For 2013: Limited edition Leica M designed by Jonathan Ive


Petapixel reports that next year Leica will design a very special limited edition Leica M camera with the legendary Apple designer Jonathan Ive:

"At Leica’s special event last night, after the new Leica M was announced, company owner Dr. Andreas Kaufmann revealed that they’ve got a very special limited edition version of the camera planned — one that’s designed by legendary Apple designer Sir Jonathan Ive."

The proceeds of the camera sales will be used for charity. There is a chance that only one camera will be made and auctioned off.

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  • HY

    let me guess.. one bottom? >:D

    j/k looking forward to it!

    • HY


      • HKN


        You just can’t get it right. 🙂

  • Guess it will be white!

  • MARK


  • no kidding? may I suggest that Leica’d better find engineers to built a real modern digital camera instead of whatever they are selling now….

  • Carl

    They better make more then one… I’d buy that in second – unless it was crazy expensive.

    • Odysseus

      It probably will.

  • Dave

    Better yet: no buttons.

    • A. Lurker

      You might have something there. Look at the clicking touch pad on the MBPro. I don’t think Ive would sign on for this unless he could really run with it.

  • Vlad

    Let the pathetic, predictable bashing commence.

    Ive is undoubtedly one of the most successful, reputable and iconic consumer product designers of our time. Him and his team turned vision into redefining the way we utilize technology.

    I am very excited to see what the collaborateurs come up with. Camera UIs have been virtually unchanged for decades, this has potential to revolutionize future camera designs.

    Will it be unattainably priced? Of course, it’ll probably make the M9TI look like a bargain. But that is hardly the point.

    • fjfjjj

      They’re not going to redesign the UI for a one-off. This is a typical Leica meaningless-elitism event, unless they’ve engaged Ive on other projects.

      • Vlad

        Why would Ive sign up for a meaningless collaboration of this sort then?

      • Jonny Fargut

        It’s for charity, hardly meaningless.

        • Vlad

          Good point.

          My hope is still that there will be actual innovation presented and not just a Paul Smith’esque reskin of an existing product.

  • JC

    Samsung will have their copy out before the real one for half the price !

  • KitHB

    It’s like a normal Leica except that it’s white and you can’t change the battery on it.

    • and…

      it automatically sends Leica Cameras a 30% cut of everything you earn from selling the pictures it takes.

  • Camaman

    Wow a limited edition already!:-) LOL
    I bet this camera will break all records in the number of limited editions!
    More than Lamborghini!:-P

    One off means they are gonna paint it white “by hand” before assembly.

    Funny thing is, hand painting a single model is waaay cheaper than programing and hireing an expensive machine to do the same.

    Hell I would do it for free just to play arond with one for a week…
    But then again I havent designed the iPhone…:-/

  • LT

    Hopefully, we can use our iphone as the LCD screen and control the manual.

  • Alexis


    • fiatlux


      • Camaman

        iLike or iLika

        Facebook management will be allover it…

  • fiatlux

    If it turns out to be a great design it could possibly be reused in a future M.

    After all, the new Leica M inherited the LED-illuminated framelines from the M9 Titanium.

  • Bryan Campbell

    Do you guys have to be negative about everything all the time?

    This is one of the world’s most accomplished designers and the sale will go to charity. Let wealthy people buy it, it’s there money and a good cause. If I was rich I would probably buy a Jonathan Ive designed Leica M too, I’m a huge fan of his work and Leica!

    • Nick

      I just hope it goes to somebody who is rich and will use it (even for snaps of the kids on holiday), not somebody who is rich and will treat it like a museum piece.

  • FBY

    What? Not Mark Newson??
    Don’t they want it to look like the gorgeous Pentax K-01?

  • Alexis

    Irrelevant. I hate charity.

    • Eric

      Ah, the love child of Ayn Rand and Ben Bernanke speaks!

      • fjfjjj

        Did someone say Leica QE?

      • Alexis

        Charity exists because hypocrits need to sleep some nights thinking that they made something good.

  • Sina

    “If you’re one part Apple fanboy, one part Leica fanboy” -Petapixel

    So, basically a genetically engineered Uber-Hipster?

    I mean, just one unit? Hipsters are gonna kill each other. What we’ve seen in the Islamic world is gonna pale in comparison. D:

    On another note, will it have a Retina Display and Touchscreen? 🙂 Perhaps WiFi too.

  • Crikes

    And supposed innovations over from Apple that were invented by someone else.
    Revolutionary features like easily broken Lcd screen
    Patented rounded corners
    Camera that only takes photo’s when you hold it correctly
    Manufacturer replaceable battery
    Non expandable memory

  • Snw

    One Camera, One Color, One Lens, One Button… Special edition by Johnathan Ive

  • Lux

    Pls ask Johnny to fit the electronics back into the thinner MP body, that’s his expertise. On the other hand, if the limited edition is to retain the current M size, then any taylor can do the job.

    Also, if there’s gonna be only one unit, what’s the point for announcing?

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