The new Leica X2 Paul Smith limited edition

Modern digital technology ‘Made in Germany’ meets extravagant styling from the world of fashion in new Leica “Edition Paul Smith” digital camera 

Solms, Germany (September 17, 2012,) – Leica Camera presents the Leica X2 “Edition Paul Smith,” a distinctive and vibrantly hued special edition in the Leica X range. International entrepreneur Paul Smith, widely regarded as one of the UK’s most successful fashion icons, is behind the camera’s stylish design. The Leica X2 is the ideal camera for anyone with a passion for photography in its purest form. Thus, extravagant flair from the world of fashion and advanced digital technology are united in this highly collectible special edition, strictly limited to 1,500 pieces.

Paul Smith is best known for taking classic, bespoke clothing and adding cheeky, inventive twists using his signature rainbow palette, a technique he employed in designing this namesake special edition camera. A particularly striking feature is the unexpected combination of colors chosen by Paul Smith for the body of the Leica X2. The metal top plate of the camera is finished in dazzling bright orange, with only the top dials for setting aperture and shutter speed remaining the familiar classic black of the X2. Paul Smith calls attention to the unusual pop-up flash on the top of the camera with a unique, hand-drawn, engraved light bulb doodle. In stark contrast to the orange of the top plate, the designer chose an eye-catching brilliant yellow for the metal base-plate. This bold classic-meets-vintage camera is rounded off by a premium natural cowhide leather finish in ‘Racing Green.’

In addition to the beautifully-styled Leica X2, the on-trend set includes a selection of accessories that bear the unmistakable mark of Paul Smith’s design, including a carrying strap and a camera protector in taupe-colored premium calfskin. A lens cleaning cloth labeled ‘Paul Smith for Leica’ and a certificate of authenticity are further additions to the premium camera set. The exclusive offering is presented in special packaging created by the British fashion designer and is crafted in coordinated colors that complement the camera.

The technical specifications of the Leica X2 “Edition Paul Smith” are identical to those of the standard camera model, guaranteeing maximum image quality. The camera’s profile is complemented by numerous setting options from full manual control to automatic functions and intuitive handling. With its elegant and stylish design and superb technical functionality, the Leica X2 is the ideal premium-class compact camera for fashionable, discerning photographers who appreciate creative and true-to-life pictures.

Beginning in October 2012, the Leica X2 “Edition Paul Smith” will be available at select Leica dealers globally, including the Leica Store Washington DC.

About Paul Smith

British-born Paul Smith has worked in the fashion industry for over 40 years and has long-since earned the reputation of outstanding, on-trend designer. His fashion collection, which he likes to describe as ‘classic with a twist,’ is well known for its unique interpretations of typical British style. He is a master in the art of both recognizing and setting trends. He opened his first store in 1970 and premiered the Paul Smith men’s collection under his own label in Paris in 1976. Today, numerous collections bear the ‘Paul Smith’ label and are distributed in his stores and in outlets in more than 75 countries.


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  • sasa

    sooooooooo ugly. horror

    • Alan

      Am I allowed to say I quite like it without being shot down in flames?
      If I were in the market for an X2 I wouldn’t pay any extra for it though. I would imagine it’s less likely to be a target for thieves than a standard version – they may mistake it for a Fisher Price.

  • This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen-and you’ll probably pay another (here’s the extravagant part) 1K for it-geez-I’m in the wrong business-hey Leica-improve on the quality of the camera not the color of it-I’m going to get a fork and stick it in my eye for crying out loud-if ya see somebody carrying this thing around grab this piece of “art” and smash it on the ground and then stomp on it and then throw a rock on it-just to see his expression-I’m sure hes got 5 more at home-if this is what Leica thinks is cool? Fashionable, discerning photographers? Probably carry this thing and can’t even take a picture. Maybe they’ll carry it around their necks and call it a pendant or something similar-oh, this little thing , its just my Paul Smith-a little something I just threw on…

  • forgot to mention-this HAS to be a joke, right Leica? Ya really fooled me- (did you)? Did Mr. Smiths kid color this in with a crayon? He forgot blue polka dots-now that would really sell a million of these-holy s**t this is one f*****g ugly camera f**k me.

  • Alexis

    My black x1 is laughing out loud!

  • Jack Graham

    My Feck!!! That is horrendous. Stick to suits mate! Even Stevie Wonder wouldn’t touch this. 😉

    • Paul Smith must have spent months conjuring up this color combo-I’m sure he laffing all the way to the bank with what Leica has paid him to create. I’m sure Leicaphiles will applaud tho-cuz “it’s a Leica”. I can hear the collective applause right now as they all piss their pants with excitement and tears of joy running down their cheeks hailing the newest fashion statement. F off Leica

  • stepper
    • what do you expect? He’s a pompus fashion designer who happens to make it worse by being a pompus Englishman…

  • ProtoWhalePig

    Next up: Canon 6D by Ben and Jerry, and the Nikon D600 by Lady Gaga. Both available for $5,450.00.

  • CHD

    Only an idiot would buy this fugly POS. Looks like a shit rainbow.

  • Mark

    This has to be one of the ugliest camera’s ever produced But some Leica collector will throw money away for it WHAT A WASTE

  • Les

    I’m not surprised that the typical grouchy LR commentators have no sense of fun or of style. They never leave the house, so it’s no big loss (just kidding).

    I’ve seen lots of really good photos taken with the X2. Seems like it doesn’t get in the way, unlike most over-complicated compacts.

    • Hey Les-I leave the house everyday to go to work-and my hard earned$$$ wouldn’t go towards an overpriced X2 bi-colour. I’m not saying the X2 cant take great quality pictures. I have a great sense of humour but I know when I see ridiculous-see Paul Smith X2 that’s a great example…

  • jim


  • cosinaphile

    god thats crap

  • WOW-15 comments and not ONE positive-whatcha think now Leica? I’m sure you’ll still get rid of the 1500 you have as a “limited” edition-I suppose it’s “limited” cuz there are only about 1500 idiots out of 8 billion who will stand in line to buy this thing. I would have included a smiley face on the lens and put Leica red dots all over the leather-that would be really cool…BTW-love the oranges and greens on Mr. Smiths shelf in the video-guess he saw that as inspirational
    Leica-call me!!! (I’m waiting)

  • Peter

    vomit… thats what it looks like… and thats what I feel like doing when I see it.

  • Stefan

    I actually LOVE it! Who says that cameras can only be boring black boxes?

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