Voigtländer 21mm f/1.8 Ultron lens announced

Voigtländer announced a new 21mm f/1.8 Ultron lens for M mount. The price is 1150 EUR. Shipping is expected in early 2013.


  • 13 elements in 11 groups with aspherical lens
  • Full metal barrel with high stiffness and durability
  • Manual focus only but smoothly and perfectly focusing
  • 10 aperture blades brings you a beautiful bokeh


Focal Length 21 mm
Aperture Ratio 1:1.8
Smallest Aperture F22
Lens Construction 11 groups, 13 elements
Picture angle 91°
Aperture blades 10
Closest distance 0.5 m
Focus range ∞ - 0.7m
Diameter 69.0 mm
Length 78.4mm (with lenshood)
Weight 412g
Filter size 58 mm
Mount VM
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  • Mark

    That’s it. Selling my Contax G2 and getting a Zeiss Ikon. This is freaking awesome! I LOVE cosina voigtlander!

  • tomm

    … same size as Leica SX 21 (Länge: 66 / 77 mm (ohne/mit Gegenlichtblende) Größter Durchmesser: ca. 69,5 mm), but nearyl one stop “slower”, or 2/3ds.. the biggest advantage could be the interesting price..

    • pooh

      Nonetheless it’s the second fasted 21mm lens ever produced for 135 format.

      Of course the biggest selling point is the price – the summilux is priced at $6,995. That’s what you’re gonna pay for that extra 2/3 stop.

  • regular

    interesting, 21mm is an interesting focal for talented street photographers.
    I am not very talented, so I just use my Zeiss 21mm f/2.8 for landscape, the boring stuff 😛

  • maxe

    and ZeissRumors is rumoring a ZM 1.8/25mm


    • pooh

      Well it’s “ZR’s prediction”, based on fantasy.

  • regular

    Kobayashi-san, could you please reintroduce the 50mm viewfinder, please?

    • You mean the Kontur?

      • Regular

        No the recent round viewfinder, with 50mm frame and very right glass.

  • Very nice I wonder whether this lens has a spherical or flat focal plane.

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