Amateur Photographer and British Journal of Photography stand behind their Leica mirrorless camera reporting

BJP and AP issued a joint statement based on the recent comments form Leica executives that their comments on the mirrorless camera were misrepresented during previous interviews:

BJP and AP stand by their reporting of comments made by Leica representatives during a wide-ranging interview with UK journalists in Paris in June 2011.The magazines absolutely refute any suggestion that Leica's stated intentions at that time were misrepresented.

In the past 12 months similar comments about an upcoming Leica mirrorless camera were made also to several other websites - see my detailed report.

Images: Leica mirrorless camera concept

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  • Nobody Special

    Interesting. I’m actually delighted to read that the publications are standing behind what they’ve reported concerning Leica’s comments.

    I wish it would have happened sooner, especially concerning the R solution promises, though with that, Leica never really said they didn’t promise one. This is where I think Leica still is ‘dropping the ball’; why deny what you know you said to a representative of public media?

    But I wonder if over time Leica has been given an easy ride in the media perhaps because they are ‘Leica’. Media is supposed to be impartial and just quote and report – they did that. If Kaufmann’s Leica stumbles over itself in an interview well guess what Leica, you have to ‘eat your words’.

  • Camaman

    I guess they felt belittled by Leicas Hard German stand. “We gave our answer with ME” or “we don’t comment on future products”
    This is very different than mild and mellow Japanese talk.

    I guess they felt called out, and had the need to look serious in their jobs as well.
    Good for them.
    It worked. I don’t see them as opportunists now.
    If they remained silent I would dismiss their report as rumors taken out of context.

  • word traveler

    Sounds a little bit like “Kindergarden”.
    I am right, no I am right, no I am right, ……

    Just my opinion

  • Joe

    “Because between the M9 and the X1 there is a hole. So one can imagine an X1 with M bayonet, one can imagine a lot of things… There’s a hole, we are aware and we’ll fill in the medium term with something below the M and above the X1.” – Stefan Daniel

    “A Leica representative has told TechRadar that the upcoming compact system camera will sit “somewhere between the X1 and M9″ in terms of pricing.”

    “We are at the borderline of compact-system cameras already, with the Leica X1 and Leica M-System, and it’s pretty obvious that, at one point, we are going to offer something in between.” – Alfred Schopf

    Technically the M-E is below the M9 so they didn’t lie but if that is honestly their idea of a product that fits between the X and M camera they are seriously out of touch with reality.

    • Nobody Special

      As much as the R solution question has (mostly been answered or as much as we can expect) the rest as you say is Leica’s view of reality. It does appear that they still have an expectation to be seen as special and not to be held to their words. Just as you say, to their own special view of reality.

      They still have work to do – like come down to earth.

  • Camaman

    Well, rangefinders aren’t mirror less.
    Rangefinder mechanism has a mirror, and a prism. 😛

  • The Leica design guys are just jealous that, amidst their misguided passion for ostrich skin and other special issue nonsense they didn’t design that sleek MC beauty depicted in the speculations last year.

    • Nobody Special

      Well said – I’ve always wondered why they can’t, won’t or refuse to come out with a different design to match the glass. You know, come on Leica, it won’t hurt to crack through that concrete and see the light of creative design – it might feel good.

  • MB

    Like M line has always been mirror-less …
    This would be the optical-viewfinder-less …
    I am not sure I would like that too much …

    • Just add a little EVF window where the MC is and drop the MC down to the bottom and you got it!!! Every try the EVF on the Sony NEX 7? It’s pretty amazing and those are destined to get better and better.

    • I think we are all agree what “mirrorless camera” means today. Point and shoot cameras are also mirrorless.

  • Tomasz Kormicki

    On a different note, has anybody noticed that on the Leica web page, the Leica M is no longer shown from different angles, the photos have disappeared. Also if you search photos of Leica M on Google, there are two “M” versions, one with rounded ends like X1 and X2, but also a version with straight sides making the camera kind of rectangular. Not sure why or if it means anything. It might not be important but I thought I’d mention it anyway.
    On the Leica MC, it is gorgeous and would be too nice if Leica would build this. I could imagine Jonny Ive coming up with a design like that, just love it.

  • Charlie Beaks

    The UK Leica website still shows the M from all angles!

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