Leica announcements today!

The event "LEICA - DAS WESENTLICHE" will start today at 7:00 pm CET (1:00 pm EST). Stay tuned for detailed coverage throughout the day. You can follow LeicaRumors on Twitter and Facebook. You can also get notifications via RSS and email.

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  • Unpatient

    You’re losing your touch… no rumors? nothing? I’m dying here 🙂

  • ahh, what happened to “Leica news, before it happens” 😛

  • Nick

    Admin – have you heard anything about the ME that lavidleica are pushing?

    Sounds good, but the concept of a “scaled back” M9 – full frame, with an OVF… (and therefore presumably a rangefinder) confuses me. So what have they scaled back? No lcd? Intriguing to say the least.

  • Ala’a

    I must say Leica is holding its card(s) so close that it that as of now (3pm in Germany) there are no hints of whats coming. This is great, because the last time I recall something similar was the eve of Photokina 2008: similar to whats taking place this evening, Leica introduced a major product: the S2. Prior to that evenings announcement, the first hint came from an article in some magazine that went online just that afternoon. I remember it so vividly because the very next day the S2 was on display behind glass – but I got lucky and actually managed to sneak into the VIP lounge for a closer look 🙂 Perhaps this time they agreement with all publications stipulated a tight curfew until tomorrow?

    I think by now all the major announcements have been made with a few exceptions, the most notable is Hasselblad and the rumored digital X-Pan :-/ Oh well, its almost time for the big event(s), and I can’t wait to see all the goodies tomorrow 😀

  • Bryan Campbell

    I’m excited. I just hope the new cameras are affordable (for Leica)

    • Fed-user

      Affordability and Leica go along so well together. Keep dreaming buddy… I am wondering what makes people think that they can afford one, a cheap panaleicas on the market? Then it comes to other luxury brands, I never heard so many complaints, like then it comes to Leica. You do not hear why Hermes sweaters are over 2,000 euros, or Bugatti over a million USD. But there is something happens, and Leica becomes an average Joe “almost got it this time” dream. I think it would be a genious marketing strategy invented by Leica.

  • Cole c.

    Leica website down, they’re not broadcasting the announcement?

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