sigma lenses on it (via an adapter!). Rejoice!

  • Nobody Special

    Well, I was thinking back some months ago that the ‘M10’ would be around $10K. The fact that Leica has decided to get real with pricing is interesting by iself.

    $6950.00???? I’m glad I didn’t spend money on a new M9. Ouch!!! if I had, I’d be pretty upset to see the new M priced the way it is. They’ll sell a bunch….if they work the way Leica says, it may be my R solution after all.

    • J Shin

      The brochure, available on Leica-Camera, notes that the M is “splash proof” and confirms “live view focus peaking”.

    • J Shin

      It didn’t occur to me until after I posted my note above that you are actually saying that the price is reasonable! I mean, you’re right, in that the M is finally in the same range feature-wise and price-wise as 1D and D4 and such, but you understand why I would be caught off guard by your smidgen of enthusiasm. 🙂

      Do let us know if you decide to get one, and what you think of it. I may have to follow suit. I will have to get it used, of course. M9s are now going for about $5,000, used, 3 years after the announcement. I can wait three years. More likely, I will wait another 2 or 4 years for the rangefinder-less version, unless Fuji throws in the slide-fim towel sooner.

      At any rate, I’m glad Leica finally came up with something reasonably tempting for you. 🙂

      • Nobody Special

        This the first time since the R8-9 that I’m really interested in adding another Leica body – remember, I’m picky after using many Leicas since 1970. So, well yes, I am actually capable of giving Leica a break as with the Mv. It reads pretty nice to me actually, and I find the pricing really interesting – part of me wants to believe that perhaps the new 49% ‘partners’ sat down with Kaufmann and gave him some ‘constructive advise’ on pricing.

        I mean, the Me seems to be basically and M9 – at least from what I’ve read – and that’s really dropped in price. The Mv is still exspensive – but considering how Leica’s piricing was headed up and up, I thought the ‘M10’ would be closer to $10K. So, again, IF it performs to expectations, I would call it a fine effort – even if it did take them close to 4 years to come up with the R ‘solution’ – (smiley face here) !!!!

        • You’ve been shooting 35mm since the 70s and you haven’t moved on to better stuff? :O

  • KitHB

    Leica got it right with renaming the M and the S bodies. The lenses have a design life measured in decades, there isn’t going to be dramatic optical improvement over their APO lenses anytime soon, so why persist with model names that just serve to depreciate your customers assets with each incremental change?

    What I’d really like to see is Leica making an upgrade / retrofit path into the M and the S ranges. Replacing the innards with newer tech as it develops. This works for other highly overengineered products like aeroplanes such as the King Air, now getting modern avionics refits, so it should work for Leica too.

    • Jukkawatanen

      If you get real info about the M, you will see that M is modular, Visoflex finder and lower grip/ bottom will both be items that will have the improvements regarding video capabilities, Internet/ 3G or 4G accessibility, the bottom already has the “Leica image shuttle” that makes it one of the most powerful studiocameras as well as a tool for those parachute/snowboarding action video shooters. These will be easily uptodated, without changing anything in the basic M body, which is a classical M rangefinder body.

  • J Shin

    I’ve thought that the “rangefinder premium” was about $2,500, which is approximately the difference between the M8 and the X1. If they were to put out an EVF-only or LCD-only model, it would be $4,500. Could be as low as $3,500. Hmmm…

    Perhaps it would be called “MD”?

    Also, judging by the new M-series brochure, looks like M-E is actually replacing the M9; it only lists the M, M-E, and the M-M. Perhaps calling it “economy” makes it more palatable to M9 owners who paid more.

    And, I don’t know that much about CMOSIS, other than that they are in Antwerp. Are they using Sony as their foundary? Leica does claim to be using a proprietary sensor with a special microlens/filter designs. (There is a confusing typo on the brochure).

  • I want to know if the Leica Multifunctional handgrip M would work on my M9 ,I would like to get the GPS functionality on my M9

  • EE

    AA filter? With or without?

    I fear the answer….

    • Do you know what an AA filter does?

    • Daryl

      No info that I could find on the AA filter also. Online it says that Leica tried to match the CMOS look to their CCD but no mention of the AA filter. I doubt they would place one. The other question will be the IR sensitivity, the M9 despite having stronger filtration still suffered from this issue.

  • steven

    is it just me or the big hero shot of the camera looks poorly photoshopped? why is the top right side squareish.. under what circumstance/angle could it have been photographed and turn square.

  • Josh

    The the new Leica M has a CMOS sensor with no AA filter. This has been confirmed by Leica AG.

    • Thanks, I wonder why they did not mention it in the specs.

  • R!

    They did It the bestseller is out people better get ready the preorder will last a year or more,LIVE VIEW VIEWFINDER HD MOOVIE YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!PRICE IS CORRECT LEICA’S BACK!!!!!!

    • J Shin

      I was afraid Hassy was going to upstage Leica, but they kinda blew it. Their new mirrorless is basically an NEX-7 with a 5,000 Euro price tag. For APS-C sensor! And we thought Leica had lost their mind.

      • J Shin

        Correction. I was hoping that Hassy upstage Leica. 🙂

        • Mr. Chips

          Well it looks like Hassy did upstage Leica — by creating a guady, pricy, rebadged Sony NEX7 known as the Lunar. $6500 without lens. YIKES!

          OK, so this one is an abomination of nature out of the chute . But the real news here is that Hassy is partnering with Sony to develop a pro-sumer line. At some point they will create a digital X-pan, or other Lecia competitor.

          To be fair to Hassy, this is not aimed at anyone who is reading this board. This is designed to be featured as “a must have” product in design magazines and probably just to signal its change of course. It’s not the way that many might have chosen but it certainty sends a message.

          • J Shin

            > To be fair to Hassy, this is not aimed at anyone who is reading this board.

            And, some would say, neither are most of Leica’s products. 🙂

            Just saw that Hasselblad is also suggesting an A-mount camera. That could be interesting. I guess they are learning from Leica’s example, and if there are two companies competing for the boutique label crown in the same feature/price range, maybe there will be some real innovation down the line?

      • MR!

        The D800 and megapxls race is going to push medium format a lil up!!!!
        21ST CENTURY YES!!!!!!!!!

      • J Shin

        Man, I’m obsessed with Photokina. Haven’t had this much fun since the 2008 US election. Time to go back to work and children. 🙂

  • AMR

    I wonder what the dynamic range will be with the new CMOSIS sensor…?

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